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The wonderful story of Tarzan slided here. Read it through. Answer the questions and listen to the music. Watch the film.


  • 1. Walt DisneySeries VITARZAN

2. Babu AppatWalt DisneySeries VITARZAN 3. Walt Disney SeriesIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.Its to improve your Language skills, Listening skills, Narrative skills, Vocabulary, and Comprehensive abilities 4. Please Read OnDeep in the African Jungle, high in a tree-house, Kala the ape found an odd lookingbaby with no fur.The babys parents had been killed by Saborthe leopard. 5. The same leopard had recently takenKalas own baby. 6. Kala could see that the baby neededsomeone to love and care for him,and she decided that she would bethat someone. She would be hismother. 7. Kala took the baby to herfamily group, but Kerchak, theleader of the guerillas, said,You have to take it back. 8. Its not our kind. But heneeds me. said Kala. Saborkilled his family. 9. Kerchak agreed to let Kalakeep the baby. Kala smiled. 10. I know hell be a good son.she said. I said he couldstay, said Kerchak. Thatdoesnt make him my son. 11. Kala named the boy Tarzan. Hegrew up strong and curious andloved to mimic all the animals.He also came up with his ownsound, his special Tarzan yell. 12. One day, Tarzans best friend,Terk, dared him to pull a hairfrom an elephant. 13. As Tarzan approached the herd,a young elephant called Tantormistook him for a piranha. Hepanicked and scared the otherelephants. 14. The elephants stampeded rightthrough the gorillas feedinggrounds. 15. The stampeding elephantsalmost trampled a baby gorillaand Kerchak was furious. 16. What happened? he said. Itwas my fault, said Tarzan. Itwas an accident. 17. youll never learn to be one ofus, said Kerchak. Becauseyou never give him a chance,said Kala. 18. Look at him, replied Kerchak.He will never be one of us. 19. Tarzan was hurt by whatKerchak said, but Kalareassured him. Inside were thesame, she said. Kerchak justcant see that, 20. Ill make him see it, saidTarzan. Ill be the best apeever. And Tarzan saw to it thathe was. 21. Over the years he worked hardto learn skills from all jungleanimals. 22. And one day, when Sabor theleopard attacked the guerillas, itwas Tarzan who saved Kerchakand the rest of the family fromthe vicious cat. 23. The guerillas had barelyrecovered from the shock ofSabors attack, when they heardthe sound of gunshots. 24. They fled into the jungle, butTarzan decided to investigate.He followed the sound and wasamazed by what he found creatures who looked like him. 25. Tarzan watched the creatures,and saw one of them upset afamily of baboons. 26. When the baboons startedchasing her, Tarzan swungthrough the trees to her rescue. 27. Tarzan was curious about thisstrange creature who seemed somuch like himself. He held hishand up to hers and studied itclosely. 28. And Jane Porter, who had cometo Africa with her father to findand study apes, was just ascurious about this strange wildman as he was about her. 29. Kerchak told Tarzan to stay awayfrom the humans. 30. They wont harm us, saidTarzan. But Kerchak insisted.Protect your family. Stay awayfrom them, he said. 31. Meanwhile, Jane was telling herfather and Clayton the hunterabout Tarzan. 32. Suddenly, Tarzan dropped intotheir camp from the treetopsabove. 33. Clayton looked at the strangehalf-man, half-ape and started tohatch a plan. 34. Kala realised that it was time totell Tarzan about his real parentsand he decided he would go toEngland with the humans. 35. But he said to Kala, No matterwhere I go, you will always bemy mother. 36. On board the ship, Claytonrevealed his evil plan to Tarzan. 37. He was going to capture theapes and sell them. 38. When Tarzan revealed what wasgoing to happen to his family, helet out a cry of despair. 39. Back in the jungle, Tarzansfriends, Tantor and Terk heardhis cry and knew he was introuble. 40. They swam to the boat andhelped him escape. 41. Tarzan and his friends racedback to the jungle to help thegorillas. 42. Clayton aimed his gun at Tarzanand prepared to shoot, butKerchak charged at the hunterand was hit, 43. Tarzan grabbed Claytons gunand smashed it. As the two menfought in the treetops, Claytonstumbled and fell to his death. 44. Forgive me Tarzan said toKerchak. 45. No, said Kerchak, Forgive mefor not understanding you. Takecare of the family, my son. 46. Sadly, he said goodbye to Jane.But as the boat was rowedaway from shore, Jane realisedshe couldnt leave either. 47. She leapt into the water andrushed to Tarzan. 48. About the Story:Tarzan ("...the Apeman") is a fictional character,an archetypal feral child raised in theAfrican jungles by the Mangani "great apes"; helater experiences civilization only to largelyreject it and return to the wild as a heroicadventurer. Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs,Tarzan first appeared in the novel Tarzan of theApes (magazine publication 1912, bookpublication 1914), and then in twenty-fivesequels, three authorized books by otherauthors, and innumerable works in other media,authorized and not. 49. Answer these Questions: Whos the Mother of Tarzan? Whos Kerchak? Whos Tantor and Terk? Whos Jane Prter? 50. babuappat@gmail.comwww.thepleasuresofteaching.webs.com