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Women In Automotive Design. Group: Quick Lime. James Hunter Paul Jessen Anthony Makkar Narek Ohanyan Taylor Mesko Merari Zarceno. What is Ergonomics, Quality, and Safety?. Ergonomics. Human factors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Women In Automotive DesignGroup: Quick Lime James HunterPaul Jessen Anthony MakkarNarek OhanyanTaylor MeskoMerari ZarcenoWhat is Ergonomics, Quality, and Safety?Human factors Study of: designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movements, and its cognitive abilitiesOptimize human well-being and overall system performance

ErgonomicsAnthony Makkar What is Ergonomics, Quality, and Safety?Quality: ensuring highest standards are metSafety: keeping human security as highest priorityReliability: how consistent is my product?Manufacturing TestingProduction

Quality and Safety

Anthony Makkar Steps involved in Car Production Sketch (Drawing) Clay Model Concept Consideration of different Materials (Ford Team) Testing Production

James Hunter

Historical Background on Women in Automotive Design Harley EarlFirst one to higher women designers (1950) Damsels In Design First Team of women designers for GM Last about 10 years due to Harley retirement James Hunter

5Team FORDConsist of 5 women:Debbi Mielewski (Technical Leader)Angel Harris (Plastic Research Engineer)Ellen Lee (Tech Expert Plastic Researcher)Cynthia Flanigan (Materials Engineer)Patti Tibbenham(Building Researcher)Goal: For cars to longer use anything that can be labeled as toxic and to eliminate petrolum based plastics. Fords use of soy-based foam reduced 3 million pounds of petroleum oil11 million pounds of carbon dioxide And is 24% more renewable than petroleum First to use soy-based foam to plump car seats. 9 ford models and 2 million vehicles use soy-based foam seats.

Merari Zarceno

Taylor MeskoThe Volvo TeamVolvo creates all women design team to design a concept car from the women perspective (2002)Reason for creation: Industry studies show women purchase 54% of vehicles and influence 80% of all sales of Volvo.Design team included 5 female managers and 20 interior and exterior designers. Important features included:Relocation of windshield wipers fluid to side of carParallel park assist50,000 kilometer before oil changeAutomatic door opening

Taylor MeskoVolvo team (continued)Ergonomics considerationsUpon entering car, persons body scannedSeat, steering wheel, pedals, head restraint, and seat belt are adjusted based on persons build.Creates optimum line of sight for the user.BMW Team Ergonomics considerationsTwo women designed interior and exterior of 2010 BMW Z4.Goal of project was to make design in which nobody could differentiate whether a male of a female designed it.

Male dominated field Common conception that women dont know about cars. Since 1900s, the automotive field was seen as potential tool to help women get away from their traditional roles. Women became more visible in the automotive field in the 1930s Union Struggles. 1909 22 year old Mrs. Alice H. Ramsey boarded a 30 HP Maxwell and began a 3,800 mile trip. 1922 Henry Ford opened his car factory and hired women for welding work.In 1942 Helen Rother was the first women to work as an automotive designer for General Motors in Detroit in 1943.

Struggles Narek Ohanyan Modern automotive field involves more women because most services are not provided the old way. Equal Employment filed a lawsuit against Arapahoe Motors Inc.Five women were subjected to sex discrimination and a sexually hostile work environment while employed by the car dealership.Factors encourage women to stay in the field or newcomers to join the fieldRaises and PromotionsStrict Human Resources DepartmentEncouragement by other women Struggles Continued Narek Ohanyan Paul JessenSummary: Women in Automotive DesignPerceptions on Women in the field: Valuable Marketing inputPerhaps not as valued for expertise Fords All-Women Design Teamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3AzpI50tZY(40 sec till 1:30)Still skewed gender ratiosNo real push to involve womenIn spite of these perceptions women are prolific in the field

11Paul JessenSummary: Women in Automotive DesignWomen and All-women Teams(Potential Role Models)Dorothe Pullinger (Galloway) Damsels in Design (GM)YCC Team (Volvo) Ford Materials TeamNadya Arnaout/Juliane Blasi (BMW Z4)