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If you love the taste of adventure and are looking for spending your holidays trekking, hiking, touring safaris and exploring wilderness, then the Eastern Animal Kingdom tour is just the package for you. Filled with 10 days of complete excitement and energy, we travel through the picturesque valleys of Assam and journey with the Brahmaputra and get up close and personal with the wilderness in the many wildlife reserves of the region. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/eastern-animal-kingdom.php


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2. Central India or the heart of India is a reflection of the countrys rich and densehistory. Portraying a plethora of historical monuments from ancient temples ofHindus and Jains, stupas of the Buddhists and baroque monuments of Islam, to themajestic forts and palaces of later the rulers of this majestic land- Central India istruly a historians paradise. The Omkareshwar temples, the city of Varanasi, thestupas at Sanchi, are among the most sacred pilgrimage places in the country.Where Mandu, Gwalior and Deogarh are known for their timeless forts, a place likeKhajuraho is famous for its temples of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and of the Jaintirthankaras. The intricately carved sculptures on the wall and the ornatelydecorated structures still tell the tales of kings, riches, grandeur and tragedies ofthis land. Many of these structures are declared world heritage sites.Madhya Pradesh is also a reservoir of wilderness and is well known for its wild lifereserves. The Bengal tiger, an endangered species, can be seen in its full gloryroaming these sanctuaries, along with other species like leopards, elephant,barasingha, etc. Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh are the most popular of the ninenational parks which are a must visit here (Bandhavgarh has the highest mass oftigers in the world). 3. http://www.memorableindia.com/central-india-tour-packages.php 4. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/journey-through-the-jungle.php 5. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/into-kipling-country.php 6. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/kanha-wildlife-safari-tour.php 7. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/golden-triangle-with-ranthambhore.php 8. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/eastern-animal-kingdom.php 9. http://www.memorableindia.com/ 10. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/odisha-wildlife-tour.php 11. http://www.memorableindia.com/tours/eastern-animal-kingdom.php 12. Fallow Us: Memorable IndiaII Floor,69 Shivaji Enclave Rajouri Garden-110027Call Us:+91-9871148514 Email:[email protected]