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WRITE ON!1Fictional NarrativeFictional - not true, made upNarrative story

IMAGINATION2BRAINSTORMING1) Write down everything you know about your story : character, setting, problem situation, solution, etc. Ask wh- questions

2) Imagine everything about your character, problem, setting, etc.

3) prop (when not given a prompt)3

Point of viewSetting Character(s)

4Hook/GrabberOne or two sentences that reels your reader in

Start your story where your story starts5Pickle Problem or Challenge or Something Out of the OrdinaryProblem conflict/interferes with goal Ex. You told your mom you would babysit your little brother Sat. night, and your best friend just got tickets to the concert that night. Challenge - main character wants to accomplish something. Ex. Earn enough money to buy a Wii. Something out of the ordinary - not an every day occurrence. Ex. You find a strange message on your cell phone6Pickle - Problem /Challenge


Point of viewSetting Character(s)

8Action/PlotPlot- what moves your story along and keeps the reader turning the pages. Ex. rescue a friend, get into trouble, have to do something scary or silly. nerve-wracking suspense-building rib-tickling spine-tingling





13Take Away/Wrap upOne or two sentences that tell the reader what the main character learned or how his life has changed.

14Take Away/Wrap up




18Painting a Story with WordsYour paper is the easel and your pen the paintbrush. Your words are the paints.Choose words that create visuals ormental pictures and fire up the senses.

19VIVID VERBS AND COLORFUL WORDS Vivid Verbs and Colorful WordsVivid Verbs and Colorful WordsVivid Verbs and Colorful Wordsout the door and took a drink out of his glass.Jack bolted out the back door chugging his Gatorade.

He went out the door and took a drink .

Ali skipped along the sidewalk sipping her juice box. When youre writing to impress dont use a word that fizzles .20

21Sensory CheckSight - foggy, striped, flashingSound splashing, snoring, jingling Taste - buttery, lemony, sweet Smell - burning, perfumey, grassy, Touch silky, sandy, cottony, bristly22The teacher sputtered his words one syllable at a time. Spit out your gum! The mud squished between her toes.Thistle spines pierced his skin when the cat leapt up and clawed his back. The smell of warm, buttery popcorn floated through the dark theater. The chewing gum tasted minty.The horse clippity-clopped along the red, brick road. Punching bag and gloves exercise Fire Up the Senses!!23OnomatopoeiaThe use of a word that sounds like the thing it stands for

24 Emotions More words to avoid:

Im not going to the concert tonight. My head aches and my throat is as scratchy as sandpaper. I feel______.

Ewww! Im not eating that sandwich, it tastes ____.

When the principal announced Melanies name as the recipient of the Outstanding Student Award, she felt _____. Good, great, terrific, awesomeBad, terrible, horrible, gross25 Words to avoid:

Forms of the verb to be: is, am, are, was, were, can, could, be, been, has, had, have, will, would, may, might, must ,should, shall, being, do, did, does,go, went, gone, Also, there is, there was

26Similes and MetaphorsSimile- comparing two things using the work like or as He tumbled around like underwear in a dryer.

Metaphor a comparison without using the word like or as The linebacker was a bulldozer on the football field.



29HyperboleExaggeration for effect

30Show vs. TellDescribing something instead of directly stating the obvious - be creative

Tell - Scruffy got loose.

Show Scruffy scratched and pawed under the chain link fence until he dug a hole big enough to wiggle through. Exercise

31Dialogue/Dialogue TagsI cant wait to build a snowman! said Eric.

I cant wait to build a snowman! exclaimed Eric.

I cant wait to build a snowman! Eric zipped up his jacket and threw his scarf around his neck. 32AlliterationSame sequence of soundsTongue Twisters

33Revisions/RewriteSensory CheckSight - foggy, striped, flashingSound splashing, snoring, jingling Taste - buttery, lemony, sweet Smell - burning, perfumey, grassy, Touch silky, sandy, cottony, bristlyVivid Verbs and Colorful WordsDialogue TagsShow vs. Tell34Expository (ipod)information facts, examples, detailsPersuasion reasons, support, argumentsOpinions personal experience, viewpoint, compare/contrastDirections steps, stages 35




Greasy Old Stuff by Melissa Forney

Under the car hood theres greasy old stuff,Hoses and fan-belts all rubbery and rough.Gadgets are grinding and pistons are pumping,And some little gizmo is spinning and thumping.The engine is coughing a frightful explosion!The batterys covered with gray-green corrosion.Gas fumes are rising and motors are whirringAnd what-cha-ma-call its are chugging and purring. Figurative language or speech contains images. The writer or speaker describes something through the use of unusual comparisons, for effect, interest, and to make things clearer. The result of using this technique is the creation of interesting images. Harder - Figurative language is not intended to be interpreted in a literal sense. Appealing to the imagination, figurative language provides new ways of looking at the world. It always makes use of a comparison between different things. Figurative language compares two things that are different in enough ways so that their similarities, when pointed out, are interesting, unique and/or surprising. 39