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Please help yourself to some iced tea and make yourself comfortable. Take some time to get to know someone new! Welcome Staff Development Liaisons

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Welcome Staff Development Liaisons. Please help yourself to some iced tea and make yourself comfortable. Take some time to get to know someone new!. Welcome Staff Development Liaisons. Glenda Horner, Ed D Coordinator for Staff Development. First, t he FRAME. Intended Outcomes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Please help yourself to some iced tea and make yourself comfortable. Take some time to get to know someone new!Welcome Staff Development Liaisons

19/12/2012Glenda Horner, Ed DCoordinator for Staff DevelopmentWelcome Staff Development Liaisons

29/12/2012First, the FRAME


Intended OutcomesNetwork with other Staff Development Liaisons;Take Care of Business (TCB);Grow as professionals49/12/2012

Setting the Stage

Group norms

LogisticsMaterialsParking lot


Take care of yourself Respect the learning of otherscell phones sidebar conversationHonor TimeParticipateHave Fun! Group Norms


Required Staff DevelopmentTCBOnline PD OpportunitiesCy-Fair Learning Management System7Required Staff DevelopmentCompliance CourseAudience: Administrators, Teachers, ParasPD Model: Online MoodleDeadline: Oct. 9, 2012Credit: *3 hoursSession #: 31762 (Off-Contract)31764 (On-Contract)*Expect delay in credit postingCFPDAS Goal-SettingAudience: TeachersPD Model: Online CFLMS (post-test)Deadline: Nov. 16, 2012Session #: 31746 (Off-Contract)31747 (On-Contract)Credit: 2 hoursCFPDAS OrientationAudience: Teachers NEW to CFISDPD Model: Online Moodle plus Face-to-FaceDeadline: Sept. 17, 2012Session #: 31756 (Off-Contract)31757 (On-Contract)Credit: *3 hours*Expect delay in credit posting9/12/20128Online PD OpportunitiesResearch-based best practicesTimely content as we strive to deliver rigorous and relevant instruction in every classroomApplies the research on best practices in effective delivery of online contentFour (4) hours PD credit per course including two (2) hours GT creditTeachscape HYSStetson OnlineQuality PD offered by Stetson and Associates, Inc. through CFLMSOffers research-based content presented within an interactive job-embedded context for immediate implementation.Earn two (2) hours of professional development credit for each class.9/12/20129CFLMS: 25/75 Expectation9/12/201210CFLMS: Credit Type Re-codingPREVIOUS CODINGCURRENT CODING PDCCTEDTEOff-ContractCTEDTEPDNCPDNCPDOCOn-ContractCCC (College Credit for Certification)CCC (College Credit for Certification)9/12/201211CFLMSUserDirections:

~ Users Guide~ Compatibility Mode~ Compliance Course~ CFPDAS Goal-Setting~ Submitting PD RecordTroubleshooting:

Invite individual to walk-through what they are experiencing

Email:[email protected]:

~ Facilitators Guide~ Course Offering Sheet~ Request for GT Credit~ Request for REPEAT class with GT Credit~ GT Book StudyTroubleshooting:

Invite individual to walk-through what they are experiencing

Email:[email protected]:

Invite individual to walk-through what they are experiencing

Email:[email protected] to:

~ Set up course/classes in CFLMS~ Designated by campus principal~ Know who your campus developers are9/12/201212

Action Items1.Meet with principal to discuss your role in Required Staff Development.2. Discover who on campus is identified as a CFLMS Developer.3. Familiarize yourself with documents posted on Staff Development Home Page.13

Principles of Adult LearningAble and willing to learnDirected toward specific goalsUncomfortable taking risksLife experiencedTake a variety of perspectivesSelf-directedSource: Lipton, L. & Wellman, B., Pathways to Understanding, 2000)14Big Idea #1

Leading groups effectively requires attention to 3 arenas for group development: 1. task focus,2. relationship development, and3. a process toolkit of structures, strategies & stances.As we begin to explore these commonalities, it brings us to our Big Idea #1-

3rd Point/participants READ SLIDE.(What? Why? How?)

Why is this important? So the question that we face is how to collectively create this focus and vision.


Task vs Relationship9/12/201216

ProfessorsFriendsScientistsInventorsFour CornersAs we continue to focus on ourselves, lets look at where we fit in this 4-corners activity. As an audience member or participant in a professional learning experience, do you consider yourself among the professors, friends, scientists, or inventors? Move to that corner and discuss what engages you as a learner. What do others (in the corners) need to know about you as a learner? Now flip that lens, if you are developing PD, what do you need to be aware of as a facilitator?

9/12/201217Based upon your present practice, what do you think will be your Strengths and Stretches?18