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If youre not sure which flowers you want for your wedding we have a little run down of some flowers that might tickle your interest.


  • 1. Welcome to our April IssueWedding Flowers ExplainedWednesday, 3 April 13

2. Gerbera DaisiesWe Talk To The Experts Monica from Dahlia Floral Design tells us: I just love gerbera daisies, they are so pretty and cheery and available all year long in such a wide variety of colors. Gerberas come in two different sizes - the standard large size and a mini version which is my preferred size for wedding work. I find that the smaller blooms work better when combined with other flowers in a bouquet.Wednesday, 3 April 13 3. AnemoneWe Talk To The Experts Ashley from Ashton Creative shares her thoughts on beautiful Anemone - "The Anemone is one of my favourite wedding flowers because its one of the few that works for a black and white colour scheme. This fact makes it a popular request for bridal use alone, but it also comes in a variety of other colours including a beautiful blueish purple as well as a scarlet shade. They make a great accent flower adding a soft texture to a bouquet or centerpiece.Wednesday, 3 April 13 4. OrchidsWe Talk To The Experts Orchids are fragrant, long lasting, and exotic thats why we like it and love to use it for weddings all year long. Amy from Garden Party Flowers tells us. A single bloom is big and impressive. It not only looks good in a bouquet, but also in a centrepiece.Wednesday, 3 April 13 5. TulipsWe Talk To The Experts Tulips are a popular choice for weddings due to the wide range of colours that they are available in. If you are having a day full of vibrant colours then rich purple, fuchsia pink and sunshine yellow can all look stunning in your bridal bouquet.Wednesday, 3 April 13 6. RosesWe Talk To The Experts Heavenly Creation Florist and Decor specialists Antonietta Fiore and Shelley Krupski explain why roses are the perfect choice Why roses? Many brides have asked this question. Roses are a wonderful choice when it comes to planning your very special day. They can be used to create beautiful bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centrepieces.Wednesday, 3 April 13 7. Thanks For Viewing Please visit our site to read the full article, 3 April 13