what do you usually do after school? after-school activities

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  • What do you usually do after school?

    After-school activities

  • Maybe you should learn to relax

  • Dear friend,I am very busy all the week. I have to play the piano every day. I do lots of homework from Monday to Saturday. I have to study English on Tuesday and Friday. And I have music classes on Thursday and Sunday. I am very tired. What can I do? Yours, Li Hua

  • Are you busy in a week?What do you do after school?have piano lessonsstudy English study math

  • fit pressure complain include pushy crazy themselves adult organized notuntil as much as possible send to all kinds of ;compare .with on the one hand on the other hand by oneself organization

  • 1.Why is Cathy Taylor very busy?2.Why are the children under too much pressure?3.What does Linda Miller think ?4.What does Dr Alice Green think?

  • Because she has to take her kids from activity to activity after school.Because they have to finish their schoolwork while they have to take part in all kinds of classes after school.She thinks parents shouldnt compare their kids with other children all the time and push their kids so hard.He thinks parents should learn to give their kids a bit more time to relax or do things by themselves.

  • Read these statements. Is the situation the same in China? American and British children do many after-school activities.2. Many children are under pressure.3. Parents these days push their children much harder than before.4. Competition between families starts at a young age.5. Children should have free time to relax.

  • If you are Dr Alice Green. Give advice to Cathy.

    Dear Cathy,

    Dr Alice Green

  • Dear Cathy: I think youre a good mother. You love your children, so you hope they all be able to become famous or successful people one day. But you should think about their feelings. Theyre always busy with their schoolwork and other talented classes. They have no time to do things by themselves .they have no freedom to relax themselves. Youll find it difficult for them to plan things for themselves. If you give them a bit more time to themselves, theyll be happy and thankful . I hope youll become a wise and helpful mother. Dr Alice Green

  • Thank you !Good bye!

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