wind chill index windmills jet stream get wind of something politicians: how the wind blows

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Wind chill index Windmills Jet stream Get wind of something Politicians: how the wind blows Take the wind out of one’s sails Blowing in the wind Jer.18:17

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Wind chill index Windmills Jet stream Get wind of something Politicians: how the wind blows Take the wind out of one’s sails Blowing in the wind Jer.18:17. I. Biblical Winds. Gn.8:1, dried water after the Flood Ex.15:10, served God in Egypt Ec.1:6, circulation of wind. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Wind chill indexWindmillsJet streamGet wind of somethingPoliticians: how the wind blows Take the wind out of ones sails Blowing in the wind Jer.18:17

  • I. Biblical WindsGn.8:1, dried water after the FloodEx.15:10, served God in Egypt Ec.1:6, circulation of wind

  • Pro.25:23, N wind is the coldest in Palestine; blows from June to Sept. Arabs: Simoon (poison)Brings rain (Pro.25:23)Refreshes (S.Sol.4:16) 1 K.18:43-44, W wind carries moisture from Mediterranean, ends droughtsLk.12:55, S wind brings hot weather

  • II. The East Wind(most mentioned in Bible)Brought locusts, Ex.10:13 (west wind blew them away, v.19) Scorched grain, Gn.41:6, 23, 27 (blew from desert)Withered the vine, Ezk.17:9-10Dried up springs of water, Ho.13:15

  • Got attention of a disobedient prophet, Jon.1:4 Parched fruit of same prophet, Jon.4:8 Jer.18:17, east wind is violent (22:22)Job 27:21, carries away Ps.48:7, shatters ships In Jeremiah, the winds of war

  • I. Biblical WindsII. The East WindIII. Lessons From The Wind

  • 1. Pro.30:1-4, puts us in our placeWisdom literature often begins w. an advertisementAgur does the oppositeQuestions emphasize mans limita-tions (= Job 38-39) 1 Co.8:2Ps.135:7; Mk.4:39

  • 2. Mt.11:7, can cause compromiseJohn would not let winds of opposition silence his message or shut down his mission. He refused to compromise Peter? Mt.14:24-30 . . . 26:69-75 Disciples? Mk.6:48, 51Ac.4-5

  • 3. Jn.3:8, invisibleWind is invisible; we see ieffectsNew birth is invisible; we see effects

    Ac.9:26-27; 1 Pt.1:22-23; 2:1-3WindInvisible See effects in worldNew birthInvisible See effects in life

  • Mt.7:2527, seriousThe same wind destroys one house, assures another (a good foundation)

    Ps.1:4, wind blows away chaffContrary winds build characterFounded on rock (stands)Not founded on rock (falls)

  • Ac.2:2, wind, breath (cf. 2 Pt.1:21)Recalls Ezk. 37:9-14Wind brought life to old bones Ac.2, life to old sinners If no changes follow, vain, Ro.6

  • 4. Ja.1:6, pictures the doubterJa.1:5-8Faith: settled trust, confidence in GodDoubt: be at variance w. oneself Doubters are unsteady; they waverWorld applauds the doubterDoubters have divided heart, Mt.22:37

  • 5. Ja.3:4, big wind, little rudder Sails use winds for power to move; rudders determine direction

    Ho.8:7 (1 Sm.15; 2 Sm.11-12) James 3Tiny rudder: destiny of shipTiny tongue: destiny of soul

  • 6. Acts 27, big wind, big dangerWinds can be dangerous to sailorsW/o them, they could perish at sea Ac.27:4, 7, 13-15, 40; 28:1314, Euroclydon, east-north-east wind, northeaster

  • The most dangerous windsEp.4:14, Paul writes from RomeConcerned about a more deadly wind (1 T.1:19-20)Some deliberately deceive (1 T.4:1-2)Jd.12, all bluster; no show