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  • Non-Profit Org.U.S. Postage

    PAIDLouisville, KY

    Permit No. 1105

    Wellsprings Mission: To promote the recovery of persons with mental illness through leadership

    in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.


    Crisis Stabilization Services

    Supportive Housing

    Affordable Housing

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    ted us this past year. Thank you for

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    We added two new apartment complexes, adding 20 units of attractive & affordable housing to Wellsprings portfolio. We now own housing in Old Louisville, the Highlands, Crescent Hill, Hikes Point, Phoenix Hill, Shively and Shelbyville. And, we have clients living in scattered-site rental units in virtually every neighborhood of the city!

    THANK you


    Converted our Journey House program into a scattered-site Housing First program which reflects todays best practices in the field. Completed the first year of a HUD collaborative grant which provides supportive housing to homeless adults with mental illness. Added a terrific new program that enables mentally ill adults living in institutional settings (personal care homes) to move into their own apartments with support, and Continued our partnership with Phoenix Health Center in a SAMHSA grant providing supportive housing to highly vulnerable homeless adults.



  • A Warm Welcome from the CEO and Board Chair

    Chief Executive Officer Board Chair

    2014 was a year of significant accomplishment at Wellspring, despite major changes to healthcare in Kentucky and across the nation. A record number of clients, 688 in all, found support at Wellspring last year - thats a 23% increase over 2013! Our Crisis Stabilization Program served 433 men and women, while our Supportive and Affordable Housing Programs served an additional 255 people.

    Funding shifts, the implementation of Medicaid Managed Care, the Affordable Care Act and the related expansion of Medicaid in Kentucky hit the world of service delivery in a big way. Our team struggled to understand the impact on our clients and services as the system undertook the largest overhaul in its history. On June 30th, we had a waiting list of 132 adults requesting permanent housing; 82% of them were homeless. We were also facing a state funding cut of about $500,000, and a shift to greater reliance on Medicaid reimbursements. We responded to the flux and uncertainty of the situation with a barrage of meetings with state officials, legislators, Seven Counties Services executives, and Managed Care leaders. In the end, the increased communication strengthened these ties and better positioned us to serve even more people in the future.

    On a celebratory note, in June Wellspring was awarded a three-year accreditation by CARF - The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. We are proud to have received CARFs highest possible ranking on our first accreditation attempt! CARF is an international accrediting body; this achievement signals to the world that we are in the fields top tier in terms of clinical and administrative standards. This accreditation will help us compete for funding in todays increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • Crisis Stabilization Program

    FY 14 Outcomes433 adults served

    David J. Block Center - CSU, 2007

    High quality medical services, therapy services, and 24-hour support in warm, residential settings.

    Samuel B. Todd Center - CSU, 1995

    They gave me my pride back and made me whole again

    Clinical Outcomes

    Client Satisfaction Survey



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  • Tonia It can happen to anyone, assured Tonia, who hobbled into the CSU on crutches, homeless, disoriented and broken. Before depression she was living in a prestigious downtown condominium, but suddenly found herself sleeping in the kitchen of a homeless shelter. I could smell the spoiled sour mop water on the floor, her voice cracked as she thought back to that time. The CSU staff saved my life, she beamed, her demean-or changing. She needed someone to listen, and they did, without any judgment. At her most vulnerable time, when she felt like a failure, they gave me my pride back and made me whole again. Tonia described how she became close to clients and staff alike in the family-type setting and felt myself getting stronger and more confident every day, adding that the self-help sessions, art projects, journaling, and group outings in the neighborhood provided great outlets for stress relief. Today Tonia is an advocate for Mental Health awareness and wants others to know that they too can find peace in the valley. I really cant say enough about the staff, insisted Tonia. They saved my life, she repeated.

  • Supportive Housing

    Ardery House 1982Journey House 1998Journey Scattered Site 2014 Apartments Broadway Apartments 1985Concord Apartments 1986Murray Avenue Apts. 2001 & McKinney Single Family Homes Crescent Ct. 2003Baxter Apartments 2004CH2 Scattered Site Apts. 2006Prescription Housing 2011LASH 2013Guardianship Independence 2013 Pilot ProjectBriggs-Bloch Apartments 2013

    Attractive, geographically diverse housing with services that foster recovery.

    Im stronger and I can enjoy my life more

    170 total clients served in supportive housing90% occupancy rate

    Excluding clients who moved in after December 31, 2014: Average Length of Stay 3.9 years

    82% rated themselves as mostly satisfied with their quality of life

    FY 14 Outcomes:

  • Scott

    I woke up in a shelter - then got sent to the hospital for a month and a half. I never want to go through a period like that again. I felt as low as a person can get, Scott reflects. He adds, That was it for me I knew then that I couldnt do it on my own. It wasnt easy, asking for help, but Im so glad I did, because it was my time at Ardery House that got me here today. Scott just celebrated 6 years in Wellsprings Supportive Housing Program. When asked how hes making it work, he responds I keep working on my treatment plan, participate in group therapy, and I even volunteer when I can. Best of all, though, is being back in the lives of my parents and children. Because of Wellspring, Im stronger and I can enjoy my life more and I know my family does, too!

  • Affordable Housing

    Wellspring Apartments 1987

    Amity Apartments1989

    Patrick Henry Apartments 1992

    Clover Hill Apartments1993

    Youngland Apartments 1995

    Shelbyville Apartments 1999

    Wellspring Bridge Apartments 2008

    Wellspring Tonini Apartments2013

    Safe, attractive, affordable housing that provides a platform for recovery and community


    I love it here, its convenient, I feel safe, and we all look out for one another. Its home!

    90 tenants served in affordable housing

    88% Occupancy

    FY 14 Outcomes:

  • AnitaIve done it all, shares Anita. Before finding Wellspring, I was in and out of the hospital, and eventually ended up homeless and in a shelter. Then I got to the CSU and things started coming together. Anita says it was the supportive, recovery-focused programming that helped her open up and really start recovering. They gave me help, but then also gave me space to figure things out for myself, she recalls. And they helped me understand how important my meds are to staying stable. Trust me, Ill never need to learn that lesson again! Anita went from the CSU to Ardery House, and then into Supportive Housing and now look at me here! Anita is all settled and cozy in the Wellspring Bridge Apartments, thanks to the subsidized rent that makes it possible. I love it here, she smiles. Its convenient, I feel safe, and we all look out for one another. Its home!

  • Highlights of the Year Wellspring Celebrates Accreditation

    The crowning achievement of 2014 came when CARF, the Council on Accreditation of

    Rehabilitation Facilities awarded Wellsprings CSU Program a Three-Year Accreditation. Over

    our 32 year history, Wellsprings dedication, commitment and effectiveness have been

    widely recognized, but CARFs commendation brings a seal of approval from a preeminent

    authority. In conferring the award, Wellspring was particularly applauded for the dignity

    and respect staff provide to clients, the warm therapeutic environment at the CSUs, and the agencys commitment to program stability and the continuity of quality care. Wellspring was

    also commended for its extensive collaborative relationships with individuals and groups that

    enhance our ability to achieve maximum recovery for those we serve.

    Journey Program TransitionIn January, 2014 the Journey Program shifted from a single

    site, transitional housing program for 8 adult homeless women who have a mental illness diagnosis and substance

    abuse issue, to a scattered-site, permanent supportive housing program for 18 women who are experiencing the

    same hurdles. The program continues to use evidence-based practices, but now takes a housing first approach. We

    will help these women settle into their own apartments and