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Jam packed with links and instructions.


  • Young Fellows Survival Kit

    Young Fellows Survival KitYoung Fellows Survival Kit

  • Table of Contents...

    pg 3 Getting Your License

    pg 3 Joining a Hospital

    pg 3 Establishing Your Practice

    pg 4 Resources for Your Practice

    pg 6 Practice Management

    pg 8 Looking Forward to the Future

    pg 9 Getting Involved

    Young Fellows Survival Kit

  • Getting Your LicenseTexas Medical Board

    Licensure Proces s

    Eligibilit y

    Monitor Your Applicatio n

    Renewing a Current Licens e

    About the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam

    Texas Medical Jurisprudence Manual/Study Guide

    Joining a HospitalList of hospitals in TX

    Establishing Your PracticeDeciding whether to start or join an existing practice

    How to do a medical practice buy-in

    The Climb to Partnership

    Young Fellows Survival Kit


  • Resources for Your PracticeConsulting

    Practice Consulting Services - Practice Setup Assistanco e

    Help With Negotiating Health Plan Contracto s

    OIG Tips for Recognizing Questionable Consultanto s

    TMA Practice Consulting - Antitrust Issueo s

    TMA Practice Consulting offers on-site trainino g

    legal information

    TEXPAo C

    Regulatoro y

    HIPAA and PSQIA Informatioo n

    HIPAA Resource Centeo r


    Texas Medical Liability Insurance Carriero s


  • Texas Department of Insuranco e

    Credentialing Applicatio nListing of Texas Health Maintenance Organizations/PPOs/HMO s

    ACS Insurance Prograo m

    marketing a PraCtiC e

    Appearance isnt everything, but it definitely leaves a lasting impressioo n

    Designing an effective practice brochuro e

    Designing a Marketing Stratego y

    Thinking of creating a brochure for your practico e

    THIN Online Inquiro y

    Tips for an Effective Practice Web Sito e

    Tips for Promoting a Practice Web Sito e

    MEDEM: Bringing You Patients, Payment, and Protection for Your Practice

    Overvieo w


  • Join MEDEo M

    iHealto h

    County Medical Societie s

    state and federal agenCiesCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Serviceso (877) 267-2323Texas Department of Insuranceo (800) 578-4677Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership Medicaid o Provider Number (800) 925-9126TrailBlazer Health Enterprises LLC Medicare Provider o Number (866) 697-9670Texas Department of State Health Serviceso (888) 963-7111Texas Department of Public Safetyo (512) 424-2000Texas Workers Compensation Commissiono (800) 252-7031Controlled Substance Registrationo (512) 424-2188Drug Enforcement Administrationo (202) 307-1000Official Prescription Programo (512) 424-2189Triplicate Prescription Formso (512) 424-2189

    Practice Management

    Billing and Coding

    At-a-Glance Billing Guidelineo s

    Reimbursemeno t


  • Billing Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Physician Assistanto s

    Billing and Collections Yellow Pageso

    Billing Medicare for Locum Teneno s

    Choosing an Outside Billing Servico e

    faCs Coding resourCeso - ACS Coding Today - CPT Coding Hotline - CPT Coding Workshops

    Human Resource s

    Maintenance of Certificatio n


    Medicaid Informatioo n


    National Medicare Resourceo sMedicare Learning Networo k Medicare.goo v


  • Risk Managemen t

    Comply With Laws Governing Debt Collectioo n Document, Document, Documeno t Good Communication Can Help Keep You Out of Couro t Delegating Prescriptive Authorito y Whos Allowed to Call in Controlled Substance Prescriptionso ? Hand in Glove: What OSHA Requireo s OSHA Compliance: Dont Get Stuco k OSHA Compliance in the Small Medical Offico e Destroy Medical Records Securelo y How Long Do I Have to Keep Patient Medical Recordso ?

    Practice Operation s

    Looking Forward to the FutureRetirement or Sale of Practice Checklis t

    Sample Letter: Physician Retiring from Practice


  • Getting Involved

    Joining the ameriCan College of surgeons and Your loCal ChaPter

    Top Reasons to Join ACo S

    Membership Info o

    Apply for ACS Fellowshio p

    Join the South Texas Chapteo r

    VoiCing Your oPinion on legislatiVe issues

    Finding Your Legislatoro

    Texas Senator s

    Texas Representative s

    How to write a letter to your Congressmeo n

    Texas Political Action Committee (TEXPACo )

    ACS Views on Legislative Issueo s

    Find a bill or lao w


  • Young Fellows Survival Kit