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  • 1.Wedding Unit FlowersGardenia, Stephanotis, Freesia, Sweet Pea, Heather, Peony, Lily of the Valley, Lisianthus, Scabiosa

2. Freesia Availability: year-round Color: purple, lavender, yellow, white, cream, and orange Flowers are fragrant appearing on upper side of stem;ethylene sensitivity. Medium form and filler flower. Flower on leafless stemprovides a unique form. Works well in contemporary bridaland everyday designs. Longevity: days 7-10 Sold by: Bunch (10) - $8 - 10 3. Gardenia Availability: year-round Color: white Fragrance is strong. Easily bruised discolors when touched Medium form and mass flower This flower is used extensively for bridalwork. Longevity: days 1-2 Sold by bloom, $4-5.00 each 4. Heather Genus: Erica Availability: November-April Color: pink Air-dries well. Small filler flower: Dainty flowers along woody stems providea nice texture, and can sometimes act as a line material; usedfor bridal designs, corsage work, and container arrangements. Longevity: weeks 1-2 Sold by: Bunch (10) Cost $10 5. Lily of the Valley Convollaria Availability: year-round Color: white Unique Characteristics: Florets are fragrant andbell-shaped. Small filler flower, used primarily for bridalwork, and are exceptionally beautiful and fragrantwhen bundled in mass. Longevity: days 9-10 Sold by bunch(10) - $11.00 6. Lisianthus Genus: Eustoma Availability: year-round Color: white, pink, purple, bicolor Flower stem is phototropic Many cultivars are available. Shows ethylene sensitivity. Medium form or mass flower. Laterals are generally longer for smaller-scale designs. All varieties work well in romantic-style arrangements. Longevity: days 7-14 Sold by: Bunch Price: $10 7. Peony Genus Name: Paeonia Availability: May-July Color: white, pink, yellow, red, and bicolor Fragrant; several species and cultivars are availableas a commercial cut flower with single, double, andanemone (Japanese) types. Large mass flower: Multipetal blossom gives visualweight. Makes a beautiful choice for springbouquets. Use cooler water for conditioning Longevity: days 3-7 Sold by stem: $2.50 8. Sweet PeaLathyrus Availability: February-September Color:pink, blue, lavender, red, white, andbicolors Fragrance is very sweet. Garden cutflower has been a favorite forgenerations; many cultivars exist. Small filler flower: Delicate-lookingflower is delightful by itself; nice choicefor romantic or feminine design styles. Longevity: days 3-7 Sold by bunch 10/ $12 9. Stephanotis Availability: year-round Color: white Fragrance is sweet Requires special wiring techniques to be used in designwork Stem is slender and tubular approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inlength. Small form flower: used primarily for wedding designs;and corsages, boutonnieres, and headpieces. Longevity: days 3-4 Sold by florets in boxes of 25 Cost: $30 - 45