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Salesforce1 Mobile AppWinter 15 Top Features

Detailed Events ViewToday EnhancementsAll New Tasks

Your Favorite Apps Made BetterLook and Feel

Productivity AppsToday EnhancementsYour entire day right in the palm of your handSee tasks and recent records all on one screenA smarter way to manage your day General

Productivity AppsToday cards-New Tasks card on Today screenNew Recent Records card

Top Winter 15 Salesforce1 Mobile App FeaturesProductivity Apps

Detailed Events View

Today Enhancements

All New Tasks


Offline Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboard Sharing

Sales Features

Lead Convert

Add Products to Opportunities

Opportunity Team Card

Import Contacts

Updated UI

Action Bar

Row-Level Actions

Record Navigation

Offline DashboardsView 5 most recently used dashboards while offlineGet an actionable view of your business wherever you are


Now offline caching supports dashboards, so you can view your 5 most recently used dashboards when your offline and on the go.Settings > offline cache > cache now

Interactive DashboardsDrill down to the specific data you want to seeSlice and dice any dashboard and report for different viewsGain new business insights and act on them in real time


Now by tapping into a dashboard, you can actively interact with your data and slice and dice it to get different views and reports for the information you want.Now when you drill to reports from dashboards you'll get a great user experience with many usability and performance improvements such as: support for matrix reports, frozen headers, up to 2000 displayed rows, a report detail refresh button, report detail caching and sorting of filtered reports.Dashboard SharingShare dashboards to the Chatter feed while on the goCollaborate in real timeTake action on business insightsDashboards

Now you can share dashboards directly to the Chatter feed from your mobile device for socialization and review. Share and collaborate on your dashboards in real-time.Do More with DashboardsInteractive DashboardsOffline DashboardsDashboard Sharing


Lead ConvertSales Productivity

Easily convert qualified leads into contacts with one tapQuickly create opportunities once leads are convertedBuild pipeline faster on any device

NOTE: Beta feature available to all users once preference is turned on in SETTINGS. Some limitations: cannot attach lead to an opportunity.

Sales FeaturesNow you can kick off a sales deal directly from the Salesforce1 mobile app by converting a lead to a contact with the option to create an opportunity. Convert leads into opportunities in a quick, one step process from your mobile device. Turn it on under setup > lead settings > check box.

Add Products to OpportunitiesAdd products to associated opportunitiesBe more productive in the fieldDo more with opportunities from anywhere

Sales FeaturesAudience: Sales Use case: Help your users be even more productive while out on the field by letting them add products to an opportunity record from the app. How: Admins need to create an Add Products action, add it to the Opportunity Page Layout. It will then become a contextual Publisher action on the Opportunity detail page.

Opportunity Team Card

View your team members right from the opportunity objectCall or email an opportunity team member with one tapGet a more complete view of your opportunity

Sales FeaturesImport Contacts from Your Address BookAutomatically create Salesforce contacts with one tapSay goodbye to manual data entry and typosSpend more time selling

* Requires version 7.0 of the downloadable app.

Sales FeaturesCreate Contact from Device:Only standard fields in the device address book are mapped to the standard fields of a create contact record. You can not create a lead or account from a contact in the address book in 192Company will not map to account in Winter 15 releaseIf there are multiple phone numbers, email address, addresses they may not all map properly in 192

Action BarNew Action Bar to take action from anywhereMake any business process mobileMove business forward with fewer tapsLook and Feel

* Requires version 7.0 of the downloadable app.Updated UI

Updated UI

The Publisher is now replaced by the Action Bar which exposes actions at the highest level, enabling you to move business forward with even fewer taps.The Action Bar puts all relevant actions in one place and adjusts the order based on the Record, List or Feed that user is viewing.Only the first four actions are visible. Other actions can be accessed from overflow menu ()Order of some actions are fixed and cannot be modified. Other actions appear in the order of where they appear in Publisher Layout.

Row-Level ActionsA favorite consumer app feature Take action on a record right from the list viewBe exponentially more efficientUpdated UI

Updated UI* Requires version 7.0 of the downloadable app.

Now when you swipe left on records in list-views you are able to take actions directly from the record-level view without drilling into the record itself.Makes mobile users more efficient by giving users access to contextual actions for records in a list. Call a contact, log a call or take any other action relevant to that record.Record NavigationLabels enable fast switching between feed, details and relatedMore intuitive and descriptiveNavigate any object more efficiently

Updated UI

Labels over dots are more descriptive enabling more intuitive and efficient use of the app.Brand New Mobile-First UIAction BarRow-Level ActionsRecord Navigation

Updated UI

Check out these additional Salesforce1 resources!Release PreviewSalesforce1 Mobile App Rollout GuideSuccess

There are 3 more additional resources for you to learn even more about the Winter15 release!Release Preview: where you can learn about ALL the new features, check out demo videos and view release notes.All new rollout guide that will guide you thru setup, how to use the app, and how to deploy it across your company.Success Community where you can find resources, ask our internal experts, and access the collective knowledge of the Salesforce admin community to share/learn best practices


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