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Virtual Field Trip Westward Expansion By: Kendra Crocker Erin Harmon

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Virtual Field Trip

Westward Expansion

By: Kendra Crocker Erin Harmon

3aF4: Summarize the events in westward

expansion, including people’s motivation, their hardships, and Missouri as a jumping off point to the West


Follow along and answer the questions as you go. Read

the questions carefully. To find the answer, click on the link below. Locate the answer and write it down on your handout. When you are finished using a website, close the window (by clicking the X button). This will return you to the slideshow. Continue the field trip until you have answered all of the questions. Finally, answer the question at the end of the slideshow with a journal entry. Enjoy your journey through the wild west!!!


The pioneers were the first people to settle the frontiers

of North America. The journey west was long and difficult. What are 3 dangers that pioneers faced on the trail? To find the answer, read and follow all of these steps: Click on the link below to go to the website (read the

next steps before clicking on the link). After you have reached the site, click on the heading

that says, “Dangers on the Trail.” Locate and write down the answer.http://library.thinkquest.org/6400/



The pioneers gathered all of their belongings and packed them into covered wagons.

If you were a pioneer, what supplies would you bring?

To help you decide, click on the link to the right (read the next steps first).

When you are on the site, click on the heading, “What did they take with them?”

Then, click on the oxen. Make a list of what items

you would bring (remember to look at the weight).


Oregon Trail

One of the most traveled trails used by the pioneers was the Oregon Trail.

By the 1840’s, what city was the most popular “jumping off” point for pioneers?

Which landmark did emigrants hope to reach by July 4th?

To find the answers, click on the following link.


California Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush was one of the major motivating factors for people moving west.

Who discovered gold at Sutter’s sawmill in 1848?

What event ended the California Gold Rush?

Click on the link below to find the answers.


Homestead Act

The Homestead Act was another motivating factor for moving west.

Many pioneers traveled west in hopes of receiving land.

Who signed the Homestead Act into law?

When was the Homestead Act passed?

How many acres of land did it provide to settlers?

Click on the link below to find the answers.


Transcontinental Railroad

The construction of the Transcontinental Railroad was a goal of President Abraham Lincoln.

Two companies competed to lay down as much track as possible: The Central Pacific and the Union Pacific

When was the Transcontinental Railroad completed?

Two events happened that year. In your opinion, which was more important and why?

Click on the site below to find the answers.


Transcontinental Railroad

Before the transcontinental railroad was completed, travel overland by stagecoach took five or six months.

After the railroad was built, how long did the trip take?

How did the transcontinental railroad change America?

In your opinion, which of these changes is the most important to the westward movement and why?


Using the information that we have learned

about westward expansion, make an entry in your journal. Pretend that you are a pioneer traveling west. Write about one day of your journey. It can be about the beginning, middle, or end of your trip. Remember to use complete sentences.

Journal Entry

Virtual Field Trip

The End