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  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War



    BY : sara ramos

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    The poblems are a escential part of growing im a

    wizard but that dosent mean mi life is simpler

    than yours I am a 15 year old girl with problems

    is never good being less than who you are

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    Just like fire and water coexisting together that

    what our friendship is

    To rose my best friend

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War



    I have never asked myself if there could exist a

    world completely different , but I think it moustnot I live in avery good world , well a normal

    world im going to have 15 in a month and this

    almost 15 years have been enough for me to

    think the wprld coudnt be better or worst than

    how it is now well , not my world

    I went out of my house and saw alyson my best

    friend waiting for me

    - hi victoria !- hi alyson please lets go I dont want to see or

    too meet andre in the way so hurry please

    - jajaja lets go you know you eventually haveto talk to him

    - ok lets go I saidwe walked for amust a kilometer till we find

    davud my best friend

    - hi david- hi baby !- hi victoria hi alyson victoria nice shirt

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    what a coinsidence that day I had jeans and he t-

    shirt he gaved me for mu birthday


    Hi my name is Abraham Campbell and i am a

    magic world prince , not only because i am in one

    of the royal families it is because my mom

    Veronica is magic world queen , Im 21 or at least

    i appear to be so wizards don't age Im kidding

    we do age but when we want to . My element is

    fire and just for the record i am 145 years and

    well magic world haven't have a war thousandsof years ago well till now because , well because

    of my fault i didn't kill someone extremely

    dangerous i had to , but i could not she was

    immortal it was not my fault ,now they are

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    looking for her and the end of our pacific

    government , of our lives and of magic world

    destruction .

    - Daniella Im going - i said to Daniella my best

    friend and the only one i trusted in this moment.

    -Abraham you cant is not safe and well you are

    the son of the queen - she points logically i hated

    when she was the logical one in our friend

    relationship , she actually was the one who

    always jumped whiteout looking down .

    - Daniella is my fault cant you understand ? - i

    said exasperated.

    - your fault you mean we are in war because of

    you explain me now how in the world could

    you get to put us a peaceful government that

    have been peaceful for centuries in war ?

    -well -i started i forgotten to tell her and now i

    needed to do it, it wasn't way out - i .. i didn't

    killed Giana - i stopped waiting for her answer- interesting .. why ? no wait don't answer i don't

    want to know but Abraham what is that going to

    affect our peace and put us in war ? the box the

    key tell me my thoughts are not going in the

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    right way Abraham.

    - well i wish they didn't but is true - i never

    thought Daniella as something more thanjust afriend , but now in the weirdest situation i could

    imagine i saw her with different ayes she was

    beautiful maybe the most beautiful girl i have

    ever seen. Her black long hair till the middle of

    her back her dark brown ayes and that perfect

    smile and over that she was intelligent

    compressive and she understands me what more

    could i ask. She was the perfect combination for

    my gold hair and my green ayes but still i didn't

    though i could actually have a relationship with

    her and right now i actually don't know and i

    have greater problems .

    - is there a .. i don't know a way of getting to the

    key before them ?- she asked always fast

    i know what you most be thinking why a box and

    a key could put magic world in war well ill explain

    you many years ago i knew Giana she had a

    black mind but i was completely in love with herindeed i was really lost so i didn't imagine she

    could create a group with the idea of killing the

    queen. My mom and taking magic worlds throne

    so they can control it , in other words destroying

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    our world . I decided to kill her but i discovered

    she was immortal not like every wizard .

    immortal she gave her soul to the devil in

    exchange for eternity so she could govern magicworld like for forever , so i decided to put her on

    a box a magic box and looked it with a magic key

    that was the royalty logo the 3 roses with a

    spell the keys hide themselves around the world

    to a place no one could get and gave me a piece

    of paper with the clues to find them if an

    emergency occurs like now the problem is the

    box not only contains Giana it contains every

    single demon on earth and a hole bunch of bad

    things thats why i need to get to the key .

    - Well there is a puzzle but i don't understand it ,

    read it out loud -i ordered her and so she did.

    - North i am but in the center i guess the climate

    most change and love is in the air Im in a place

    where no human ore magic being could get so

    now try to find me ill be waiting here .

    - i was thinking in the Eiffel tower but there are

    stairs to the top

    - is not there - she said.

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War



    - no ?

    - no it is in the piazza tower in Italy .

    - but we can actually get there and what about


    - I didnt said it was in the bottom it is actually in

    the top and well spaghetti don't you get it ?

    - When did you got such as intelligent as how you

    are now ?- i asked trying to refuse her logic but it

    was impossible i hated that , but anyway i didn't

    had time to lose i thought of the best way of

    convincing her to keep my secret so i said-

    promise me you wont tell anyone Daniella is

    serious you got to keep my secret ill go to Italy

    tomorrow you would keep my secret ore in need

    to coercion you ? - she laughed - what is sofunny?

    - abraham do you really think i will let you go

    alone ill go with you so i don't have any promise

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    to take - i looked at her astonished i could not let

    her go with me it was too dangerous and well in

    some way i got to protect her she is to damn

    important for me right now so i could not exposeher that way - no - i said firmly - no ? Abraham

    why not you need me Im better fighting than you

    i even have a better power you should let me go

    with you and besides what are you going to do

    with the next 4 puzzles you cant get them alone

    please let me go with you - i knew she was right

    but who Im i joking i need her - ok well go .

    -Seriously She asked looking surprised i thought she was

    thinking she needed more arguments so i could

    let her go with me so she was way too surprised -

    well go tomorrow morning at 8 am i need you to

    be ready not to much backpack you know how it

    works- off cross she new she went out with a

    huge smile in her face for being sincere i needed

    her. She could sense magic like the one the key

    parts had .she had water as a element and i

    needed to had that into a count if i wanted to

    have something with her.We were the perfect combination completely

    opposite and unfortunately i really need her o

    this trip because my power was coercionjust

    that so well it wasn't really useful and my

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    coordination in fight was good not excellent but

    good, anyway i had enough power to burn almost

    5 people ore were wolves ore vampires ore

    wizards at a time and that definitely will work. Iwent to my room took a bag and putted jeans

    and t-shirts and enticing else i needed , well i

    actually did package many things in a small bag a

    very good thing about magic always useful and al

    last i just put the clock so it sounds at 7 30 am

    and i went to bed .

    When the clock ringed i woke up took a shower

    and went out i meet Daniella in the corridor. She

    had blackjeans and a t shirt , her hair was in a

    nice pony tail she looked awesome but a 15 year

    old girl was with her if i wasn't wrong the girls

    name was Rebecca she was nice and had a big

    smile i looked to Daniella looking for an answer

    fortunately she understood then she told me

    with telepathy - she mmm well i tried to come

    here without her but well she actually knows our

    plan and she well she threatened me telling she

    would say everyone so i don't know what to do -

    that wasn't good then i answered hertelephonically - did you tried to coercion her -

    she blushed up ad then said telephonically off

    corss but she answered - well she is better than i

    am she actually coercion me to tell her my plans

  • 8/3/2019 Wizards World War


    - that was not good - what other power does she

    has ? i asked telepathically

    - Ask her i don't actually want to know - she saidout loud

    - hey mm Rebecca what other power do you

    have? - I said looking at the girl i new she