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Bright, vibrant colors. Fresh, artistic designs. Define your style with Carey Lind Designs. TM

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  • Bright, vibrant colors. Fresh, artistic designs. Define your style with Carey Lind Designs.



    Beautiful symbol of peaceful sleep, this remarkable watercolor version

    of larger-than-life poppies is enchanting. The massive blooms, more

    than a foot in diameter, are interpreted in a dreamy fashion with blurred

    brushstrokes and fantasy colors. The five lovely palettes include vivid

    magenta, white, bright yellow/green and amber on a midnight blue

    background. Coordinates include Mesh Texture and Basket weave.


    Brilliantly conceived in a mesmerizing display of color which waxes and

    wanes in intensity, this wide ombre stripe is so soft and lovely it takes

    your breath away. The statement making wallpaper is perfect for the

    adventurous soul seeking on-trend dcor. Available in five glowing hues

    including a sunset peach, a vivacious hot pink, or a Parrish blue, all of

    which merge with a whisper of white.


    The geometry of this neat and concise design reminds one of a little

    chain. The small links intersect diagonally to make inch and a half

    squares which are standing on their corners. The pattern and the

    background are inked in contrasting colors such as white with tomato

    red or silver streak on white. Use this neat pattern with Whimsical

    Garden and Mesh Texture for a coordinated trio.


    Delicately rendered blossoms dance in an airy depiction of flowering

    trees. Slender stems and five petal flowers are printed in a large format,

    some two feet in length; yet retain a fresh, breezy, and uncluttered

    design with lots of open space. There are six palettes including white

    with teal, aqua, magenta, and yellow/green or white with denim blues,

    cream, and ecru. Mix and match with Geometric Trellis or Gentle



    With slightly raised texture on a solid field, this medium size lattice

    design consists of arabesque shapes, diamonds, and rounded squares;

    all are formed with intersecting slender ribbons of color on a solid

    background. The geometric pattern comes in four variations, each with

    a trio of hues including grey and magenta on cream or teal and shining

    silver on white. This wallpaper works beautifully with Lovebirds and

    Gentle Cascade.


    This wallpaper exudes a blithe aura as fresh and lovely as an early

    summer morning. The artist is drawing a large spray of delphiniums and

    painting them with watercolors to create fourteen inch high bouquets

    surrounded with pristine white space. The five color ways boast a pastel

    peach, pale blue, and yellow/green combination or a purple, blue and

    yellow/green version; all have a clean white background. Coordinate

    with Artisan Tile or Large Lattice.


    This muted stripe features narrow bands of color running vertically on

    the paper. The buttercup yellow and the kiwi green have variations of

    the hues melding into one another while the cream with beige has a

    pearly glow. The silver with taupe and magenta has metallic sheen. All

    four are handsome on their own and also make great coordinates with

    Lovebird or Delphinium in mix and match situations.


    Nearly thirteen inches tall, this large lattice design makes a lasting

    impression. The geometric shapes intersect forming half inch bands of

    color on a pristine white field. The effect is that of a trellis or a garden

    gate with design influence from Morocco. There are eight different

    palettes including white with navy or metallic silver on white. Stunning

    with Watercolor Poppy and Mesh Texture.


    Looking like woven ribbons, this basket weave pattern is a fresh and

    clean geometric wallcovering that is flattering to bolder designs. The

    diagonal intersecting bands form inch by half inch rectangles in colors

    such as beige or dark blue, among others, on a white field. Combine

    with Watercolor Poppy and Mesh Texture for a lovely ensemble.


    A striking mlange of color, this stripe, roughly seven inches wide,

    consists of alternating intensities of mottled hues. The textural

    appearance deceives the eye as this wallpaper is actually smooth to

    the touch. Six choices include sun spot yellow with butter yellow and

    shadow grey or lapis and indigo blue with faded denim and white. Wed

    to Batik Ogee in compatible shades.


    This decorative wallpaper features a large, ornate ogee motif on a

    beautifully mottled field. The background has a textural appearance

    although it is actually smooth. The lacy raised design is suggestive of

    the Javanese batik hot wax method of achieving print on fabric, a lovely

    primitive art form. There are six selections including sun spot yellow

    with shadow gray or parchment tan with cream and silver highlights.

    Marry with Batik Ogee Stripe in coordinated colors.


    Serenity reigns in this setting where dainty lovebirds nestle among the

    cascading branches of fragrant and colorful flowers. The artist has

    captured the peace and beauty of an Asian garden on this wallpaper.

    While the scale is large, the open space and delicacy of the design

    maintain a lovely simplicity. Among the four palettes is white with teal,

    sea glass, butter yellow, lime, and teal or cream with magenta, taupe,

    butter, black, and soft green. Appropriate partners include Lattice or

    Gentle Cascade.


    The textural appearance of this wallpaper is much like a fine woven

    fabric, perhaps a silk, with subtle variations in color. The nine diverse

    hues can stand alone in nearly any decorating project or make

    marvelous consorts to patterned paper. Consider bright magenta,

    glowing soft gold or vivid yellow/green and more. Use with Delphinium

    or Lovebird in harmonious shades.


    What a delightful touch of whimsy, this modern floral is heir to vintage

    Jacobean design. The generously sized flowers, some a foot across,

    spring from a garden of fantasy in colors unlike any flower bed. The

    five color ways include pearl white with teal, chartreuse, and browns or

    various greys and browns on creamy pearl. Use with color coordinated

    Mesh Texture or Geometric Trellis.


    This small tile design can make a big impact. The inch square designs,

    in pretty mottled hues like watercolors in the rain, are tipped on their

    sides to create rows of diamond shapes on a solid field. Choose

    from lavender, taupe, blues, or blue/greensall on white. Use with

    Delphinium and Large Lattice for beautifully coordinated dcor.