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Why MediaCom for Search? September 2011

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Why MediaCom for Search?. September 2011. What we’ll cover…. 2. 1. Our approach to SEM & Mobile. A bit about us. 4. 3. Our approach to SEO. Benefits of integration. When it comes to search, we are…. #1 global buyers of search. x22 (SEM & SEO) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Whos here today

Why MediaCom for Search?September 2011

A bit about us1What well cover

Benefits of integration4

Our approach to SEM & Mobile 2Our approach to SEO32#1 global buyers of search2011 IAB Australia finalists for both SEM & SEO

$22M annual billings

When it comes to search, we are x22 (SEM & SEO)

Syd, Melb, Bris

Box 2 mention click attribution modelling trial were doing with dell. 3

zDeep linkingLanding Page OptimisationPage Load SpeedBounce rate


KeywordAd CopyURLStructureMatch Types

Technology &AnalyticsCross channel attribution

RelevanceThe three pillars of SEMUser experienceMeasurementBest in searchXX=We believe in the three pillars of search, that guides our approach and strategy to SEM.Relevance is a key area before the click happens, in making sure that were reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.User experience is after the click, continuing that consistent message, and making sure they find it as easy as possible to get what they want.And the single greatest thing about search is its measurability or accountability, which we look to harness and provide you with powerful insights that can drive your business forward.4DefendGranularInnovateOur approach to SEM includes

5Tactical keyword coverage and ad copyWhat does it mean for your business?Top position on competition terms we can trademark your brand terms with GoogleOur approach to brand search sees Volkswagen dominate their Key competitor

Defend brand

For VW, focus on:RelevanceAd CopyMatching6Advanced match types and keyword coverageWhat does it mean for your business?Dominate category

a granular structure will improve your quality score Our approach to advanced targeting sees tourism nsw dominate the competitionGranular

Granular approachKeywords in copyAdvanced match type strategy91% more traffic than direct competitors 193% more efficient CPC that direct competitors ($0.79 v. $0.27 CPC) allowing us to buy the same more traffic for the same budget157% increase in SEM traffic YOY

What this means for Macquarie we can increase traffic with restricted budgets and lower CPA


Our approach to mobile SEM & Google APPS

Optimise for mobileAdvanced targeting and functionalityMaximise brand reach with Google app ads


Optimise website for mobile to increase Engagement & conversion ratesVs.OptimiseCarnival Cruise Lines USA aimed to increase bookings when it tapped Google Mobile Ads to deliver platform-specific ads such asclick to call to mobile users searching for travel information.As a result ofthe campaign, the ratio of sales calls to service calls into the inbound call center are claimed to have increased by 20 percent. Additionally, Carnival was able to boost booking on mobile devices 175 percent over a three-month period, it was claimed.

http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/search/6592.html9Mobile SEMAdvanced targeting

Our approach Drives an increase in dealer phone calls for audiWhat does this mean for your business?advanced targeting = increased conversion rateAdvanced

DaypartMore searches on weekendShorter funnelContextually relevantCreative should be tailored to customer needs who are viewing via mobileA good opportunity to utilise click to call ad extension functionality, as well as Google site links. Hybrid mobile campaign. Mobile should be split to gain incremental traffic gains.

Position 1-2 rankings are critical on mobile,

10Google app ads$0.65 CPA

What does this mean of your business?Our approach to google apps generates over 60,000 app downloads for NRMA Google app ads will extend your brand reachReach

11Top 3MethodologySimple process

Our approach to SEO12

47%13%9%7%6%5%4%3%3%3%SEO; ITs all about the top 3Top 3Almost 70% of all the SEO clicks from a search come from the Top 3 resultsA combination of both SEO and SEM deliver best results on brand recall


RelevancyBrand popularityRankX=Put Simply, Google ranks your site by the following key measures

Off page linking:

ContextualArticlesPress ReleasesLink Baiting


MetadataHeading tagsSite architectureKeyword usageImage optimisationInternal linkingPage load speeds


KeywordsLinksSaturationCompetitorsURLsStructureCodingContent NavigationOngoing Link BuildingWe set about optimising these elements through our tried and tested process;Simple processIdentify keyword opportunitiesAnalyse site structure, coding , navigation & URLsProvide keyword optimised contentSubmit site to directoriesOptimise and increase links to site

15Increase organic search conversion rateWhat will this deliver for your business?Higher converting page indexation

Our approach to SEO achieved a 104% increase in conversions for VW y-o-Yleverage SEM data to maximise SEO performanceContent

Applied rigorous on-page & off-page optimisation methodology to boost traffic

TitlesHeading tagsMeta contentLinks

Organic click volume increase 10% YOY* Find a Dealer searches increased by 104% YOYCombined SE keyword rankings increased 15% YOYMore customers for the key products

16Increase SE rankings

Insert GraphOn-page & off-page

FINALIST2011 IAB finalist

Our approach to SEO puts 51 new keywords in the top 10 rankings for P&GWhat does this mean for your business?our approach sets the benchmark for other agenciesLink baiting

Optimised MetadataImage optimisationFlash optimisationHTML heading tagsOptimised footerFresh ContentCanonical URLsSitemap.xmlRobots.txt fileCustomised 404 page17Media planning & implementationMedia InvestmentSearchMEDIACOMDesired responseData analysisIntegration gives us a holistic approach leading to better resultsFewer Agencies = EASE it makes your life easierWere all very busyconstantly! Multiple briefs, conversations and so on. Fewer agencies makes your life easier.

Budget Fluidity = maneuver money to improve performance.With an integrated solution, this simply means that we can move your money between media to improve performance. There is no competition for share of budget. Our goal is to use your budget so that we can meet your KPIs in the most effective and efficient way.18The BENEFITS OF Integrating YOUR SEARCH BUSINESS WITH MEDIACOM includes

Maximise opportunitiesChannel neutralExpertise


Tested effect of display on search for DellWhat does this means for your business?Display drove incremental sales+69%+150%We measure the effect of other media on searchincreased ROI when search & display togetherExpertise

Run a Google Campaign Insights trial to track and analyse the impact that display has on search, and to attribute indirect revenue through display69% uplift in brand searches in test group vs. control group150% uplift in laptop category searchesOpportunity to test the effect of display on Macquarie search activity

20KFC The DoubleWhat does it mean for your business? Budget fluidity& Shift budget to where it is most effectivecapitalise on opportunities as they arise

Channel neutral