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These are various ways people can get money. Some ways are better than others (depending on who you are). Also, these ways appeal to various age groups. At the end I appeal to those 18+ (nothing vulgar or inappropriate).


  • 1. http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/vector-clip-art/fist_full_of_money_clip_art_22967.html

2. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120811023754/dimstarspast/images/5/50/Running_cat_animation_by_urnam7-d4hvy1x.gif 3. Sell Something Hair or Plasma Garage Sale, ebay, produce.http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/vector-clip-art/cutting_woman_s_hair_clip_art_18426.html http://familyandfriends.phillipmartin.info/friends_garage_sale.htmhttp://www.picgifs.com/clip-art/computers/clip-art-computers-079548-674384/Microsoft Power Point clipart 4. Online Surveys, sell crafts, teach a languagePictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 5. Odd/Side JobsMow lawnsTake care of others petsClean other peoples housesRun errands forothersPictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 6. Traditional JobsPictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 7. Taxes! All of which (minus the side jobs usually), make youpay taxes. This is because you have a W2. Dont getme wrong here, we cant ditch the W2s nor the taxeson these jobs.Pictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 8. Little or No Taxes Now, do you want to know how to pay little or notaxes?!Pictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 9. Wealth! Wealth is the answer. If you make wealth you pay notaxes on it, but if you makeincome you pay taxes. Want to know more about this?Pictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 10. Real Estate InvestingHave you ever thought about investing in real estate?How about earning some money while learning how tofix and flip, wholesale, and buy and hold houses?If this interests you, even in the slightest, contact me!(see the next slide)If, for some reason this has not interested you, but youknow someone who would be interested, pass thisslideshow on to them.Pictures from Microsoft Power Point clipart 11. Contact InformationWhat I need from you: Resume (only if emailed),name, phone number, and email address.You can call or text: 971-217-8035ORYou can email me: [email protected]