why is my web business failing?

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Why is my web business failing? Your Actionable How-to Guide for online success Nik Pasic

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The actionable how-to-guide for online business success.


  • Why is my web business failing? Your Actionable How-to Guide for online success Nik Pasic
  • BUSINESS SUCCESS SEO, SEM, CRO and similar elements fall within the scope of this talk but the primary focus is on areas you need to focus on for
  • So why is my web business failing?
  • overcomplicate Because you instead of Prioritise
  • SIMPLIFY The key is to
  • If you cant explain it to a six year old, you dont understand it yourself. - Albert Einstein
  • Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci Later used by and falsely attributed to Apple
  • The secret to a successful business, product or website isnt in adding countless features, but rather in eliminating all that is unnecessary and still ending up with a functional user experience. - Me
  • this is what looks like SIMPLE
  • NOPE
  • NOPE circa 2000
  • again SIMPLE
  • simplicity helps with the Attention ratio
  • attention ratio of 56:1
  • attention ratio of 1:1
  • Thanks OLI
  • CHASE attention ratio helps you what you actually need
  • conversions You need to be chasing
  • SALES You need to be chasing
  • REVENUE You need to be chasing
  • You need to be chasing
  • IMPRESSIONS be WARY OF chasing
  • LIKES be WARY OF chasing
  • followers be WARY OF chasing
  • backlinks be WARY OF chasing
  • Seo ranking be WARY OF chasing
  • click through rates be WARY OF chasing
  • Cost per click be WARY OF chasing
  • Even website traffic be WARY OF chasing
  • Stepping stones these are
  • you still do it Yet
  • Sign up to Elegant themes edm Pro tip and wait for their lifetime discount
  • Yahoo & MSN > Google & BING think back on
  • MySpace > Facebook & twitter think back on The original simple version
  • 1995 > 1999 > 2004 > 2009 > 2014 think back on
  • previously considered king of gamification
  • Swarm will flop calling it now and will take foursquare down with it
  • Site speed bonus we subconsciously became used to instant just try using dial-up again
  • So how does all this help me?
  • Prioritise
  • Some difficult truths to face
  • You are too emotionally invested and your emotions are overriding your common sense #1
  • When dealing withMoney Strategy People In a business scope
  • Distance yourself Emotionally logically and think
  • Trust your instincts data But use hard To back decisions
  • Then decide what gets done next
  • #2You dont understand your audience As well a you think that you do
  • How much would you pay
  • For a lawyer?
  • For IT support?
  • For a plumber?
  • For your own product?
  • What if you had no idea what it did?
  • On your existing budget?
  • #3Your expectations are unrealistic And your competitors are doing it better
  • You are not as good as they say, nor are you as bad as they say. - I cannot actually remember
  • Is your latest product really that good?
  • Is your competitors really that bad?
  • MYER once called David Jones a ship.sinking
  • The Iconic has been sinking them both
  • #4Be wary of trends and gimmicks
  • Sliding banners = conversion killers
  • Viral content underperforms long term
  • Latest $10 billion craze
  • #5You bend over backwards for clients even when they are Not rightBecause its always been done that way
  • disagree with them to help them Doing the best by a client means that sometimes you have to
  • Avoid discussing keyword rankings with clients - Peter Mead
  • Focus on roi instead Educating your client is your responsibility you are the Expert
  • Stop reporting on keywords / rankings Sometimes this means you need to
  • Speaking of reports Time sink which mostly satisfies curiosity Monthly is good, quarterly is better, weekly is wasteful
  • What do I do now?
  • Define your business goals #1
  • Define how your site and online presence Help you achieve these goals #2
  • Define What is necessary in achieving those goals #3 So that you can trim everything which is unnecessary
  • #4 Define your ideal audience
  • #5 never stop testing
  • If your target market and location are unique no one can to tell you what works BEST for your audience you need to test what works yourself
  • If your TARGET MARKET IS IN A CROWDED SPACE YOU WILL STRUGGLE TO COMPETE against the bigger brands you need to test what works yourself
  • you need to test what works yourself EITHER WAY
  • The moment you set and forget So will your audience
  • #6 Never stop learning
  • Things to keep an eye out on
  • A number of marketing fields have been on my personal radar for the past few years. I have been an advocate for each, saying that everyone in marketing needs to adopt them all and focus the majority of their time and budget within these fields if they wish to pursue true ROI.
  • Responsive web design Already mainstream
  • Conversion rate optimization Already mainstream
  • Segmented remarketing Mainstream in 2015
  • Algorithmic attribution models Mainstream in 2-3 years
  • neuromarketing Very niche and mostly neglected
  • gamification Very niche and more ignored than neglected
  • More to come in November SEO Meet up
  • Thanks for listening Just Google me! Want to keep in touch? Nik Pasic