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Webcast LinkedIn per AIDP: Employer branding: rendi attraente la tua azienda per assumere i migliori talenti!

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Webcast LinkedIn per AIDP:Employer branding: rendi attraente la tua azienda per assumere i migliori talenti!

Agenda 2015 Talent Trends report Talent on LinkedIn Best recruiters act like marketer Case history Q&A

2015 Talent Trends

Executive Summary

Talent Trends report 2015: survey 20K professionals in 29 countries

Talent on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: A global pool of talent


400M+Membersworldwide+2 New members per second


75% of members are considered passive candidates but most are open to considering a new opportunityOpen to talking to a recruiterCompletely satisfied; dont want to moveReaching out to personal networkActively lookingCasually looking a few times a week12%13%15%45%15%

Sweet SpotSource: LinkedIn 2014 Talent Trends Survey, n=18K, 26 countries

Our goal to connect the worlds professionals also means that the majority of our members are not coming to LinkedIn only to look for a job they are here networking with colleagues, keeping up to date on their professional news, with companies they are interested in.LinkedIn recently released results from our 2014 Talent Trend survey of more than 18K+ global professionals on LinkedIn. We concluded that 75% of LinkedIns members are considered to be passive candidates but most are open to considering a new opportunity, either by reaching out to their personal network or open to talking to a recruiter. So while most members on LinkedIn arent actively seeking a new role, you have the chance to influence their consideration of your company as a place to work.

More on Talent Trends: We surveyed 18,000+ fully-employed professionals in 26 countries around the world to understand their attitudes to jobseeking, career evaluation and career management.Question: How would you describe your job search status?8

KnowledgeThe definitive professional publishing platform

NetworkWe connect the worlds professionalsIdentityThe professional profile of record

Professionals come to LinkedIn to develop their careers, not just to find jobs

LinkedIn is the only place on the web where you can recruit both passive and active candidates

Traditional job boards provide access to only the 30% of professionals who are actively lookingLinkedIn provides access to both these, and the over 70% of passive candidates who are not actively searching on job boards.

Many of these members are the people youre interested in hiring, and you are already hiring people who are on LinkedInWe know this because we can track every time a member changes his or her profile to your company

Active candidates are also an important source of hire, but LinkedIn helps you access BOTH these candidates and these tens of millions of passive candidates cant be reached anywhere else.

Theyre on LinkedIn because we provide them with the tools to help our members show the world who they are, benefit from who they know, and build on what they know so they can accomplish more in their professional lives.9

Act like a marketer

Great recruiters think about jobs the way marketers think about products

Strong brands move people toward purchase long before they enter the store

And its the reason why its so important to make these people aware that you are hiring, and to influence the conversation with these individuals long before they come in your door for an interview.

This is the same as the world of consumer marketing. Lets say someone in the market for a new BMW motorcycle.

Its pretty unlikely that the customer walked into the store without any prior knowledge of BMW, their products or their brand.For most people the decision may not have been made entirely in advance, but it certainly wasnt all made in the store either. That person went in with a lot of information already in their minds maybe they have a friend who owns a BMW, and consistently talks about how well designed and efficient it is. Maybe they are aware of the brand because of their association with travel / touring television shows. Or, that person did their research before entering the store to read reviews and feedback from other motorcyclists on the web. PPerhaps also they have an emotive attachment to the brand. Whereas classic Harley Davidson speaks of over the top unnecessary design, big straight highways, beards and bandits BMW speaks the opposite of careful utilitarian design, travelling across rugged landscapes mountains and deserts and of sophistication and clean lines.

All of these touch points influence the consumer, and make it more likely that they go to purchase BMW than another bike from a lesser known manufacturer.

Successful Talent Acquisition teams think about jobs the way marketers think about products. By knowingly building, communicating and managing a Talent Brand strategy, you can influence candidates perception of your company well before they are ready to consider a new job.11

Your companys reputation as a place to work is the single most significant and strongest driver of job consideration17%The company hasa reputation forgreat people7%The company hasa reputation forbeing prestigious20%The company has areputation for greatproducts and services56%The company has a reputation asa great place to workSource: LinkedIn 2014 Talent Trends Survey, n=18K, 26 countries

And when these members do consider a new job, the biggest driver of job consideration above great products, people, or known prestige is your companys reputation for being a great place to work.This is what leads me to Talent Brand, and why its so important. Understanding and defining your Talent Brand will help you to not only be aware of where you stand today, but help you to influence your reputation to these potential candidates, so more of these members consider your company for their next opportunity.

Employer Branding is a form of MarketingGoalAudienceMessagingCall to ActionCustomer JourneySales / FidelityHires / RetentionProspects and customersCandidates and employeesConsumer Value PropositionEmployer Value PropositionPurchase our products or servicesCome work with us / Stay with usAwareness Interest Intent PurchaseAwareness Interest Application HireMarketingEmployer Branding

Employer branding is, at its core, just a type of marketing aimed at driving people to become employees of your company.


If we break down the key components of marketing (goal, audience, messaging, and call to action), we can easily see how we can use these to define an employer branding strategy that will take people along the journey to becoming your employee.


Lets take a look at how each of these things works in the context of marketing vs. employer branding.

What is your goal? In marketing it is to generate sales. In employer branding, its to generate hires.

Who is your audience? In marketing, its prospects and existing customers. In employer branding, its candidates (or potential candidates) and your own employees.

Whats the core of your messaging? In marketing, its your consumer value proposition. In employer branding, its your employer value proposition.

Whats the call to action? In marketing, its to purchase products or services. In employer branding, its come work with us!

What path does the customer or candidate take to ultimately make a purchase decision or accept an offer? The first two stages are the same for both marketing and employer branding: awareness and interest. Customers then go on to intent and purchase while candidates go on to the application and hire stage.

As you can see, both marketing and employer branding break down to the same components. Understanding this can help facilitate collaboration between your talent acquisition and marketing teams because it puts you together on common ground and speaking the same language.


LinkedIn Talent Solutions allow you to connect with top talent strategically and automatically

Implementing this core solution will help to develop your talent brand, strategically source, and target the right candidates with opportunities.

There are three key things companies do to dramatically increase their hiring effectiveness on LinkedIn:The first is using LinkedIn to find and engage the very best passive talent. Recruiter is the best sourcing tool out there, and recruiting teams are using Talent Pipeline features to become more proactive in managing pipelines of talent. Since organizations typically dont have the bandwidth to source every hire proactively, its critical to be able to scale your recruiting efforts. The second element of the solution is personalized job targeting. Since we know that your target talent is on LinkedIn, we first need to ensure that all your professional roles are on the LinkedIn network. LinkedIns matching algorithm will serve up the right job to the right candidate, to ensure that only qualified candidates will be exposed to your open opportunities.The third element is developing a talent brand on LinkedIn. Companies are tapping into their employees networks and leveraging company pages to promote their brand and attract talent.

These arent three independent pillars, but rather three elements of a single solution that reinforce one another.When companies post all professional jobs on LinkedIn, these jobs make their employer branding content more relevant for each candidate. Likewise, communicating a rich talent brand and leveraging employee profiles to connect with candidates creates a more compelling reason for candidates to apply to your job postings. Finally, when candidates understand what opportunities are available and have encountered your employer brand, theyre much more likely to respond to outreach from your recruiters, which makes your teams proactive sourcing efforts more effective.

Adopting this holistic strategy will help an organization to hire more of the right candidates for their roles.14

Talent Brand Development methodology

Talent Brand Development strategy:Followers, impressions, ctr, clicksContent KPIs (impression, clicks, viral actions)Responses in recruiter, (open rate, applications)


Case History

Build:Ad Campaign Performance

Designed to drive candidates to the Clients LinkedIn Career Pages19Recruitment Ad Campaign600.000 Impressions campaign Target


Industry: Luxury and jewelry, Apparel and Fashion Function: Retail Salesperson

2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


20Campaign Performance *Industry Average click through rate for a 300x250 Banner: 0.08%Campaign live


Build:Follower Impact

Clients follower base has been positively impacted by the ad campaigns22Follower Growth

Followers are 90% more likely to respond to an InMail79% of LinkedIn members are interested in job opportunities at companies that they followDuring the campaign: +12,708 new Followers ; +378% monthly followers

2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Follower Insights Growth 1 July 1 November 2015Growth Italy57% US51% UK56% China104% Spain146% France73% Turkey116% Switzerland89% Germany79%

Engage:Engagement on Career Page

Client is engaging with the target with content and JobsCareer page engagement


2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Engage:Sponsored Updates

The client is reaching the target with the right contentSponsored UpdatesDisplaying the right content in front of the audience generates engagement, followers and brand awareness.

Key results: 821 followersover 452,000 impressions Average engagement is over 0,91%

Clients content: video and Store opening annoucementClients content: Brand communication

2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

RecruitTalent Direct

29Talent Direct campaign

Talent Direct Performance:

Email Delivered: 916 of 2,500 scheduled

Email Opened: 537

Open Rate: 57%

Total Leads: over 170

Response rate based on open 32%Designed to drive applicants to clients recruiter

Company Logo / Image

2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


30Recruiting on LinkedIn in Three Steps


+12,708 high quality and relevant new followers from specific industry in desired Geos+76 job views/week+1,000 career page visits/week

+170 interested candidates

So, your LinkedIn strategy should consist of three very simple steps.

We have a series of products that help you on every step of this journey, and these combined will help you drive significant results when engaging with clients, candidates and consultants.

We help you leverage the power of your own employees to build your Followers as well as sending targeted advertising campaigns to your key audiences.

We then provide you with means that help you communicate and engage with your Followers with relevant content

And finally equip you with the tools to help you do what you do best recruit.



2015 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.