what to do if you dont like your engagement ring

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  • What To Do If You Dont Like Your Engagement Ring

  • What to do if you dont Like Your Engagement RingYour beau just proposed, and the ring isn't generally "your choice." It really happens more often than you can imagine, due to the fact that only 25 per cent of brides are actually asked or involved when purchasing their ring. This is a bit tough situation, yet you can likely get the ring you need (or be content with the one you have) without being impolite. Here are your alternatives:Page 2 of 6

  • What to do if you dont Like Your Engagement RingKeep it

    There is a chance that you might be able to develop adoration for it due to it being romantic gesture or have the capacity to make it look a bit more "you" with a wedding ring (for example, if the ring is simple, a shimmering forever band can amp up the bling element).Page 3 of 6

  • What to do if you dont Like Your Engagement RingTrade it (or offer it)

    In the event that you genuinely can't stand it, delicately ask your love whether he would mind if you took a look at some other rings, however, keep mentioning that you are extremely thrilled to be engaged to him. You ought to have the capacity to return it, or trade it, inside of a time span ( (despite the fact that there may be a re-stocking expense and arrangements rely on the specific store). On the off chance that you can't return it by any means you only have the chance to sell or gift it.Page 4 of 6

  • What to do if you dont Like Your Engagement RingKnow about the repercussions

    Saying anything might open up a wide range of awful emotions in the middle of you and your impending life partner (just you know how your accomplice will respond), yet it might be far more detestable if his family is included. In the event that it's a legacy ring from his incredibly awesome grandma, tread delicately and unless you know how your future in-laws will respond, keep the ring and pick a wedding ring you cherish, and wear that after you marriage.Page 5 of 6

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