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Web 2.0 Tools Barbara De Santis NJEA Convention November 2012

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Presentation for the 2012 NJEA convention. Includes links and samples.


Page 1: Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 Tools

Barbara De Santis NJEA ConventionNovember 2012

Page 2: Web 2.0 Tools

This presentation is online at

www.tinyurl.com/bsdblog(Presentation Tab)

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ideas with Old Favorites

Book Club



Page 4: Web 2.0 Tools

Now for something new

Page 6: Web 2.0 Tools

Student objectives

• Need to create interest in the story• Craft words and select images• Peer edit and review

Page 7: Web 2.0 Tools

Student Actions

• Working in pairs with iPad

• 3 Class periods (40 mins) to create and edit trailer

• Video/Images from Discovery Education

Page 8: Web 2.0 Tools

Teacher Actions

• Upload movies to Vimeo

• Create QR codes/books

• Delete videos/footage from iPads

Page 9: Web 2.0 Tools

PD Sites

• www.tes.co.uk• UK based- International• Lesson Plans/Resources


• Create Free Account• Videos/Resources

Page 11: Web 2.0 Tools

Demonstrate understanding of text

–Vocabulary–Connections–Plot–Study Guide–Embed or LInk

Page 12: Web 2.0 Tools


• Thanks to Beth Holland (ETT)• iPad?• Student created• No need for complex images

Page 13: Web 2.0 Tools

Sample Quiz

BrainPOP - The MIXER(must have BP Subscription)

Page 14: Web 2.0 Tools
Page 15: Web 2.0 Tools
Page 16: Web 2.0 Tools

To make a quiz

• BrainPOP subscription• Free BrainPOP educator’s account

(different username and password)• Go to the Mixer• Save the quiz• Share the code and link with your


Page 17: Web 2.0 Tools

To the site

Page 18: Web 2.0 Tools
Page 19: Web 2.0 Tools

In edmodo, a student can

Page 20: Web 2.0 Tools

In edmodo, a teacher can

Page 21: Web 2.0 Tools


There is no private chat!

Page 22: Web 2.0 Tools

In edmodo,

Teachers StudentsNotesLinksFiles

AlertsAssignmentsPolls Quizzes

Page 23: Web 2.0 Tools

Edmodo review

Web basedDistrict and School domainsFREEPotential?BookClub!

Page 24: Web 2.0 Tools

Edmodo Book Club

• Students join the group• Respond to prompts• Learnings?– Volume– No after school– Skype with author– SMS 90 students

Page 26: Web 2.0 Tools


• Video• Images• Links• Text• Graphics• Embed or Link

Page 27: Web 2.0 Tools

Free and Paid VersionsTeacher + 10 student for free

To the site

Page 28: Web 2.0 Tools


Page 29: Web 2.0 Tools


• Need to download to desktop• Save locally• Variety of tools–Timers–Group/tasks selection–Word magnet

Page 30: Web 2.0 Tools


Page 33: Web 2.0 Tools

Picture Book Maker

• Limited characters (can change action and scale)• Limited backgrounds• Only 8 pages• Great for younger children• Email or print

Page 34: Web 2.0 Tools

QR Codes

Physical Reader Digital

Page 35: Web 2.0 Tools

Create a QR code

• Many sites– Delivr– Google QR code

maker• Link to address

• Print and share– Paper– Books

Page 36: Web 2.0 Tools

Read a QR code

• Download an app– SMARTphones– iPods/iPads/web cam– Camera required

Then Scan

Page 37: Web 2.0 Tools

QR in education

• Link digital product to physical • Share links/resources• Scavenger hunt (www.classtools.net)

Page 38: Web 2.0 Tools

This presentation is located on my blog atwww.tinyurl.com/bsdblog

Page 39: Web 2.0 Tools

Weekly Newsletter

Sign Up atwww.tinyurl.com/bsd2012

Page 40: Web 2.0 Tools

This presentation is online at

www.tinyurl.com/bsdblog(Presentation Tab)

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