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  • We are one stop shop for all kind

    of high quality bags at

    reasonable cost.

  • Our Luxurious bags are really unique in style and material. We would like

    to have all people to shop luxurious bags withoutany money hassles.

  • We have included Womens handbags, Hand-Crafted bags

    as well as school/Office/Laptop Backpacks.

  • Our Hand Crafted

    embroidery bags

    are from Kashmir,

    India which is highly

    popular for its art
    & crafting in all over the world.

  • We do take 100%

    pride on our quality.

  • We do offer 30 days money back guarantee as well as offer

    same day shipping for orders placed before 12.00 pm EST.

  • Furthermore, we also do offer

    free gift wrapping for all

    occasions upon request.

  • Contact Us:

    105 chesapeake ridge lane,

    Apt. 1A North East, MD - 21901,

    USA (302) 333 - 3330

    [email protected]