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  • Vision and Mission Representatives PWI Tasikmalaya Daily news archives it's a shame if you missed. Introduce my name cecep sa, former Chairman of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya the period 2007 - 2010 I made a post about the vision and mission of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Tasikmalaya Representatives before elected as Chairman of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya in 2007. Why is the first time I made this post, probably because I've had time to make a post? Because so far I have not had the intention to publish this paper. This article might still be relevant to the conditions and the situation now. Publish this paper in the hope no Chairman of PWI candidates who have the intention to make the vision and mission before he followed the election of the chairman. With this article I am not patronizing of friends, but as a reference before making mission friends, or from the difficulty to find writing material. And, this paper was read a few minutes ahead of elections chairman, who want to compete with other candidates in the presence of the chairman of the participants or members in 2007. We start, yes, fellow journalist whom I love. Our Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank God it was not felt during the PWI has stepped to the age to 61 (2007), and on 9 February declared National Press Day. For that, on behalf of myself and the members, and administrators PWI Tasikmalaya Representative our congratulations birthday. May we remain in the protection of Allah. Our Ladies and Gentlemen, with reference to the basic rules and regulations households (PDPRT) and the Code of Ethics of Journalism PWI, we try to set forth the vision and mission of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya: Our vision is made, namely: Alignment between the application of science and technology (science and technology) and faith (faith and piety), to the professional journalists. In Chapter II, Article 4 PDPRT mentioned: that the purpose of which is achieving the PWI freely and responsibly, functions, duties, and rights of the press and broadcast information to acquire, distribute and expression, social control, as well as ensuring the public's right to obtain information , in accordance with article 28 of Law 1945. Then the realization Corps Indonesian journalist who has a personality as a citizen, a faithful and devoted to God Almighty, spirited Pancasila, obey the constitution, has the professional ability as a journalist and loyal friend profession, and live in the spiritual and physical welfare.
  • Also stated in article 5 points C, that PWI seeks to enforce adherence to the Code of Ethics of Journalism journalists, as well as maintaining the image, credibility, and integrity of journalists and PWI. To that end, the correlation between visions that we convey is not independent of PDPRT and Journalistic Code PWI namely: Alignment between the application of science and technology and faith, to the professional journalists. To headed toward that goal, we tried also explores the missions to be carried all board and members of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya, namely: mission: - 1 Continuing the implementation of sustainability KLW (work training journalists) basic and advanced, now an Education and training (primary and secondary education) level PWI West Java, Tasikmalaya and as the host. - 2 Increase the positive interaction between the press, government, and society. - 3 Working with elements of government and society, as well as by the press organizations inside and outside the country, in accordance with the principles and purposes of PWI. - 4. Curbing reporters. - The first mission to be carried PWI Tasikmalaya Representatives, in an effort Education and training consistency must be realized and sustained, which is included in the annual event, which must be agreed upon by all members. Because of the importance and large enough role in improving human resources PWI members, in their everyday lives running the journalism profession. In Education and training it can be learned and deepened, and appreciated about the journalistic ethics of journalists. Where reporters can pick and sort out, where news and worthy must be loaded, and the news is not worthy fit. Journalists should be more wisely adopt science and technology (science and technology) that are not grazed and offensive to the privacy of one's life, which would be detrimental. We know, and realize that science and technology cannot be unstoppable go into the houses, through electronic media, and mobile phones, as well as multi-media. So we can easily access the news quite up to date. It would be less prudent and wise when something detrimental to one's privacy was also disseminated to the public, without giving a note that it is something that is not good for society to imitate.
  • Especially if his intention is only to embarrass her privacy, and not vice versa as learning to the community, that it an act which is contrary to religion. I think everyone does not agree, when such presentation. But, if the first intention in the heart of the news dissemination in an effort to remind the public that it is less well morals behavior, and to consciously remind concerned, I think that kind of noteworthy news viewers / readers. Therefore, in order to balance the development of science and technology, the faith and piety we have to be stronger. IMTAQ must be improved in order to increase the credibility of the members. We as journalists should PWI members can choose whether it is news worthy or not loaded, in accordance with the spirit of our faith and devotion. Not infrequently, we often hear some news sources feel disadvantaged by the lack of accurate reporting. This could happen because we lack the possibility of doing a check and re-check, so the news about "balance". Nevertheless, we have a responsibility, and the right of the press to obtain and broadcast information, channeling, and express opinions, conduct social control, as well as ensuring the public's right to obtain information. Therefore, I value education and training is quite important and major role in performing their duties and day-to-day professional journalist. - Translation of the second mission, which is expected to be implemented by all members of the PWI Representative Tasikmalaya, which increase positive interaction between the press, government, and society. In this case, all members and administrators working Tasikmalaya together PWI Representative with the government to improve the intelligence community in the areas of education, health, economic, cultural, increasing interest in reading, art, etc.. And maintain stability conducive. So the Human Development Index (HDI) / Human Development Index (HDI) are a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, and education is rapidly completed. - While the translation of the mission into three cooperating with elements of government and society, the government invites them, in order to improve and maintain the health of society. One of the activities to improve the health of the community, which provide free medical treatment to the family pre-prosperous. And many other
  • activities such as healthy walk in the fields of sports, doing exercise, and journalism education. Targeting: The initial step in order to realize the vision and mission of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya, if I was elected as Chairman of PWI Representative Tasikmalaya, namely to consolidate into and outside the organization. Further facilities and infrastructure organizations in hall reporter. Helping all members of the PWI to extend and make identity card or KTA PWI. And if necessary, without ignoring all the requirements to be met, I think there is no harm if the manufacture of KTA, administrators PWI Representatives provide free to their members. That was to relieve the obligation of all members of the PWI Representative Tasikmalaya. Next, hold a roundtable discussion with related elements surrounding the development of world science and technology. Conduct training and workshops, the participants attended middle and high school students about the world of science and technology, journalism, cooperative, and all aspects related to education. Organize spiritual discourse for all members of the PWI Representative Tasikmalaya, and establish solidarity and friendship among members and their families. I think solidarity among members of PWI is already well established over the years, is expected to be further enhanced, so that the relationship Brotherhood or human relations will be in harmony again. That ultimately cohesiveness between members of the organization running the ark would be sustainable. No members walk on their own, but all the togetherness and cohesiveness, which is filled with family. All members support and implement programs that have been launched by PWI. Last I have to say, thank you to colleagues who have entrusted to me as a candidate for chairman, and all those expectations will not be realized, if there is no support from fellow members of the PWI to myself. To that end, I invite you all, as a member of PWI, begin the second, starting today, we begin to move toward a better tomorrow again. Tasikmalaya, 28 April 2007 There other articles maybe you want to read in daily news archives

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