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Feba's quarterly magazine. Autumn 2015 edition.


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    Autumn 2015Feba UKs Magazine



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    Life-giving mediaLasting transformation

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    Youve probably noticed this edition of voice has less pages than usual. We are making two changes to voice. Firstly - the next edition will be A5 size, thats the same size as the prayer diary. This will save us money on postage, so more of the money you give can go to the fi eld. Look out for our new format in October. Secondly - were changing the dates we send voice out - it will now be sent in October, January, April and July. (It used to be November, February, May and August) So this edition of voice, and its prayer diary is only for two months: September and October.

    For our partners the world changes in many diff erent ways. They operate in extremely challenging situations in communities traumatised by historical violence, in the aftermath of natural disasters, even in war zones. They may have to adapt the way they go about their ministry, but their purpose doesnt change and God doesnt change either. Afno FM is playing its part as Nepal gradually recovers after the earthquakes. Muslim-background listeners are encountering Jesus through the Yemen Project during a time of civil war.

    Of course, this transformation isnt always instant. God often seems to work through our partners faithful service over a period of years, just as he has with the Tibetan people group, for example.

    We are living through changing times, holding true to our vision and purpose, and trusting in a faithful God. Thank you for supporting us and our partners as we try to play our part in Gods transforming work.

    Tim Hollingdale, Support Development Director

    In this issue...

    All the latest...



    North East Africa






    For all the latest news from Feba UK and our partners, visit our blog (www.feba.org.uk/blog) or nd us on Facebook and Twitter.

    *Names changed throughout for security reasons

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    Thankful to be aliveThe conflict in Yemen has deepened the crisis in the country, but God is still at work there, as an extraordinary story from the Yemen Project illustrates

    *ADIL is a Yemeni based in Europe who answers calls and messages from listeners to our partners station. Shortly after the coalition bombing began in Yemen, Adil started to receive messages from *Hassan, a new listener. Hassan explained he had started listening to the station after a narrow escape:

    A few nights ago, I had a dream. A man in white appeared. I liked him and really wanted to listen to what he had to stay. He told me to leave the place where I was, because I was in danger. I trusted him and when I woke up, I left the house. Shortly after, the place where I slept was hit by a Saudi bomb and destroyed.

    If I had stayed, there would have been no chance of survival. I was disturbed but so thankful to be alive. I decided to start listening to your radio

    More news from the Yemen Project

    Live shows: Our partner started a weekly live programme with user phone-in, last year. These shows are proving popular with people living in-country. Shortly after the conict started, our partner expanded this programme to three live shows a week. This gives listeners opportunities to share their faith and their reactions to the developing situation.

    Helping local believers: Despite the current conict, the Yemen Project is continuing to produce material to reach and encourage persecuted believers and to address topical issues from a biblical perspective.

    Airtime and production: Earlier this year, our partner reduced airtime from 90 to 60 minutes each day, to refocus available funds on increasing programme production using locally sourced content, and to expand the diversity of accents on air.

    station which spoke about living a different way.

    Later, he contacted Adil again: I had another dream about the man. He said he is Jesus. I want to know more about who Jesus is.

    A few weeks ago, Hassan decided to follow Jesus. Please pray for him. It is no easy decision to follow Jesus if you have grown up in Yemen. Pray that he will be wise and courageous and that God will protect him.

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    Impact closer to homeGaweylon broadcasts to Tibetans across India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. But they dont only reach listeners from a distance...

    THERE is a huge Tibetan diaspora community in northern India, and it is here that Gaweylon, our partner, has its base. With their studio established in a predominantly Tibetan area, the staff team are embedded amongst their listeners. In fact, the local community forms a significant part of the stations audience. So, although the stations shortwave broadcasts make it possible to reach Tibetan-speakers many miles away, Gaweylon has a profound impact on its own, local community.

    Gaweylons community involvement includes offering work experience to school-leavers and young students. The training and experience in media gained by the volunteers make it easier for them to find paid employment afterwards, and the placement exposes them to Tibetan culture, fostering a

    sense of integration between Indians and Tibetans.

    Whats more, Gaweylon draws in locally-based Tibetans as members of staff. Although many of these staff members are not yet Christians, they are in sympathy with the stations aims and help with educational and health-focused programming. Most encouragingly of all, Gaweylons non-Christian team members even see the stations evangelistic emphasis as something good and valuable. One such member of staff comments: Its so good to work for an organisation who love to share the good news with Tibetans who dont know Jesus yet.

    Gaweylon certainly reaches numerous people over huge distances, but the teams impact is just as profound, closer to home. In the teams

    willingness to serve their community and invest in local people, they are quietly bringing godly change to their corner of northern India.

    Gaweylon celebrates its 25th anniversary in November. This is a huge milestone and illustrates the enduring impact of Gaweylons work and the faithful service of Anil and his team. Please join us in prayer, giving thanks for the teams long-term commitment and for the countless lives God has touched through them. Pray also that more listeners will nd life in its fullness through Gaweylon in the next 25 years!

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    ZIMBABWEAfter a great deal of hard work, the studio at Karanda Mission Hospital is now complete and the necessary technical equipment has been installed. Last month Feba Zimbabwe trained the Karanda Chaplaincy Team to provide programme content, ahead of the station going on air later this year. Karanda also has a promising lead for a potential station manager.

    NORTHERN PAKISTANFebas partner is engaging with an increasing number of people from a particular language group in northern Pakistan, following the appointment of a new follow-up worker. The medium wave broadcasts have been highly eff ective in attracting new listeners, so the new worker is a real answer to prayer, enabling in-depth conversations with listeners, sharing biblical truths in their mother tongue.

    EASTERN DRCFeba UK is working alongside local contacts in North Kivu, DRC, to conduct a feasibility study into a potential new community-centred radio station. If the station goes ahead, the plan is to provide education, entertainment and Christian content, addressing the needs of local communities in an area extremely damaged by violence in recent years.

    NEPALFollowing Aprils earthquakes, the situation in Nepal remains very challenging, and the recent monsoon and landslides have made matters even worse. But Afno FM is working tirelessly to help rebuild communities and individual lives. The people of Okhaldhunga have returned the favour, providing materials for a temporary structure to replace Afno FMs damaged studio.

    News in brief

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    North East Africa

    Wired for soundFebas technical expertise is making a difference

    AFTER prolonged planning and construction, our partner in northeast Africa recently completed a new media centre. *Dawit, is our partner based in northeast Africa. He explains: The old studio has been used for more than forty years with an analogue system. Now it has moved to a new studio where everything is digital. It has a huge capacity to positively influence communities.

    Radio has become an integral part of their strategy, so a studio installation had to be at the heart of the media centre. The complex includes facilities to produce print media but the organisation is also looking to modern media to reach communities within an aural culture.

    Over the 18 months of the studio complexs construction, Feba have advised at every step, offering wisdom on the purchase of equipment, the layout of the studio and other technical issues. Once the studios had been built and the acoustics refined, there was the small matter of installing the radio equipment itself.

    Earlier this year, Febas Paul and Richar