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a tiny presentation on walt disney


  • 1. Walt DisneyBy Nicolas LozanoS

2. What is Leadership?S The ability of leading a group of people or anorganization, or the ability to do this. It involves:S Establishing a clear visionS Sharing that vision with others so that they willfollow willinglyS Providing the information, knowledge, andmethods to realize that visionS Coordinating and balancing the conflictinginterests of all members 3. Short BiographyS Born: 5 December 1901S Died: 5 December 1966 at age 65S He was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertain er, international icon, and philanthropist 4. Why Walt Disney?S I chose Walt Disney as a leader because he wasan active man. He was not just an entrepreneurthat put the money in and sat idle, watching.S As he said, The way to get started is to quittalking and begin doing.S He was a leader that deposited his dreams andhopes into his project with heart and soul. WaltDisney was a dreamer. 5. S He never stopped trying out new things,creating new cartoons no matter howsuccessful he was.S He saw the potential of a growing industry;he invested in a business which nobody hadtried to develop before.S He was a visionary, he followed his dreamsand pursued them through all opposition untilhis projects were completed.