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Strategy: Don’t Just Plan…EXECUTE! Are you Bridging Your Strategy Execution Gap? discover • plan • execute • succeed Strategy: Don’t Just Plan…EXECUTE!

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Strategy Snapshot Webinar - Session 1.Discussion on focus for speeding up the strategy planning process with emphasis on continuous management and execution.


  • 1. Are you Bridging Your Strategy Execution Gap? Strategy: Dont Just PlanEXECUTE! discover plan execute succeed

2. Are you executing your strategy? discover plan execute succeed 3. Are You Executing Your Strategy?"82% of Fortune 500 CEO's feel their organization did an effective job of strategic planning. Only 14% of the same CEO's indicated that their organization did an effective job of implementing the strategy.discover plan execute succeed 4. Are You Executing Your Strategy?62% of more than 1,500 executives describe their organizations as mediocre or worse at strategy execution discover plan execute succeed 5. Are You Executing Your Strategy? "90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully."95% of a typical workforce doesn't understand its organization's strategy" discover plan execute succeed 6. Poll Question Our business strategy is integrated throughout theorganization, not just with the executive team. discover plan execute succeed 7. Its About Execution Top CEO Concernsdiscover plan execute succeed 8. What It MeansMake It Happen vs. Let It HappenIts About Execution! discover plan execute succeed 9. Traditional Strategic Planning is DEAD! You cant plan 3 5 years into thefutureR.I.P. TRADITIONAL Strategy is not just role of Executive STRATEGICTeamPLANNING Most companies can create a strategyin 3 days that is 90% as good as one itmight create in 90 daysdiscover plan execute succeed 10. Traditional Strategic Planning Strategic Analysis & BSC / Strategy MapsPrioritization CEO Communication to Management TeamSource: Alignment, Kaplan & NortonSource: Alignment, Kaplan, Norton discover plan execute succeed 11. Integrate Strategic Planning into Organization Strategy Review Environmental Assessment Strategy Formulation Strategy Managementdiscover plan execute succeed 12. The Strategy-Execution GapThe Strategy Execution Gap is the variance between management's strategicplans and the organization's actual execution or implementation of those plans.Alignment Maturity Model High Medium Strategy Execution LowGapStrategyGapExecution Vision Knowledge Alignment Strategies Strategic Change Measurement Activities Ability to Execute Accountabilitydiscover plan execute succeed 13. Strategy Execution Gap Business is constantly changing Competitive Landscape New Information & technologies Changing Worker Habits/Needs Companies must adapt and drive How much do you consider your internal and external environment when formulating strategy? discover plan execute succeed 14. External Forcesdiscover plan execute succeed 15. Did You Know? Top 10 in-demand Jobs in2010 did not exist in 2004 US Department of Laborestimates todays learnerwill have 10-14 jobs by age38 1-4 employees have beenwith their current employerfor less than a yeardiscover plan execute succeed 16. Years to Reach Market Audience of 50 Million Radio - 38 Years TV - 13 Years Internet - 4 YearsiPod - 3 Years Facebook - 2 Years discover plan execute succeed 17. Did You Know? Amount of new technicalinformation is doublingevery 2 years discover plan execute succeed 18. Did You Know? discover plan execute succeed 19. Poll Question How concerned are you about the speed of changeand its effect on your business environment? discover plan execute succeed 20. Does Your Organization Have a Pulse? How in-tuned is your organization to these forces? Is IT Keeping up? How prepared is HR? What about other business functions? What about the Management Team? discover plan execute succeed 21. Changes in Fortune 1000 Top 20Are You Built ToChange??60%2003 - 201345% 1993 20031983 - 199335% 1973 - 1983Source: Built to Change, Lawler, Worley, 2006discover plan execute succeed 22. Execute or Die Vs. discover plan execute succeed 23. Executing and Dictating Outcomes discover plan execute succeed 24. Are You Bridging Your Strategy Execution Gap? Will you be in business in 1 3 years? How will your business change? Do you have a strategy? Are you executing?discover plan execute succeed 25. Is Your Organization Able to Execute? Do you have the strategic assets to execute? Financial Capital Human Capital Information Capital Are your business processes converting your strategic assets into customer/shareholder value? How relevant, timely and accurate is your information? When was the last capability assessment performed in your organization? discover plan execute succeed 26. Strategic AlignmentStrategic Alignment is the coordinated deployment of strategicassets (human, financial, & information capital) to achievecorporate strategies and is the foundation of strategy execution.StrategyExecutionHuman Financial Informationdiscover plan execute succeed 27. Alignment Horizontal & Vertical Organizational Units fail to coordinate, have conflicting goals and priorities, and often compete for resources, resulting in poor strategy execution.WithoutWith Horizontal Alignment breaks down silos across functions Vertical Alignment keeps every level of organization focused on corporate strategiesdiscover plan execute succeed 28. Poll Question How would you characterize the alignment of yourorganization? discover plan execute succeed 29. Complexity Handicaps Execution Simplify the management of strategy Streamline decision making Must compress strategy cycle time Measure deployment of strategic assets Common Terminology & Communication discover plan execute succeed 30. Business SimplicityValue Chain Vision Balanced Scorecard Mission SWOT Analysis Corporate Strategy Porters Five Forces Business StrategyStrategies Competitive Advantage Strategy MapsStrategic Planning Strategy Portfolio Grand StrategyActivitiesValuesSeven S Framework Goals discover plan execute succeed 31. Vision How do you want to be perceived by customers? What do you seek to create as a company? Vision serves as north star to guide the companydiscover plan execute succeed 32. Strategies Strategy is the course we chart, the journey we imagine, and at the same time, it is the course we steer, and the trip we actually make Strategies are the overall themes of activities we engage in to achieve our vision Strategic initiatives are defined to support the strategies of the organization discover plan execute succeed 33. Activities What we engage in on a daily basis as an organization, department, individuals that support the implementation of strategic initiatives and overall corporate strategies Activities link your human, financial, and information capital (Strategic Assets) to your strategies and vision discover plan execute succeed 34. Poll Question We have a dynamic strategic management processthat facilitates flexibility, adaptability, and execution. discover plan execute succeed 35. Strategy Learning CycleQuality and Velocity discover plan execute succeed 36. Strategic Management Systemsdiscover plan execute succeed 37. Traditional Strategic PlanningBSC / Strategy MapsDo you have time for protracted strategy cycles?Source: Alignment, Kaplan & NortonSource: Alignment, Kaplan, Norton discover plan execute succeed 38. BSC Strategy Map Confusing? Financial Enhance Organizational CapabilityEnhance effectiveness of HR Vision PerformanceProvide operational excellencethrough efficient HR practices contributions to business performanceSr. ExecutivesManagers EmployeesStrategies Internal Customer Get the right people inthe right place at theBe knowledgeable & trusted advisorSupport achievement ofbusiness objectivesPromote aglobal diverse Provide competitive Provideopportunity toright time culture rewardsadvance career Activities InternalAttract , Develop, & Retain TalentDevelop leadership pipelineDrive Organizational Performance Align individual performance objectives to business outcomes Transform HR into Strategic AssetUnderstand & anticipate business needs Processes Attract MDs into R&D Transform performance management process Consult on talent solutions Facilitate movement of talent across orginto business performance tool Improve HR best-practices awareness Manage contingent workforce effectively Align/leverage reward system with strategy Develop efficient & effective HR processes Attract & develop employees/leaders Make innovation & customer satisfaction part of aligned to business outcomes every job Manage change initiatives effectivelyCreate AlignmentCreate Capability Identify HR activities that drive business performanceIdentify required KSAs, behaviors, values required Link people and processes to organizational strategyIdentify strategic job families that deliver results Identify actionable metrics to measure effectivenessDefine competency model for job families Partner with IT to execute HR technology strategy Human CapitalInformation Capital Organizational Capital Assets Learning &Knowledge, skills, abilities & valuesImprove business acumen Global Core HRIS system Talent Management System Know business needs Strategic identityDevelop strategic HR competencies HR data warehouseManage change Growth Enhance and communicate EVP Digital HR Align workforce to strategydiscover plan execute succeed 39. Simplify Strategic ManagementVisionYour VisionStrategiesInitiativesActivities Alignment & Capability AssetsHumanFinancialInformationdiscover plan execute succeed 40. Strategy Execution Lifecycle Strategic Horizontal PlanningAlignmentEnvironmentalVerticalAnalysisAlignment Strategy StrategicFormulation AlignmentStrategyStrategy StrategicReview Change ExecutionMeasurementEmpowermentAccountabilitydiscover plan execute succeed 41. Simplified Strategic Solutions (S3) Business ExecutionStrategic StrategyFrameworkInitiativeWorkshopsPortfolioStrategyCapabilityRisk AssessmentManagement 2PlanSimplifiedAlignment3 ExecuteStrategic Debrief1 DiscoverStrategic ChangeSolutionsStrategic 4 Succeed Strategic AlignmentAlignmentQuestionnaire Scorecard discover plan execute succeed 42. Thank You! The Strategy SnapshotNext Webinar: Tuesday, December 1, 2009Rick Hayes Mitch [email protected] [email protected] discover plan execute succeed