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  • elluminateweb conferencing

    Who can help? The Hub: eLearning

    Support Officer p: (02) 6648 2408 ext: 82408 Workplace or Faculty

    eLearning contact - http://intranet/eLearningKit/


    ServiceDesk: 6586 2235 or 1800 888 233 e: [email protected]


    What resources willI need? A PC and internet access. Audio requirements - a

    microphone connected to your computer.

    What is Elluminate?Elluminate is web conferencing software, often used by other education providers and government offices to hold presentations and showcases. It is not currently supported by DET, however, you might like to attend something in Elluminate so this Quick-e should get you started.

    Functionality wise, Elluminate sits somewhere between Bridgit and Adobe Connect. You will need speakers and a microphone, a web camera is not necessary.

    The Elluminate software needs to be downloaded prior to the session. There is a configuration room where you can download software, do a system check, access guides, hints and tips and even listen to recordings about how to use and moderate in Elluminate. Make sure you do all this well in advance of the session!

    We also suggest that you test your headset and microphone before entering the conference in your computers Control Panel.

    Where can I find more? Elluminate support site http://www.elluminate.com/support/index.jsp

    Elluminate Configuration Room, Installation Guide, How Tos, etc http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/flx/go/home/projects/2007/pid/185

    Trouble Shooting Sometimes if there are drop-outs while youre in a session, you may need to select

    a lower connection speed. Go to Tools > Preferences, select the Connection option under Session and choose a slower speed

    If you are having audio issues and you have followed the instructions above, you can run through these solutions

    a) Go to Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard (Note: there are other audio options you can try here as well).

    b) Tools > Preferences, select the Audio option and adjust the settings c) Check the volume control on your computer Start > All Programs >

    Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control


  • getting started...elluminate

    Check that your headset and microphone is connected and workingStep 1: Plug in your headset firmly and log on to your

    computerStep 2: Go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio


    Step 3: Click on the audio tab this will tell you which devices you have loaded on to your computer for hearing and recording sound.

    Step 4: Make sure the correct device is displayed in the Default device dropdowns for Sound Playback and Sound Recording.

    Note: Most North Coast TAFE headsets are called Soundmax and this should be showing in the two


    Step 5: To check your headset is working, click on the Voice tab

    Step 6: Click on Test HardwareStep 7: Work your way through the wizard. Step 8: If your microphone still doesnt seem to be

    working properly, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control, make sure no mute boxes are checked.

    How do I download and test Elluminate?Step 1: Go to the Elluminate Support website - http://


    Step 2: Step 1 on this page will check if you have the required software. If you dont it will guide you through downloading it.

    Step 3: Step 2 will take you to the configuration room. Run the Java software that appears in the dialog box (it will take some time to run, usually about 5 10 minutes). Just click OK to run, no need to Save.

    Step 4: Unblock if required. If you get any warning messages, select Run.

    Step 5: Accept any Session Participation Agreements if there are any

    Step 6: You may be asked to select your connect level. E.g. Cable/DSL or LAN.

    How do I join and Elluminate session?Step 1: Click on the advertised web session link (usually

    sent via email) some time prior to the event.Step 2: Elluminate will attempt to run the Java software

    as it did in the configuration and testing steps above

    Step 3: Once the software is running, it will attempt to connect to the session, you will need to enter your DET log-in (be patient and keep trying!)

    Step 4: You will get an error message and be offered to keep trying to connect to the session. Click Cancel

    Step 5: Go to Tools > PreferencesStep 6: Click on Proxy Setting on the left, as below, and

    type in the exact proxy settings as shown

    Step 7: Go to the Session Menu and select Join Session

    Step 8: You should now be able to join your session. Dont forget to go to Session > Leave Session when youve finished.