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The Adventures of Water Girl and Fire Girl Superheroes!

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The Adventures of Water Girl and Fire Girl

The Adventures of Water Girl and Fire GirlSuperheroes!

Once upon a time, like always, there was a family, and the mother and father had two kids.

The girls seemed normal, but they were superheroes. Lucy had fire powers and Lily had water powers, and thats how it started.

One day, at breakfast, they were listening to the news and they heard that someone had robbed the bank. The girls grew up and went to school. They learned a lot. Lily liked helping people and having lots of friends. When she grew up, it happened.

Lily and her sister bought a house. They visited their parents once in awhile and they would email them.

They had two fluffy cats. One was named Muffin and the other was Tiger.Lilys cat was orange with a few black stripes, like a tiger. Lucys cat was a calico, white, orange and brown.They also had a guinea pig named Spots.

As you may remember, they had superpowers and earned a lot of money saving the town. They used the money to buy important things, like food. And then they gave the extra money to charities, like Meals on Wheels, or Hospice groups.Remember the time they heard about the robbery? No one had solved that mystery yet.

The Bells Corners Bank was robbed in 2017. No one had solved the crime. It was now 2027.

They went to the archives of the newspaper to see pictures of the people who witnessed the crime. They would interview them, and they might remember more information Later, they went to the police and asked to read the files.

Clues from the Robbery

There were fingerprints.Chairs were knocked over.A few pieces of money were left behind, with fingerprints on them.We found CCT footage we didnt know about before.The robbers images were on the camera.

Next, they interviewed the bank teller who was robbed.

Her name was Collette.

It was definitely a man who robbed the bank. He had a skull, and spider tattoo on his arms.

This is what the CCT footage showed of the bank robbers arm.

Lily and Lucy tried to find the robber and finally they found him robbing another bank.

Lily used her water powers and made them into ice and put them on the robbers feet so he couldnt move.

The robber looked really scared. They brought him to jail to the police. The girls told the police what he did.

Once the robber was back in jail, Lily and Lucy returned home.

They snuggled their fluffy cats and had a nice nap. When they woke up they remembered it was time to visit their parents. They visited and they told them what happened. They told him a robber robbed a bank back home. They had a nice dinner together.

The end