web 2.0 tools and project based learning

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Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed.

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Web 2.0 Tools and Project Based Learning. Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed. How Familiar Are You With Web 2.0?. Facebook. Flickr. Youtube. Myspace. Blogger. iTunes. What Are Web 2.0 Applications?. Allow you to perform tasks or create objects without software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed.

  • How Familiar Are You With Web 2.0?

  • What Are Web 2.0 Applications?Allow you to perform tasks or create objects without software

    Often have an element of social interaction

    Accessible from anywhere

    Usually FREE!

  • How Familiar Are You With the Web 2.0 Lexicon?RSS?Feeds?Widget?Social Networking?Tags?Folksonomy?Open Source?Ajax?Mash Up?

  • What Are the Possible Downsides of Using Web 2.0 Applications?Applications:may go up and downmay get bought out and thus changemay create things that cant leave the confines of the particular web site (e.g. cant be downloaded to a disc/dvd/etc)Students:with computers at home some may get to spend more time on projects than students without since its easily accessible.will have to sign up for services.

  • A Note on BlockingEPSB and ECS block many Web 2.0 sitesTo solve this:

    Submit a written request to your technology department which provides a rational, pedagogical justification for the site to be unblocked at your school and even between specific times.Describe how you will keep students safe.

  • Web 2.0 Covers a Range of ToolsAs a teacher , you need to consider:student motivationlearning stylesliteracy and communication skills.enrichmentspecial needs (cognitive and motor skills)

  • Blogs and WikisPopular blogging tools:EdublogsBlogger.com

    Classroom Blog: Mr. Ball

    Classroom Wiki: Terry the Tennis Ball School Wiki: Meyokumin School

  • Social NetworkingDel.icio.us: Social bookmarking Note Mesh: Collaborative classroom notes Delver: Social searching

  • ImagesFlickr Flicker notes sample Flickr Stories Five Frame Flickr Story

  • Mind MapsGliffy: Collaborative mind mapping Mindomo: Software interactive

  • PodcastsPod-O-Matic: Find and create podcasts Talkr: Blog to podcast converter Good student podcast sample

  • Web SpacesGoogle Pages: Easy website CreatorStudent Page Pageflakes: Website creator and aggregator using widgets and tabs Protopages: Website creator and aggregator using moveable widgetsStudent Page

  • Bubble PlyBubble PlyPop-up-video exampleTranslation example

    Good assessment / feedback tool for video assignments!Good for language learning and translations.

  • ToonDooToonDoo

    Some good examples: Reasons for Exploration The Importance of Squanto Prince Henrys Contributions

  • ScreencastingScreencast-O-Matic Assessment / Peer FeedbackInstructional ContentGood for students with social issues for presentations and research!


  • Google Earth and MapsGoogle Maps

    Google Map Mashups: Community Walk- My Neighborhood Google Lit Trips Literature version

  • VoiceThreadVoiceThread Some good examples that are like a wiki with audio which allows users to annotate and expand with voice recordings: http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=3352http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=409http://voicethread.com/view.php?b=4973

    Similar Oral History Archive http://www.ourvoices.ca/

  • 3D Spaces

    SceneCaster: Create 3D web spaces

    Mapwing: Build and share virtual toursSt. Josephs College

  • Interactive TimelinesInteractive Timelines: xTimeline

  • Multimedia PresentationsSPresent

    Empressr Animoto Funtigo Scrapbooks

  • Others

    Letterpop Newsletter Maker

    Geni Family Tree Maker

    Trailfire Internet Path

  • Last But Not Least

    Web 2.0 for teachers: This is my website created to share some of what I think are the most powerful Web 2.0 applications for teachers.

  • If I can share more information, please contact me:

    [email protected]

    *Jeff Application Programming Interface*Kim How URLS are obtained, how to keep safe, concern listed.*Jeff*Kim*Kim - yzerman19*Kim