why do you like koalas?

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Why do you like Why do you like koalas? koalas? Unit 3 Unit 3 Section A Section A

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Unit 3. Why do you like koalas?. Section A. tiger(s). elephant(s). dolphin(s). koala(s). Panda(s). lion(s). penguin(s). giraffe(s). Guessing game: What animal is it?. elephant(s). tiger(s). dolphin (s). lion(s). penguin (s). panda(s). koala(s). Guessing game: What animal is it?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Why do you like koalas?Unit 3Section A

  • koala(s)

  • Guessing game: What animal is it?elephant(s)

  • tiger(s)

  • dolphin (s)

  • lion(s)

  • penguin (s)

  • panda(s)

  • koala(s)

  • giraffe(s)Guessing game: What animal is it?

  • Welcome to the zooanimalspenguintigerelephantgiraffedolphinpandakoalalion

  • fun

  • cute

  • smart

  • Section A-1a, 1b

    tiger ___elephant ___koalas ___dolphin ___panda ___lion ___penguin ___giraffe ___bdaefgchBecause they are cute.Because they are beautiful.Because they are interesting. Why do you want to see ___?

  • Pair workA: Lets see the _____s first!B: Why do you want to see the ______s?A: Because they are ______.

  • Step Three ListeningListen and write the animals you hear. Draw a line from the animals to the description words. Animals Description Words 1.__________ a. interesting b. cute 2.__________ c. fun d. smartkoalasdolphins

  • bigkind of bigvery big

  • Step Three ListeningListen again and complete the conversation.Julia: Lets see the ______.Henry: Why do you like _____?Julia: Because theyre _____ cute.Henry: Well, I like _______.Julia: Why do you like _______? Henry: Because theyre ______ interesting.very dolphins kind of koalaskoalaskoalasverydolphinsdolphinskind of

  • 1we can see lots of a in the zoo.2P come from China.3The e has a very long nose() 4We often go to the z on weekends to see animals.5--I dont know where the zoo is ?you can read the m to find it.6Dolphins are s animals .they can play many programs()7The k is very cute.8The t is the king of the forest()9G have very long necks()nimalsandaslephantooapmartoalaigeriraffes

  • A:Lets the pandas.B: do you want to see them?A: Because theyre cute. They re my favorite __ _ B: well, I want to see _ __A: ___ do you like koalas?B: Because theyre cute, too.