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Wilmington High School 1 DEC. 2011 SADD’s 30th Anniversary Interview with Assistant Superintendent Kate Burnham Wilmington Votes on New School By Kristin Esdale On December 7, Wilmington resi- dents 18 years or older voted on whether the town would build a new high school. With older residents not wanting to pay taxes, and younger residents wanting to provide or their amilies, there was some question as to whether the school would be passed. Tuesday, the vote or the new school passed 75% in avor to 25% opposed. The election on Tuesday had the highest voter turnout in Wilm- ington in many years. Beore the plan was ocially put into action, there also had to be a 2/3 majority in avor o the new school at the Town Meeting on December 10. At this meeting all people wishing to speak either or or against the new school were rec- ognized. However, the new school passed, and it is now ready to move orward. What is next or the new school? The nal budget agreement needs to be reached, and then the job needs to be permitted. The actual building o the new school is not expected By Allie Carroll  SADD, or Students against Destruc- tive Decisions, is a nationwide group o individuals devoted to pre- venting reckless behavior. SADD’s mission, “To provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues o underage drinking, other drug use, risky and teaching is a priority here and that is something that is important to me. 2) What did you do before you came here? I have always been a teacher and while working ull time in Chelms- By Sara Hogan 1) Why did you choose to work in Wilmington? I could tell right away during the rst interview that it was a special place. I could tell by the questions I was being asked that students and impaired driving, and other destruc- tive decisions” is aimed at teenag- ers pressured to partake in harmul activities. The SADD chapter at WHS is run by advisers Mrs. Estra- da and Mrs. Martiniello, an e-board o Justin Bleier, Kaitlin Kinsella, Rachel Johansson, and Bea Banda, and media managers Meaghan ord, I got the opportunity to be- come coordinator or the district wide program. I was working more directly with teachers and I enjoy working with them. Ater that, I had another wonderul opportunity to become a curriculum specialist in Continued  on 2 Continued  on 4 Continued  on 2 

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Wilmington High School


DEC. 201

SADD’s 30th Anniversary

Interview with Assistant Superintendent Kate Burnham

Wilmington Votes on New School

By Kristin Esdale

On December 7, Wilmington resi-dents 18 years or older voted onwhether the town would build a newhigh school. With older residents notwanting to pay taxes, and youngerresidents wanting to provide or theiramilies, there was some questionas to whether the school would be

passed.Tuesday, the vote or the newschool passed 75% in avor to 25%opposed. The election on Tuesdayhad the highest voter turnout in Wilm-ington in many years.

Beore the plan was ociallyput into action, there also had tobe a 2/3 majority in avor o thenew school at the Town Meeting onDecember 10. At this meeting allpeople wishing to speak either or oragainst the new school were rec-ognized. However, the new schoolpassed, and it is now ready to moveorward.

What is next or the new school?The nal budget agreement needs tobe reached, and then the job needsto be permitted. The actual buildingo the new school is not expected

By Allie Carroll 

SADD, or Students against Destruc-tive Decisions, is a nationwidegroup o individuals devoted to pre-venting reckless behavior. SADD’smission, “To provide students withthe best prevention tools possibleto deal with the issues o underagedrinking, other drug use, risky and

teaching is a priority here and thatis something that is important tome.

2) What did you do before youcame here?

I have always been a teacher andwhile working ull time in Chelms-

By Sara Hogan

1) Why did you choose to workin Wilmington?

I could tell right away during therst interview that it was a specialplace. I could tell by the questions Iwas being asked that students and

impaired driving, and other destruc

tive decisions” is aimed at teenag-ers pressured to partake in harmuactivities. The SADD chapter atWHS is run by advisers Mrs. Estra-da and Mrs. Martiniello, an e-boardo Justin Bleier, Kaitlin Kinsella,Rachel Johansson, and Bea Banda,and media managers Meaghan

ord, I got the opportunity to be-come coordinator or the districtwide program. I was working moredirectly with teachers and I enjoyworking with them. Ater that, I hadanother wonderul opportunity tobecome a curriculum specialist in

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Wilmington Votes on New School (Continued)

SADD’s 30th Anniversary (Continued)

Environmental Club Recycling Bowl Winners Announced

ormulas depending on whether

it was a ull little green bin, littleblue bin, or a big gray toter. Thesewere measured by the number oull green bins. At the end o theour weeks, the electronics werecollected and measured by weightas well. There were nine depart-ments in total: English, Math, WorldLanguage/Library, Social Stud-ies, Science, Phys. Ed./Business/ Technology, Music/Visual Arts, LieSkills/Caeteria/Custodial Sta, and

the Administration/Oce Personnel/ Guidance. It was much easier togroup by departments rather thanclasses o students.Every department is a winner or

benet Wilmington students. Theconstruction project will provide hun-dreds o jobs to help stimulate ourlocal economy, and will also raise theproperty values o homes in Wilming-ton.

The new school will benet thetown in the long run, and the eectso the new school will be evidentstarting in the coming months.

club, clad in their red and blacktee-shirts promoting SADD, hadstudents sign this banner at lunch.Each signature represents a pledgeto make positive decisions. SADDhas done many wonderul thingsor the high school including, but

By Lizzy Hill 

The Environmental Club has chal-lenged students and aculty mem-bers or the past month to recycleas much plastic bottles, paper,aluminum cans, and electronics asthey could. Between October 17thand November 22nd, there was acompetition between the acultydepartments to see which one col-lectively could recycle the most.

When the Environmental Club

picked up the recycling during themonth, they recorded the numbero ull bins o bottles and paper inevery classroom or area or eachdepartment. There were dierent

to begin until June 2012. The newbuilding is scheduled to open August2014, and the old school will bedemolished in the all o that year.

The new school will be able tohelp students and aculty cooperatein the learning process, and will alsoallow or new technologies to beimplemented.

The new school will not just

Branseld and Delaney Gillis.SADD’s 30th anniversary ell onNovember 30th, 2011. To cel-ebrate this occasion, the WHSchapter o SADD created a banner,which is now on display next to theSADD showcase. Members o the

recycling all that they could, but

only one has won a pizza party withdesserts provided by the Environ-mental Club. In third place, theWorld Language/Library departmenwith 28.35 bins, with special men-tion or recycling the most electron-ics, actually the only electronics, ouo the other departments; in secondplace, the English department, with32.44 bins. Congratulations to theMath department or winning the Recycling Bowl with 37.19 bins ull! Be

sure to thank your ellow studentsand your Math teachers especiallyor helping to save the environmentor the past month! Keep up thegood work!

not limited to, Grim Reaper Day,Chick-Fil-A giveaway, and the MockCar Crash. SADD is an extremelyinfuential, successul, and a unclub. Wish SADD a happy 30thbirthday and ask a member about joining!

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Strings Attached Plays at the Massachusetts State House

Beginning December with Some Strings Music

Massachusetts State House. By limoand party bus, students let or Bos-ton on December 6th. The orchestraplayed a set list o “Sleigh Ride”,“Dublin”, “Ukrainian Bell Carol”, “Ca-nadian Ballad”, “Someone to WatchOver Me”, and Strings’ anthem, “TheWater is Wide”. Ater the concert,

“Dublin” was played as a previewo music that will be perormedwhen the group travels to Irelandnext year. This year there was also“Cello Squadron” which highlightedthe oten-overlooked cello section.Mr. Dilmore then had the Stringsorchestra play “Carol o the Bells”without his conducting…it went overbeautiully! One o the last songsthat was played was “Try to Remem-ber.” This song is the theme o theseniors and immediately ollowingit, the senior class presented theirholiday gits to Mr. Dilmore. This

By Alexa Worthington

On December rst Strings Attachedput on their annual holiday concert.As usual it was held in the auditori-um and beautiul music was played.This year’s selections included “TheWaltz rom Sleeping Beauty,” “SleighRide,” “Cello Squadron,” “Dublin,”“Try to Remember,” “Someoneto Watch Over Me,” “Carol o theBells,” “A Canadian Ballad,” and ocourse “The Water is Wide.” Theconcert began with the estive tuneo “Sleigh Ride.” Later in the show

each student received a citationsigned by Speaker o the House,Robert DeLeo, and oered by StateRepresentative, James Miceli. Eachtrip to the State House oers a newexciting experience or students,and Strings Attached looks orwardto the perormance each year.

year, they gave him a purple tieembroidered with Strings Attachedon the ront and Seniors 2012on the neck o the tie. They alsopresented him with two rames toadd to the display case in the lobbythey eature pictures rom the 2009trip to France and the 2011 trip toAustria. The nale o gits was abeautiully decorated stand with asenior picture, some o the avoritetunes and Mr. Dilmore’s words o“LoveYouMeanItNeverChange.” Itwas a beautiul concert and a greatstart to the holidays.

By Alexa Worthington

Strings Attached is Wilmington’slargest orchestra composed oviolins, violas, cellos, and basses.

From the ourth grade up until highschool graduation, students arechallenged with new pieces o musicand unique perormance opportu-nities. This group has traveled tolocal places like the Buzzell SeniorCenter, and distant places suchas France, Italy, and most recentlyAustria.In the beginning o December,Strings Attached journeyed to the

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SCHOOL NEWSThe Lamplighters Drama Guild will be Perorming…

By Alexa Worthington

“The Pajama Game!” This year, TheLamplighters Drama Guild will beputting on our perormances othe musical “The Pajama Game.”The perormances will take placeJanuary 13, 14, 20 and 21. One othese perormances will be StudentNight with a reduced ticket price orstudents. The musical looks to bepromising and is quickly progressing

By Shannon Williams

This semester in Music Theory, weare hoping to do something a bitdierent rom what previous classeshave had as a nal exam. Instead ocomposing and perorming our ownpieces to the class, Mr. L’s periodseven class are writing lullabies and

Lowell where I worked directly withteachers. This position was cut orbudget reasons. I was lucky enoughto get another position in Tyngs-boro, and now I am here.

3) What is your favorite part

about working here and what aresome challenges you have face?

The short answer is the people.The principals, assistant principalsand team leaders are all great.Recently, I have been meeting withteachers one-on-one to get to knoweveryone. I am trying to get to knowall teachers in all buildings. It is

into the set build stage. Ater winter

break, it will get crazy or the castand crew members, as the musicalwill be in its last ew weeks beoreperormances. The musical is aboutlabor troubles in a pajama actory.The workers are striking or a payraise and being ignored. Meanwhile,love blossoms between two char-acters. The musical is based on thebook by Richard Bissell, 7 ½ Cents.I won’t disclose much more inorma-

are hoping to produce a song bookas well as a CD ull o the lullabiesand give them as a git to the acultymembers who are or are expect-ing to be new parents. This projectstarted out as a simple assignmentto study the structure o the lul-laby, as well as the history o some

amous ones such as Brahms’s

important or teachers to know theirstudents and it is the same or me.

4) What are your plans for thefuture?

I plan to stay here. This is a goodt. I could eel it even in the rst

week and it is a good eeling.

5) How do you feel about thenew high school?

It is a really exciting time in gen-eral. There is a lot o change on thehorizon and i the job is done right,teaching will be very dierent in thenext ten years.

6) Is there anything that you arereally looking forward to?

The potential. The way this com-munity works together is limitlessto what the uture can hold. It worksas one and that is not true every-where. More personally, I am look-

ing orward to working directly withstudents. I want to hear their inputand eedback. I have started a ewocus groups and we are talking tothe students about the homeworkpolicy. I have always believed thatstudents can teach you how to be agood teacher.

tion, you’ll have to see the musical inJanuary i you want the whole story. will certainly be worth it!

Lullaby, and to make sure we under-stood the chord progressions andsuch. Then we had this idea o givingthe lullabies as gits and decided tomake these our nal exams and havea chance to record them live our-selves. We are looking orward to thenal exam, even though it brings an

end to a wonderul class.

The Music Theory Project

Interview with Assistant Superintendent Kate Burnham (Continued)

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Pentatonix: The Sing-O’s Season Three Champions

Finally a Twilight Movie with Action

By Lizzy Hill 

The ourth Twilight movie, Breaking 

Dawn Part 1, was just recently re-leased into theaters or all vampire-loving teenage girls to see. Little

By Lizzy Hill 

The Sing-O started its third seasonearlier this year with the top sixteen

a cappella groups o the country.Every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. onNBC, each group sang an a cap-pella version o a particular type osong. They have sung Radio Hits,60’s Classics, Guilty Pleasures,Hip Hop Hits, Superstar Medleys,Country, Rock & Roll, Rhythm andBlues, Mastermixes, a song chosenby the judges, and a ew songs o

did they know that they were in or

an actual plot, with actual actingand actual twists, not just sparklymonsters.Breaking Dawn Part 1 starts wherethe previous movie, Eclipse, brokeo. Bella nally agreed to marryEdward, and Jacob was urious.The story picks up with Jacob rag-ing mad because he knows that heis meant to be with Bella- at leasthe was until Edward came along-and that she will soon stop breath-

ing. That’s the kicker.Anyone who saw Eclipse knowsthat becoming a vampire was not

their choice. Each week the com-petition whittled down until only thetop three were let or the nale:Pentatonix, the Dartmouth Aires, and

Urban Method. Let’s not orget theSing-O’s host, Nick Lachey, andthe three judges: amous actor andcomposer Ben Folds, Boyz II Men’sShawn Stockman, and amous popstar Sara Bareilles.

Pentatonix is our young men andone young woman rom Texas whoblend pop and techno, taking risksthat impress the judges more and

the only reason that Bella agreed

to marry Edward, so the start otheir honeymoon is no surprise tomost people; it’s what happensaterwards: Bella becomes preg-nant. Apparently vampires can stillimpregnate humans- who knew?The couple rushes home intendingto have it removed immediately,but suddenly Bella realizes that shewants to keep her baby.Not only does a vampire baby posehuge risks to Bella’s health, but

also, the Quileutes want to kill it.Imagine the damage it could do to

more every week. The DartmouthAires are sixteen energetic collegeboys who consistently put on a showand sing outstandingly. Urban Meth-

od is composed o eight singers whocreate a hip hop-appella sound withurban songs and beats. Each o thethree perormed two songs at thelive nale: one o their choice andone with a judge or host.

Pentatonix sang a wonderul rendition o “Without You” by David Guettaeaturing Usher, as well as “Give Me

Wildcat News Sta 2011

Co-Editors: Sara Hogan  Assistant Editors: Allie Carroll

Kristin Esdale Lizzy Hill

Feature Editor: Alexa Worthington Staff Writers: Shannon Williams

Entertainment Editor: Stephanie Tran Staff Artists: Kelley Fitzpatrick

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Layout Editor: Brian Godrey Lauren Azevedo

Editorial Advisor: Mrs. Beckwith Sarah Luz

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ENTERTAINMENTFinally a Twilight Movie with Action (Continued)

Pentatonix: The Sing-O’s Season Three Champions (Continued)

the townspeople in Forks! Tensions

start there between the vampireamily and the wol pack. As Bellagets increasingly more pregnantand sicker by the hour, the tensionrises dramatically. Jacob sees thatthis is what Bella wants, and, beingthe natural-born leader o the pack,he orms his own pack [reluctantlyormed with Seth and Lea Clear-water], which will protect the baby

Just One Night” by 98 Degree withNick Lachey. The Dartmouth Airessang “Paradise by the DashboardLight” by Meatloa, as well as “Notthe Same” by and with Ben Folds. Ur-

rom the others or Bella’s sake.

By the time the baby is born, theQuileutes have constructed a planto save the town rom the mutantbaby- the problem is that Jacobimprints on the newborn baby assoon as he sees it. Once a wolhas imprinted on a human, no otherwol can harm that human. It’s inthe Quileute code. Since Jacob im-printed o Renesmee, she is sae.

ban Method sang “Stereo Hearts” byGym Class Heroes, as well as “NeverGet Over You” by George Harrissonwith Sara Bareilles.

Each o these three groups

But that doesn’t mean she won’t

cause havoc on the entire town.This movie is just the rst hal othe Breaking Dawn story, so un-ortunately viewers have to wait tosee the other hal, but I know it’llbe worth waiting or. Who knowswhat else will happen to RenesmeeCullen? In a world o vampires andwerewolves, you never know whatmay come next!

brought their “A” game to the stage,but unortunately only one o themcould win a recording contract, andAmerica voted Pentatonix the win-ners o the Sing-O Season 3.

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A Holiday Recipe!

By Alexa Worthington

This year during the holidays, i youeel the need to make some good-ies or your amily or riends try thisrecipe or ginger snaps. It turnsout delicious cookies without muchdiculty. I cannot take credit orthe recipe, however, I have made itbeore. The recipe comes rom TheInternational Cookie Cookbook byNancy Baggett. Happy baking!_____________________________

Yields: approx. 50 to 60 cookies

2 ¼ cups all-purpose four2 teaspoons ground ginger1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon1 ½ teaspoons baking powder1 teaspoon baking soda¼ teaspoon ground cloves1/8 teaspoon salt½ cup (1 Stick) sotened butter (pre-

erably unsalted)1 cup granulated sugar1 large egg1/3 cup dark molasses1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Generously grease several bakingsheets.

Mix four, ginger, cinnamon, bakingpowder, baking soda, cloves andsalt. Set aside.

Combine butter and sugar in largemixing bowl. Beat on medium speeduntil light and fuy. Add egg, mo-lasses, and vanilla and beat untilsmooth and blended. Gradually beat

in the dry mix (i mixer is havingdiculty, it is okay to us a woodenspoon to mix the remaining dry mixin).

Roll the dough into about 1 inchballs and place on the baking sheetsabout 2 inches apart. Dip the bot-tom o a large fat bottomed drinkingglass into cold water, shake o theexcess and fatten the cookies until

they are about ¼ inch thick (or 1 ½inches in diameter). Make sure towet the bottom o the glass betweencookies to prevent the dough romsticking.

Bake the cookies in the upper 3rd

o the oven and bake or about 7minutes or until edges darken. Makesure to reverse the baking sheethal way through the baking timeto ensure even baking. Under bak-ing gives you a soter cookie, whileover baking gives you a crunchierone. When you remove the sheetsrom the oven let them sit or 1 to 2minutes then remove the cookies toa wire rack and let cool. Beore reus-ing the baking sheets let cool and


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Valentine’s Day at Fenway

Republicans Find New Frontrunner NATIONAL NEWS & SPORTS

By Kristin Esdale

Ater two months, the Republicancandidate race has gotten evenmessier in one o the strangest elec-tion cycles o all time.

Consistent number two candi-date, Mitt Romney, hasn’t gained anyground in becoming the ront runningcandidate. He hasn’t been stick-ing with Republican voters or partyleaders, which is cause or concernor Romney. Three other candidates

have soared past the Romney cam-paign, as he remained in the numbertwo slot. However, voters have beenuneasy with their ront runners thusar, so it is possible that Romney willbe victorious since he is able to beconsistent with voters.

The early ront runner, Rick Perry,has taken heat or his debate, andspeech perormances. While cam-

By Stephanie Tran

Ater a massive September collapse,Terry Francona’s departure, TheoEpstein’s departure, and the RedSox clubhouse scandal, structureneeded to be restored to the team,so the Red Sox management ociallypromoted ormer assistant GM Ben

Cherington to GM. Cherington’s toppriority was to nd a replacementmanager or the team. According toTerry Francona, “There needs to be anew voice in the clubhouse.”

The search or a new manager wasnot an easy or quick process. TheRed Sox management and GeneralManager, Cherington, spent months

paigning in New Hampshire, Perry’s

bizarre speech caught negativepublicity when some accused himo being drunk while giving it. Also,during a debate Perry slipped upwhen stating which government agen-cies he would get rid o. He couldn’tremember the third agency, and hecaught a lot o criticism or his lacko debating skills.

The next ront runner was HermanCain. A candidate with no experiencein Washington, his new ideas were

a breath o resh air to Republicanvoters. However, not long ater tak-ing the lead, a sexual harassmentscandal unleashed itsel on the Caincampaign. Ater numerous denialsand badly handled press conerenc-es, the inexperienced Cain met hismatch when he was accused o hav-ing an aair or 13 years. Cain hassuspended his campaign, ending with

interviewing possible candidates romall over the Major League. Their goalwas to nd a manager whom the play-

ers could listen to and benet rom.Despite the long process, the GM andRed Sox management wanted to be

a quote rom the Pokémon movie.

New rontrunner Newt Gingrichmay be able to hang on to his lead.As a ormer Speaker o the Houseand amous household name, Ging-rich’s dirty laundry has already beenaired to the public, and he is ableto use his experience to benet hiscampaign.

The nal our candidates JohnHuntsman, Rick Santorum, MicheleBachman, and Ron Paul are waitingor the New Hampshire primaries

in January. Depending on how wellthey do in New Hampshire, some othem may drop out and others maybecome leading candidates.

The true test or these candidateswill be the New Hampshire primaries,which may not refect the pollingnumbers or these candidates. Oncethe results are in the candidates maybe out.

completely thorough in every aspecto the search. Rumors swirled o possible and probable candidates, butnone o them ever panned out.

It wasn’t until early November whenreports started to claim that the RedSox were interested in Sunday NightBaseball ESPN analyst Bobby Val-entine. Within two weeks, Valentine

was called up or an interview by RedSox management. With the narrow-ing o candidates, the job oer wasbetween Gene Lamont and BobbyValentine. Both candidates have astrong background involving baseballLamont currently served as the third-base coach or the Detroit Tigers,

Continued  on 9

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No Loss November

Valentine’s Day at Fenway (Continued)

By Stephanie Tran

Fresh o their Stanley Cup Final winand their championship parade, itseemed like the Boston Bruins wereriding sky high. Ater 39 years ohighs and lows, the Bruins nallybrought the Stanley Cup back toBoston – the city o champions.Nothing could top the season andplayo series they had in 2011.During the NHL season layo,ans were anxiously waiting or the

Bruins season opener; thoughts ora repeat were already in a majorityo ans’ minds.

Opening day came and went,and the Bruins hockey seasonwas underway. Despite the sea-son opener and home loss to thePhiladelphia Flyers, no one thoughtthe Bruins were down and out.However, little did ans know theteam’s rst loss o the seasonwould not be their last during themonth o October. The Bruins went

and has managerial experience romthe Pittsburgh Pirates and OaklandAthletics. Valentine also has experi-ence in managing the New York Metsand Texas Rangers. His other experi-ence comes rom winning the JapanSeries in 2005 and the China Lotte

on to complete a dismal month oOctober with a 3-7 record, securingthemselves in last position in theDivision and Eastern Conerence.The team knew they dug them-selves in a deep hole, and that itwas their job to dig themselves out.

October was named the “Oc-tober Hangover” or the Bruins.People believed all the partying andcelebrating over their Stanley CupTrophy over the summer caughtup with all the players. Going intoNovember, ans didn’t know what toexpect. With any more losses, theBruins were sure to have thrown

Marines beore becoming an analystin 2009.

Shortly ater Thanksgiving, BobbyValentine was named the new man-ager o the Boston Red Sox. Withhis cheerul demeanor, the Red Soxhope he can keep in touch with the

away any chance or a repeat sea-

son.With a new month meant aresh start or the reigning Stan-ley Cup Champions. The montho November aired better or theteam, outscoring their opponents59-25 goals. From being deadlast in the Eastern Conerence, theBruins were able to accomplish anamazing eat o gaining 25 out 26possible points to be second placein the standings. Their record was

12-0-1, the rst time the Bruinswent on a month without a regula-tion loss since January 1969. Withthe condence restored in theteam, it seems nothing can stopthe Big Bad Bruins. Now with “NoLoss November” in the books, theBruins hope to continue their suc-cess into December. Thing to notethe Stanley Cup Trophy ocially letBoston at the end o October…Co-incidence? Ironic? Jinx? You be the judge.

players, a task Francona had dicultywith during the September collapse.Along with his enthusiasm or thegame o baseball, his intelligence andpositive attitude, this may be whatBoston needs to get back into thepostseason in 2012.

Happy Holidays!