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by Ahmed Magdy

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  • by Ahmed Magdy

  • 85% of your success in life is determined by your personal skills, while only 15% is by your technical skills and education.

  • Get all the info you can get about the:

    Project Technologies Position Company Interviewer (optional)


  • Focus on what is more relevant


  • Maintain Confidence

    Just enough confidence to impress themBut not too much that turns them away

  • Maintain Confidence

  • Request clarification for specific parts of the questions.

    Ask questions that show that you listened and analyzed.

    Ask Questions

  • Ask Questions

  • The journey to find an answer is more valuable

    than the best answer

    Think out Loud

    You will win more time You may get feedback from the interviewer You are getting points for your process of thinking

    I wanna pee I shouldve gone to the toilet before the interview

  • Focus on the question keywords

    Whyo Cause / effect

    How too Stepso Tips and trickso Define loose ends that need research and


    Defineo State type / categoryo State identifying features

    When to use Xo Compareo List best fit applications of Xo List cases when you should not use X

    Answer the Question

  • Focus on the question keywords

    Algorithmso Use a scrap of papero Ask questions if not clearo The answer is in the questiono Select a data structureo Find a basic algorithm even if (2n)o State the time complexityo Optimize time complexity until its enougho State space complexityo Optimize space complexity

    Answer the Question

  • Practice

    With a colleague

    In front of the mirror

    Use Video recording

  • Thank you