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A section of a presentation from Darren Sidnick (Ufi learndirect) about "what employers want from training and elearning". See more details at my blog darrensidnick.blogspot.com


  • 1. What do employers want from training and elearning? Darren Sidnick Head of Innovation & Research http://www.learndirect.co.uk/ www.darrensidnick.blogspot.com

2. Overall, the skills employers believe to be lacking are most frequently technical and practical. Customer handling skills, communication skills (particularly oral), team working and problem solving skills were also commonly cited

  • Source: National Employers Skills Survey 2005

3. Source: Business Brand Tracker, Oct 2006, BMG Research All businesses All businesses by company size Almost half of all businesses have arranged or paid for training in the last 12 months, or almost all large businesses 4. Source: Business Brand Tracker, Oct 2006, BMG Research Interestingly, larger companies place more importance on cost than smaller businesses when sourcing a provider Q: When choosing an external training provider for any type of training, what are the three main factors that you look for 5. Q15/16: Could you just confirm, has your company undertaken training by e-learning in the last 12 months? Q19 How much have you spent on e-learning in the last 12 months (Base: All who used elearning provider 122) Q25:Why has nobody in your company undertaken e-learning in the last twelve months? Bases: all who did not say Didnt have a training need at Q25 (311) Have you undertaken/considered e-learning in the last 12 months? Nov/Dec 07 Jun/Jul 07 Consideration of e-learning is on the increase, driven by people feeling much more comfortable with the concept 25% versus 5% Undertaken Source: Ufi/learndirect Brand Tracker 2007 18% SME 7% LE 26% SME 63% LE 29% 18% Would not Jun/Jul Nov/Dec 30% 52% 36% Comfortable 35% Prefer not to 18 % Considered 25% No 57 % Undertaken 18% Considered 5% No 77% 6. Source: Business Brand Tracker, Oct 2006, BMG Research Benefits of e-learning The basic problem remains that employers are uninformed about e-learning. 60% could not state what the benefits of the medium were!Q: What do you perceive to be the benefits of e-learning? 7. Need to be promoting a range of strengths 8. 1 in 10 online 3% of lowest income groups online Young, rich, male 7% of Board Directors saw web as strategic issue High internet prices 1999 9. 2006 Ecommerce sales rising 75%of companies had broadband (05) 98%of companies had a website (05) SMEsclosing the gap with Large Organisations 2008 64% online 90% broadband 75% digital TV 87% mobile C2/D/Esare fastest group online (also 68% buy online) 10. NVQs Engagement Learning Evidence Course Builder Assessment Profiler 11. Learning Through Work

    • Work-based HE qualifications
    • 2000 students enrolled
    • Run in partnership with 15 UK Universities.
    • Currently scaled to deliver to 15,000 new students a year.

12. Further discussion on my blog darrensidnick.blogspot.com Any questions?


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