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Voki Speaking Avatars Micky Lina Zampichelli ELFADA project

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ELFADA project. Voki Speaking Avatars. Micky Lina Zampichelli. Session Objectives. What is Voki ? Create a Voki account Creating your own Voki Embedding Voki in a blog. What is Voki ?. Speaking avatar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Voki Speaking Avatars

VokiSpeaking Avatars

Micky Lina ZampichelliELFADA project

What is Voki?Create a Voki accountCreating your own VokiEmbedding Voki in a blog

Session Objectives

Speaking avatarVoki is a free web tool that allows you to create your own avatar that speaks and says whatever you want it to say. It is very easy to use.Vox + Loki = VokiVox is Latin for voiceLoki is a prankster character in Norse mythology

What is Voki?

From WikipediaGo to www.voki.com home pageClick on REGISTER

Create a Voki account

Fill out the form.Click on I accept the Terms of Use box.Click on SIGN UP.Voki will send you an email. To activate your account click on the activation link in the email.

You can now create your Voki Click on Create button on menuClick on Create a New Voki.

Create a speaking avatar

You can choose a character. You can change the look (e.g. hair, clothing and bling).Give it a Voice. You can use your own voice using the microphone, or you can type in what you want to say and choose a voice (from drop-down menu).

Click on Publish

Customise Your Character

7You canSend your Voki to a friend.Embed your Voki in your blog.Adding a Voki to your blog is as simple as grabbing its embed code and adding it to your post.

Publish your Voki

Completely write your post including adding title, text and imagesClick on save draft, preview your post and make all necessary edits.Once you have published your Voki grab the embed code by clicking on Copy:

Adding your Voki to your blog

Click on HTML Tab on your blog post.

Paste the embed code into your post where you want it to appear.Save draftPublish your blog post.Dont click back to Visual tab before publishing as it can break the embed code.

For a Voki youve created previously, you need to log into your Voki account, click on Publish your Voki. Locate the embed code and then click on Copy.

Create a speaking avatarCustomise your avatar to look like you or take on the identity of a different characterRecord a message (in your own voice) that tells something about yourself.Write a blog post about speaking avatarsAdd your avatar to your blog.Challenge #1Create a Voki with a message to your friends.For example, birthday greetings, party invitation, announcement, a joke Send your Voki to friends and/or family via emailSend to your lecturers.Challenge #2Any Questions?

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