who are these famous people ? what so famous about them?

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Who are these famous people ? What so famous about them?

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  • Who are these famous people ?

    What so famous about them?

  • He invented a process to prevent spread of germs and bacteria in liquids. He also found the cure for Rabies and anthrax which saves millions of lives. As a Catholic scientist, he prayed the daily rosary.

  • Louis Pasteur

  • The calendar we use today (proved to be very accurate) was started by this person in 1582.

  • Pope Gregory XIII

  • This bishop, scientist, and saint studied rocks and was the 1st (1859) to claim that fossils can unlock history of the earths time. He is known as the Father of Geology.

  • Blessed Nicolas Steno

  • She lived in extreme poverty to be a voice for the poor and abandoned. She said: In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

  • Blessed Mother Teresa

  • This saint was from a rich family and use to be a party animal. He stripped naked to swap clothes with a beggar, kissed lepers, and became a hermit monk. He heard God call him to rebuild the Church a stone at a time.

  • St. Francis of Assisi

  • Not yet a saint, but a mystic who held secret mass in Vietnam prison for 13 years. He even converted some prison guards.

  • Duc cha Francis Nguyen Van Thuan

  • This saint helped lepers by living with them on an island to build houses, a church, and even coffins for their burial.

  • St. Damien of Molokai

  • Anybody for fishing? If things go bad, this apostle heads out on his boat and ponders things with a net in hand. Now, hes catching a lot more than just fish!

  • Who is St. Peter.

  • This young player isnt afraid to share is faith on the field and wore bible verses on his face paint. He won the Heisman trophy.

  • Who is Tim Tebow.

  • Who is your famous person?

    Ask ourselves:Can I be famous?

  • Who am I ?