welcome to room 515! a tour of ms. clewell’s history classroom get in! let’s go!

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Get in! Lets Go!1Lets Take a Tour to Help You Be Successful in room 515!

2What Do You Need Today?As you walk into class check the pink board located outside of the classroom.

It will tell if you need your interactive notebook, journal or both.

Passes In order to leave the classroom you must ASK Ms. Clewell first!

Once permission is granted, you need to put your name on the board and include where you are going and take a pass!

Please erase your name when you return.

4No Name PapersCan find your paper? Check the No Name Papers board!

I will hang papers there and will recycle them when they are not claimed after two weeks!

It is YOUR responsibility to check the board!

5Monthly CalendarMs. Clewell will put when assignments are due on the calendar.

Make sure to check here for project and assignment days!

Its located on the door.

Weekly CalendarEvery week I will update the agenda for our class. This allows you to see what will be taking place in class for the entire week and any other important information!

It is your responsibility to update your agenda book to match the assignments that will be due.

DATEThe date is located every day on the board. Below the date is the schedule for the day.

Schedule Every day the days schedule will be located under the clock.

This schedule will have the times for each class.

ComputersWe are SO lucky to have 3 computers located in this room!

In order to use these computers you must ask Ms. Clewell first!

Before you print anything you need to ask Ms. Clewell!

Log in: MendivelibPassword: library1

SuppliesYou will need to use supplies daily in this class!

Supplies such as: crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, and rulers can be found on the back table

Make sure to put back supplies in the appropriate place.

SuppliesThe pencil sharpener is located next to the plastic supply tub.

You may not use the electric sharpener if your pencil is of its original size . There is a manual sharpener at the front of the class below the clock for those.

This is also where the hand sanitizer is.

You DO NOT need to ask to use the sharpener or grab sanitizer.

There is also a cup where I put stray pencils when I find them. If there is not one in there DO NOT ask me for one to borrow. You may buy one for $0.10

Supplies Scissors, Staplers, Tape, highlighters and 3-hole Punches are located on the shelf.

These supplies (except scissors and highlighters) DO NOT leave the bookshelf.

Top of ShelfColored Paper Construction Paper

MagazinesInteractive Notebooks and JournalsYou will be allowed to store your INB and Journal in this room.

There is a bin designated to each.

Every class you need to grab both and quickly sit in your seat. You need to put your INB and Journal in the correct bin so it doesnt get lost at the end of each class!

While You Were OutMost of you will all miss at least one Social Studies class (dont get too sad!)

When you are absent you need to grab the while you were out binder and see what you missed.

When you are the recorder it is your responsibility to fill out the while you were out worksheet

While You Were OutOnce you have looked at the while you were out binder you need to go to the while you were out papers.

Next you will need to go to your class folder and grab the work you missed

You may not just grab an extra copy for a paper you lost. You must ASK for those!

Absent and Late PassesWhen you are absent it is your responsibility to get your make up work. When you have completed you make up work you must attach the colored sheet to your completed work.

Same goes for late work! Fill out the pink sheet and attach it to your completed work.

Unit of StudyWe will cruise through different units throughout the year and I will also have which unit we are on located on the back wall.

Essential questions for the unit as well as supportive posters on the topic being studied will also be posted on the wall.

Check out the books located in the holders whenever you have free time!

Ms. Clewells Fridge Worthy WorkAmazing work that really WOWs me will be placed on my fridge on my website . If your work makes it to the fridge you can receive extra credit or a prize (depending on what I decide)

I made it on the fridge!!Photo AlbumOnce the assignment is taken off of the fridge to make room for new work, the picture will be placed in the class photo album.You may look at the photo album whenever you have a free minute!


Welcome to History!Any Questions?