year one teaching staff: mrs goy & mrs dibden mrs schmincke & mrs harding

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Year One Teaching staff: Mrs Goy & Mrs Dibden Mrs Schmincke & Mrs Harding

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Welcome to Year One!. Year One Teaching staff: Mrs Goy & Mrs Dibden Mrs Schmincke & Mrs Harding. Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?. Mathematics. At Bournes Green Infant School we base our curriculum on the Primary Framework for Literacy and Numeracy. Practical learning Mental Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Year One Teaching staff:

    Mrs Goy & Mrs DibdenMrs Schmincke & Mrs Harding

  • Cant You Sleep Little Bear?

  • MathematicsAt Bournes Green Infant School we base our curriculum on the Primary Framework for Literacy and Numeracy.Practical learningMental StrategiesInvestigation

  • CalculationStrategies in Year OneWe use a range of strategies and resources to teach calculations, for example:

    Apparatus fiveness of fiveFingersNumber lines and number squaresDevelop mental strategies number bonds to 10, doubles, bigger number in your head first and then counting on or back, place value Homework will always show you which strategy to use.

    Formal strategies tens and units

    24 + 14= 24+10= 34 20 + 10 = 30 34 + 4 = 38 4 + 4 = 8 30 + 8 = 38

    28 -16 =28 -10 = 1818 - 6 = 12

    Multiplication and DivisionVisual drawing picturesArraysSharing

    Children will have opportunities to apply these skills in problem solving activities.

  • LiteracySpeaking & Listening Speaking and Listening is integral to everything we do.

    Links to writing

  • From Reading to WritingRead and Respond model reading strategies, i.e words in context, explore writers use of language. Children start to unpick the writers craft.Analyse define features and characteristics of a text/genre. Apply supported composition review taught elements. Guide and model writing.Independent Writing Plan - drama Write guided and independent Reflect and Review

    * Spellings High Frequency Words

  • From Reading to Writing

    Daily Phonics Jolly Phonics Letters and SoundsBlending and segmenting

    VC in at on am og ig unCVC cat hop tin shipCCVC trap pram clapCVCC mint milkCCVCC drink

    Reading Red StarOrangeOrange StarYellowYellow StarGreenGreen StarBluePurpleBronzeSilverGoldRainbow

    Jelly Bean texts for extra support with phonics/paceLetters and Sounds Support Pack sound cards to encourage children to blend sounds together to read a word.

  • Children will progress at their own level. Please trust us! We want our children to enjoy reading.

    Comprehension showing a good understanding of the text, including reading the words and understanding meaning . Before moving children to the next reading level we will check that they have read a variety of genres.

    Every week a child will read at least once to an adult, either as part of a guided reading session or independently.

    Ideas for reading at homeReluctant readers!!!

  • Physical EducationWe teach PE for two hours a week.

    Clubs - Football, Tag Rugby and Cheerleading, Gymnastics

    Lunch time activities

    Physical Development - Fine Motor Skills -progressing on from excellent practise in the foundation stage.

    P.E. Days Monday & Thursday Green Unit Monday &Friday Yellow Unit

  • Healthy EatingAt Bournes Infant School we pride ourselves on being a healthy school.

    We have fruit or vegetables during morning break (provided by yourselves) and in the afternoon (provided by the Government).

    We encourage parents to provide healthy lunches for their children, as this improves concentration in afternoon sessions.

    Water bring water bottle to school each day. This is so that the children have access to water throughout the day. Children must have a drink in their lunchboxes too this can be juice or water.

  • Independence in Year OneGetting dressed and changed in PE.In Year One we encourage children to take responsibility for their own jumper, water bottle, lunchbox, homework and letters.

    Changing their own reading books!

  • HomeworkWe look forward to seeing the Me collages!

    In Year One there will be a regular homework task set.

    Maths homework is directly related to what we have been learning in class. It will give you a good indication whether your child has grasped the concept taught in class.

    The Challenge is not compulsory. If your child has found the main task manageable then let them have a go.

    If your child has any difficulties completing the homework please let us know.

  • Holiday during term timeDid you know if you take your child out of school for two weeks a year, by the time they sit their eleven plus, they will have missed a whole terms learning?

    Holidays during term time are not permitted.