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Voki Avatars: What are they? Laurie E. Jarvis Instructional Designer 659-4685 Learning Technologies [email protected]

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Laurie Jarvis led a session on how to create avatars and their possible uses in Higher Education.


2. 1. What is an avatar?2. Have any of you thought about using one for teaching? How might an avatar be useful for teaching? 3. 1. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6910057&height=400&width=3002. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=6480273&height=400&width=3003. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=2109739&height=400&width=3004. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=3085940&height=400&width=300 4. 1. To create an avatar using the Voki online application2. To learn some different ways to use an avatar for teaching and learning 5. Go to the website http://www.voki.com/. Use an email address and register yourself (top right). 6. Click on the CREATE button (top left). 7. A window opens with buttons to create your avatar. 8. Start Customizing Your Character (Click on the first head button on the left). Note: Do not choose the characters with the grad capas they are for the pay classroom version. 9. Choose Male, Female or Allby clicking on the circlebutton. Slide the arrow button byclicking it to see differenttypes of charactersRandoms, VIP, Politics, etc. Then click directly on thephoto of the character youwant. 10. Change how your characterlooks by sliding the Tweakbuttons under the avatar formouth, nose, body, height andwidth. There are also Color paletteoptions for mouth, skin, eyesand hair to add diversity . 11. Follow similar stepsfor Clothing or toadd Bling. Click the x button onthe top right of theCustomize YourCharacter menu(NOT your window). 12. Give It A Voice by clicking one of the buttonsto add voice by phone, microphone, text tospeech or audio file upload. Note: Try the second button for text. 13. Type your text in the box. Choose theAccent/Language. Choose the type of Voice. Click the x button on thetop right of the Give It AVoice menu (NOT yourwindow). 14. Choose fromBackgrounds. Note: Your ownbackground image canbe uploaded . Click the green DONEbutton on the bottomof the menu. 15. Note: There is an optionto choose Players(skins), but you donthave to. Click the Publishbutton to save youravatar. 16. Name Your Scene by typing a Titlein the pop-up box. Click SAVE. 17. Select the player size. Use the embed codeif you know how toput it into a web pageor site, or copy andpaste the link whereyou want . You can paste intoPowerPoint! 18. Email the avatar toyourself or someoneelse. Log off, and you canlog in again to seeyour saved avatar orcreate more avatars. 19. I hope you enjoyed making your avatar and consideredhow an avatar might be useful for: introducing a lesson a problem role playing simulation