who should buy a facebook app?

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Who would actually be interested in buying a Facebook app? You might be surprised to find that you identify with one of these 4 buyer personas!


  • 1. The Open Auction for Facebook Apps

2. How Does Zuckerbid Work? 5 Days 12 Hours 35 MinutesDeveloperApp Buyer Zuckerbid is an open auction where developers can list their Facebook apps for sale. 3. Who Would Want To Buy aFacebook App?4 Buyer Personas 4. 4 Types of Facebook App BuyersInternet Marketer Dabbling Entrepreneur Business-Minded Big Brand CoderEyeball Hunter 5. Internet Marketer Meet James. James makes a decent amount of money online each month with his collection of small fitness-related websites. He also has an eBook that he sells for $49 called, 12 Secrets to Six Pack Abs. 6. Internet Marketer James really needs more traffic. You see, the more web traffic he gets, the more sales he can make! But traffic is hard to get. It can also be really expensive. 7. Internet Marketer James buys a fitness app on Zuckerbid that has 100k monthly active users. 100k Users He tastefully promotes his eBook within the app. He also gets 1,000 new subscribers each month to his free email newsletter, Daily Ab$49 Shredding Workouts.A good number of those subscribers will eventuallybuy his eBook! 8. Internet MarketerJames is happy because he found a new source ofprofitable, targeted traffic! No time spent on SEO or paying for clicks either! 9. The Dabbling EntrepreneurMike reads books like the 4Hour Workweek.Hes looking for a businessventure that can give himlifestyle freedom and isnt tooexpensive to start.Mike loves reading aboutstartups and is pretty websaavy. 10. The Dabbling Entrepreneur Mike has a great idea for a social app that targets the dating industry. He doesnt want to learn how to write code and doesnt have any programmer friends. Mike finds an app for sale on Zuckerbid that lets you match up your single friends.Instead of getting upset that someonealready built his idea, he decides toacquire the app for only $500! 11. The Dabbling Entrepreneur Mike bought the app with 1,000 monthly active users. Instead of learning how to code, he focuses on what he does best: getting people excited about an idea!He grows the apps userbase by 500% in 30 days bymaking a funny viralYouTube video and a blogabout matchmaking called,Cupids Crossbow. 12. The Dabbling Entrepreneur Mike is pumped. Now he has options. He can go back to Zuckerbid and flip his app for a handsome profit! Or, maybe he takes a long-term approach of growing the apps user base. In a few months he plans to introduce paid features that create a recurring monthly income! 13. Business-Minded Coder Say hi to Vlad. His friends call him Voodylicious. Vlad is a one-man-show development company. He loves to code late into the night, but doesnt care much about all that silly marketing stuff. 14. Business-Minded Coder But Vlad knows he needs to market his app in order to grow the user base; he takes his business seriously. Voodylicious has two loves: coding and cooking. His flagship app is called Tasty Treats. It lets users discover and share their favorite recipes. 15. Business-Minded Coder Vlad doesnt want to shell out cash for ads that promote Tasty Treats. So he finds 3 smaller cooking related apps on Zuckerbid and acquires them for their existing user base. He cross promotes Tasty Treats within the 3 apps with a friendly message and watches as his numbers skyrocket! 16. Business-Minded Coder All of this new growth lands Tasty Treats in the trending section of the Facebook App Center! Happy with the result, Vlad posts the 3 cooking apps back for sale on Zuckerbid. Even if he sells them back at a small loss, he has paid next to nothing for marketing Tasty Treats! 17. Big Brand Eyeball Hunter Heres Chuck. Chuck is a marketing executive for a high-end brand of makeup called, Forever Young. He controls a very large, multi-million dollar marketing budget.Youve probably seen Forever Youngon billboards and T.V. commercials.Chuck was behind that. 18. Big Brand Eyeball HunterWhen Chuck meets with the CEO, he isevaluated on two key measures ofsuccess: reach and frequency.How many eyeballs have seen theForever Young brand, and how often?Chuck wont settle for just any eyeballs;he cares about getting in front of theright audiencethe people who will buyor use Forever Young makeup.FYs ideal customer is a career-mindedmom between the ages of 35-42. 19. Big Brand Eyeball Hunter Instead of spending $100k for one month of banner ads, Chuck decides to buy an app on Zuckerbid for that same amount with 750,000 monthly active users. The app is called KiddyCatWalk. It lets moms assemble and share designer outfits for their kids on Facebook.Facebook Insights reports that 75%of the apps users are femalesbetween the ages of 35-44 20. Big Brand Eyeball Hunter Chucks team tastefully and discreetly promotes Forever Young as the sponsor of KiddyCatWalk. With only one months ad spend, he gets nearly 8 million views per month, forever. Since Facebook is a social platform, FY also gets exposure to the app users friends.Even if the average user had only 50 Facebook friends, this is a HUGE multiplier:50 Friends 750k App Users 37,500,000 Connections 21. Zuckerbid Feeds The NeedZuckerbid creates an open and transparentmarketplace for these transactions to takeplace. By using 3rd party secure escrow services,both buyers and seller are protected. 22. The Open Auction for Facebook Apps Beta Release in Fall 2012