why people procrastinate and how to stop doing it

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  • why people procrastinate


    before you fight procrastination diagnose yourself and find out

  • why we procrastinate

    We all procrastinate from time to time. The recent studies show that the habit of procrastination is becoming more widely spread in our time and productivity obsessed culture. The very culture that praises productivity and time management, very often is the source of stress and can be the culprit behind our procrastination habits. Why people procrastinate? There are many reasons but the nine we list are most common ones. Sometimes, procrastinating is harmless. When you put off mowing your lawn, the only result is your grass growing. No serious consequences can harm you. But sometimes procrastination can result in serious problems. That is why its best to fight the habit. To do so, you must however establish why you procrastinate first.


  • Because you are a perfectionistit can be tempting to put things off, or delay completing tasks simply because youre worried that the result of your work is going to be less than perfect. Take it easy and allow yourself to be sometimes a bit less than perfect.

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  • Because you are scared to fail and disappoint everybodyBecause of a fear of failing and because of we predict others may think of us in a result, we often procrastinate or dont do things at all. Try to face the fear and rationalise it by thinking of what really failing means.

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  • Because you see the task as humongous and complicated

    We tend to view tasks as large, complicated and we fear them even more in result. The truth is, almost everything we do can be broken down into little manageable parts.

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  • Because you are a control freakBy procrastinating, you hold the most control over whatever task youre working on. However, this also means, obviously, that that particular task isnt being done.

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  • Because you do not have a lot of self-controlProcrastinating comes easier to people who naturally do not have the discipline to complete tasks in a timely and organised manner. Try to work on your levels of self-control to make sure they do not get in a way of your productivity.

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  • Because you suck at estimating time commitmentsSome people continue to fail in estimating the time commitments even if they do it wrong all the time. Make sure to learn from past mistakes. If something took longer than expected, make sure to plan more time next time you engage in similar task.

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  • Because you are plain lazyBeing lazy doesnt always have to be a bad thing. Especially that it is a very commonly spread thing. Most of amazing creative solutions came to life because people are lazy. But just make sure that being lazy and putting things off does not become a habit.

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  • Because you love the risk and the thrillSome people always procrastinate as they simply love the adrenaline rushing in their veins once they have to meet all the deadlines at the same time. I do understand that but it can be not only addictive but dangerous as well.

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