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VIDYA BHARTI EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONSWays to Get Good Marks http://vidyabharti.in/


Firstly, study regularly, take out time for at least three subjects ina day. Work more on those subjects, in which you feel you are weaker than other subjects.


DONT SKIP ANY SUBJECTDo not leave any subject for more than 2-3 days. Every subject should be taken up for study at least in every alternate day. The important and difficult ones may be taken up everyday.

SELF STUDY Self studying, which involves studying without direct supervision or attendance in a classroom, is a valuable way to learn, and is quickly growing in popularity among parents and students.

MAINTAIN INTEREST Whenever you study, don't sit for too long continuously, you can also take one or two short breaks of 5-10 minutes during a continuous stretch of 3-4 hrs. of study.This will help in maintaining your interest.

CHECK YOUR MISTAKES Whenever you give a test in school and obtain marks, just go through your answer sheet seriously and see where marks have been deducted and how can the errors be avoided next time.

Time Table Good time management when you are studying means ,a study calendar ,is very important for students . It will help you out for sure .

SET YOUR GOAL Read the course overview to understand what the course will cover and how it will be scored. Identify your goal in concrete terms and put it in writing to strengthen your resolve.

IDENTIFY YOUR LEARNING STYLETake a learning style assessment test and find out if you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. This self-knowledge can help you make more effective use of your time. Remember, your learning style may be quite different from that of family members and friends. Adapting your study method to suit your own natural style will enable you to produce powerful results in less time.

STUDY PLAN For each course, figure out how much time you will need to spend outside of class, in order to keep up and in order to do well. Plan a study schedule that allows you to stay in control of the academic workload.

CREATE MIND MAPSMind maps are graphic organizers , which can help you summarize vital information from lectures and textbooks. Each topic can be condensed onto a page; each chapter can be encapsulated onto a larger map. Then, to review before an exam, see if you can reconstruct the map. In this way, you can test yourself to see if you can recall key terms, factors, reasons and examples.