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  • Contact Center Automation

    Contact Center Automation Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide

    Message from the Interactive Intelligence CEO

    Volume 2 Issue 1




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    Contact Center AutomationIt was a model of frustration that had prevailed for decades. Contact

    centers had no other choice but to install costly proprietary telecom

    equipment that fragmented communications across different systems and

    made administration a constant struggle. In 1994, however, Interactive

    Intelligence changed the thinking of the industry with an approach to

    communications that was completely new.

    The path Interactive Intelligence took was to create a single software

    platform with organically-grown multichannel applications to deliver all the

    communications functionality a contact center and enterprise needed. That

    product, launched in 1997, was called Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

    With its unique, standards-based, all-in-one architecture, CICs aim was

    to eliminate the cost and complexity introduced by hardware-centric,

    multipoint products. For contact centers in particular, a more cost-effective

    option to fragmented, proprietary systems was long-awaited. With CICs

    integration to CRM systems, PBXs/IP PBXs, databases, email systems,

    vertical applications and other technologies, contact centers could finally

    deploy a single communications platform from a single vendor to do

    everything they needed. From configuring routing rules for incoming

    calls, emails and Web chats, to setting up IVR applications and outbound

    predictive dialing campaigns, contact centers could now easily accomplish

    it all with a single point of administration, customization, and reporting.

    Early adopter of open standards

    Knowing voice over IP (VoIP) and the SIP communications standard were

    emerging; Interactive Intelligence had the foresight to develop its software

    from the ground up using open standards. Following its initial release in

    1997 of the first standards-based, all-in-one communications software

    suite, in 2002 Interactive Intelligence became one of the first vendors

    to incorporate SIP. Today, as contact centers increasingly displace their

    TDM systems with IP-based communications solutions, CIC offers them a

    proven, streamlined, all-software migration path to VoIP.

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    Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center

    Source: Interactive Intelligence

    This architecture enabled us to totally eliminate our previous vendors and consultants and re-allocate telecom resources, which ultimately led to a 50% reduction in costs.


    CICs features are great, but the fact that we can add them as we need them without enduring forklift upgrades or adding entire new products altogether is what makes this product so special. CICs unique architecture has helped us not only address our initial problems, but its positioning us to achieve virtually whatever customer service objectives we set for the future now thats true investment protection.


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    CICs value proposition

    Customer Interaction Center (CIC) was designed as an open,

    single-platform, all-in-one IP communications software suite

    to give mid-size and large contact centers and enterprises

    comprehensive multichannel applications minus the cost and

    complexity introduced by multipoint products.

    Single, all-in-one platform. CIC is architected on widely adopted standards with organically developed applications

    for multichannel processing and inbound/outbound blending.

    CIC reduces overall costs by requiring fewer servers, and

    by providing a single point of administration and built-in

    tools for customization and reporting. CICs single-platform

    design eliminates multi-vendor sourcing, and reduces an

    organizations datacenter footprint and power consumption.

    All-software, standards-based architecture for scalability. CICs all-software architecture eliminates the need for costly

    voice boards and rip-and-replace upgrades, making it

    easier and less costly to scale to meet the needs of large

    organizations and thousands of users. CIC also offers

    incremental application licensing for cost-effective growth;

    includes cost-effective disaster recovery; eliminates multiple

    points of failure for increased reliability; and provides multi-

    site, location-independence for distributed organizations.

    Broad set of applications for the contact center as well as the enterprise. For contact center and enterprise users alike, CIC functionality includes SIP-based switching;

    multichannel routing and queuing; outbound/blended dialing;

    presence management; multichannel quality monitoring and

    scoring; workforce management; interactive voice response;

    unified messaging; Web self-service; and email response and

    knowledge management. CIC applications can be effectively

    deployed and managed across multiple sites and are

    available to users regardless of location, including in-office,

    remote and mobile employees.

    Business process automation. Inherent in CIC are business process automation capabilities that enable

    organizations to efficiently capture, prioritize, route, escalate,

    and track each step of a work process. Unlike any other

    solution for the contact center, CIC provides the capability

    to automate critical business processes as well as customer


    Maximum interoperability. CICs standards-based architecture simplifies integration with third-party systems,

    including PBXs/IP PBXs, IVR systems, call recorders, SIP

    hardware (telephones/headsets, gateways, etc.), workforce

    management packages, back-office applications (CRM, ERP,

    etc.), databases, Web services, messaging platforms, unified

    communications applications, and more.

    Before deploying CIC, 9% of callers used IVR. Today, 40% of callers use our IVR, saving us approximately $220,000 annually.

    Western & Southern Life

    Because of efficiencies CIC has brought through functionality such as self-help services, weve seen a 30% reduction in service calls. At the same time, weve seen a 50% increase in sales calls.


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    Multipoint, hardware-centric system compared to Customer Interaction Center. Many competitive contact center automation systems require up to eight times the number of servers that CIC requires. The reduction in hardware requirements not only results in significant cost-

    savings, but the consolidation of administration, customization, and reporting functions also results in dramatically simplified management.

    As a result of CICs dialing capabilities, our expenses for outbound sales are down and weve been able to increase agent productivity by 40%.

    DEFENDER Direct

    Source: Interactive Intelligence

    The fact that such a breadth of applications everything from skills-based routing and whispers, to call recording and unified messaging run on CICs standards-based platform means weve been able to reduce technology deployment and management headaches.

    -CSA Travel Protection

    Source: Interactive Intelligence

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