working with the virtual class elluminate live! teacher’s interface eteacher ltd. 2010

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Working with the virtual classElluminate Live!Teachers interface

eTeacher Ltd. 2010

If you experience a delay Go to the Tools menu- and choose the option PreferencesIn the next window scroll down until you find the option Session->ConnectionLower your connection speed to ISDNClick OKIf still there is a delay, lower the speed againYou can ask the students to do the same if they experience a delay


The interface

WhiteboardParticipants listChatAudio Setup WizardTest your sound settings, by clicking on the Tools button from the top menu, clicking on Audio, and then --> Audio Setup Wizard.

Audio Setup Wizard

Click OK to select your Audio Output Device:

This is the time to test your headphones; click on Play to listen. The volume can be adjusted by dragging its controller left and right.Once the volume is adjusted to your needs, click on the Stop button.

Audio Setup Wizardclick Yes when this following window appears :

And now, you will adjust your microphone volume. In this following window, select Mic Volume and click OK.

Audio Setup Wizardmake sure the selection circle is next to the Multiple Speakers option. To test your microphone, click on Record and speak into your microphone. Small yellow barswill appear in the volume display window, if you are heard.When you are finished testing the microphone, click on the window that will appearafter that, click Play to listen to your recording.

Sound- prevent/reduce echoClick the Tools button from the top menu in class, and then go to Preferences:

(1) Once the Preferences window is open, click on Microphone Settings from the left sidePane (under Audio)(2) UNCHECK the "Amplify quiet sounds from microphone dynamically" option.

Recording the meetingOnce the teacher enters the class, the recording will start automatically.An indication whether the lesson is recorded can be found at the bottom of the screen:

Recordings will become available for students a few hours after the end of the lesson.

Raise Hand and Emoticons


DisapprovalApplauseLaughterConfusionYesNo All participants inside the class (including the teacher) are able to express themselves using Emoticons.To stop the blue bar indication of Hands Raised click it once.ChattingUse the text box to send messages:

Choose the recipient and click Send

Speaking in classThere are two ways to speak inside the class:CTRL + F2 will enable / disable the microphone.Using the Microphone button at the bottom left side of the screen:

While speaking the microphone icon will show a yellow background and colored bars will appear in the volume bar:

Speaking in classThe microphone volume level will be automatically adjusted while speaking.The class, by default, will allow up to six simultaneous speakers.The seventh student will see the speaking button grayed-out until another student releases his Mic (Including the teacher)

Participants privilegesBy default, all participants can: speak, chat(i.e. using text), draw, send video, share applications.The teacher can change individual privileges by clicking once next to the participants name on the participant list.The teacher can remove a specific privilege from all of the students at once, by clicking the icon in the headline of the column.

Yellow background indicates that this privilege is in use right now.Orange square indicates that this participant experience a delay (in this case in the sound). Red and orange squares together are indication for a longer delay.( from time to time you will see the Delay indications on the other privileges- for example delay in getting the video when this indication is on the webcam icon)

Starting the videoTo start your video, use the video icon(with the eye) at the top menu:

After the video window will appear:Click the Preview button to checkyour video feed.Use the drop-down menu to changeQuality (default - Medium color). Click Transmit to start sending thevideo. "Transmit again will stop your video.

To stop and hide the video window (of the other participants too) click on the camera with a red x above it (you will see this icon instead of the camera with an eye icon)when the first (from left) camera icon is released (not pressed down), it takes the video privilege from everyone.

Change size- smaller/larger windowsUsing your planOnce inside the class, an additional window will appear The Plan window. (if you lost it go to Window menu and select session plan.)Use the plan window to open the preloaded content.Actions like play multimedia and Go to web tour URL, will appear only in the plan window (not in the control above the whiteboard)PPT notes are at the bottomof the plan window

Whiteboard - Tool Bar

Select/Move/Re-size/Re-edit all Objects

Draw a pen stroke on the screen

Draw a highlighter stroke on the screen

Enter text on the screenEnter text box on the screen

Erase foreground objects on the screenWhiteboard - Tool Bar

Draw Shapes on the screenPoint to items of interest on the screenPlace an image from a file on the screenPlace a clip art on the screen

Whiteboard - Tool Bar

Place a screen capture on the screenLoad a presentationCreate a new blank screen. This screen will be added to the list of slides in the control above the whiteboard.

Web Tour

To begin Web touring go to the Web button on the toolbar. Type an address in the URL and click OK

The website will appear to all of the participants.