why should i buy from you?

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1. Why Should I Buy From You???? Segura & Associates 2. Why Should I Buy From You? Segura & Associates 3. Why Should I Buy From You? USPUnique Selling Proposition Segura & Associates 4. Unique Selling PropositionOften called an elevator pitch! Segura & Associates 5. Here is an example of a typical USP:"Segura & Associates brings over 40 years of experience in allsegments of the Cleaning Industry. We offer one of the broadestranges of programs available in the Cleaning Industry. Our sizeand flexibility allows us to customize or tailor these programs tomeet our clients specific needs.CONTRAST COMPANY WITH COMPETITORS USP should be a statement that you can support, and must promiseonly what you can deliver or fulfill Segura & Associates 6. Why Should I Buy From You?Concise and memorable phrase that answersyour prospects always-implicit question"Why should I do business with you and not somebody else?"Segura & Associates 7. Helping You Identify Your USPUnique Selling Proposition What is unique about your business versus your directcompetitors? Which of these factors are most important to your prospects? Which of these factors are most difficult for your competitors toimitate? Which of these factors can be most easily understood by yourprospects?Segura & Associates 8. Create a MessageCreate a memorable message out of theseunique, meaningful qualities about yourbusiness or brand.And make sure its a message that speaks tothe need your prospective customerfeels, not some self-centered stuff about you Segura & Associates 9. Differentiation To differentiate is to stand out in a crowd. It is to be different in way that distinguishesyou and separates you from everyone else.Segura & Associates 10. HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT? How do I differentiate my service? What does my company brand stand for? How do I differentiate myself as asalesperson? Segura & Associates 11. HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT? What are the differences that make motivateprospects to choose me over the How do I ensure my prospects and clientsfeel the differences that distinguish me andfrom my competitors? What else could I develop that would creategreater differentiation?Segura & Associates 12. Ron SeguraPresident650 [email protected] Segura & Associates