you most probably dont need an rman catalog database

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or 10 compelling reasons why you may need a catalog database (alternative title). The title of this session is on purpose thought provoking. The author is an experience Oracle DBA in Oracle backup & recovery area. During the presentation he will go through top reasons why you may need to implement RMAN catalog database and give you additional ideas on how you can improve your backups leveraging additional benefits provided by RMAN catalog database. The author will explain in what cases and why you may not need the catalog database. You will go away with a clear understanding on how to benefit from RMAN catalog database and when it may be optional. This is another presentation from author's popular RMAN papers.


  • 1.You most probably don't need an RMAN catalog database Introduction to the whitepaper Yury Velikanov & Community Sunday, Sep 22, 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Moscone West - 3014 Session ID# UGF9741 #OOW13 @yvelik

2. About Yury Google: Yury Oracle [phone|email] Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Slideshare, YouTube Oracle ACE Director Oracle Certified Master(9i/10g/11g + 15 OCP certificates) Oracle DBA 15+ years(42+ months working for Pythian) 10 Problems with your RMAN backup script (author) 12 000+ views on 3. About Yury Google: Yury Oracle 10 Problems with your RMAN backup script (author) 12 000+ views on 4. About Pythian Recognized Leader: Global industry-leader in remote database administration services and consulting for Oracle, Oracle Applications, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server Work with over 250 multinational companies such as, Fox Sports, Nordion and Western Union to help manage their complex IT deployments Expertise: Pythians data experts are the elite in their field. We have the highest concentration of Oracle ACEs on staff 10 including 3 ACE Directors and 2 Microsoft MVPs. Pythian holds 7 Specializations under Oracle Platinum Partner program, including Oracle Exadata, Oracle GoldenGate & Oracle RAC Global Reach & Scalability: Around the clock global remote support for DBA and consulting, systems administration, special projects or emergency response 5. Community involvement 6. Agenda Introduction Why RMAN catalog is an overhead? / COST Cases when catalog database is a MUST Benefits of using RMAN catalog / VALUE Catalog use-cases Catalog & MML integration Catalog & DR Catalog & FS Practical hints for catalog usage 7. CTL vs DB 8. DB Catalog doesnt provide more HISTORY! 9. Introduction Why? Many DBAs use RMAN catalog because It was a default option in 8.0 It is recommended by Oracle It was created before them Many DBAs dont Use most of the catalog benefits know how to assess cost involved know how to justify catalog existence @dbareactions 10. COST 11. Complexity 12. RMAN catalog is an overhead COST IMPLEMENTATION COST MAITENANCE & RUNNING COSTS DEPENDENCIES DOWNTIME AVAILABILITY TUNING BACKUP COST per database - More databases - less cost - Cost vs Risk 13. A MUST 14. RMAN catalog database is a MUST Disaster Recovery Data Guard (standby database) Backups from both DR sides Shared backups media 15. RMAN catalog database is a MUST Control File size is way to big control_file_record_keep_time Manage retention (if applicable) Restore alternative MML handle 16. RMAN catalog database is a MUST KEEP Keep a backup for longer than current retention policy allows Long term backups need a special care and should be treated as archiving MML retention should be adjusted as necessary Other tape pool / file system than regular backups oracle database software & operational system There are alternative ways (file system) RESTORE PREVIEW + OS copy BACKUP + UNCATALOG 17. VALUE 18. RMAN catalog Benefits / VALUE Additional bird level view - control level Many databases Small DBA team Scheduling issues Managers view 19. RMAN catalog Benefits / VALUE Volumes & Throughput monitoring Day to day monitoring Report deviations (archived logs) Troubleshooting data Tuning (compression, IO vs CPU vs TIME) Chargeback 20. Capacity planning / VALUE Challenge (centralized NFS) Used for many databases backups Retention policy varies Incremental backups + Weekly cycles RAC multiple backups from different nodes Solution Catalog DB Centralized data for all databases Regular data snaps Custom data analysis tables 21. RMAN catalog Benefits / VALUE MML & Catalog DB Tends to have longer retention policy Often retention policy isnt managed by RMAN Simplifies and unifies controlfile recovery There are alternatives, e.g. MML handle from log files 22. RMAN catalog Benefits / VALUE RMAN scripts Pros Standard way to backup Centralized control / easer change Cons Dependency from RMAN catalog Limited syntax About Stored Scripts: Any command that is legal within a RUN command is permitted in the stored script. !shell rules! 23. VALUE Additional high-level view of backups Volumes & Throughput monitoring Information for Capacity planning Simplifies controlfile recovery (MML) Repository for generic RMAN scripts Catalog Doesnt Keep longer history Replace control file backups 24. CATALOG USE-CASES MML, DR, FS 25. Catalog & MML integration Control File Auto recovery (challenge) How it works CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON standard handle name (%F format) c + {database ID} + {date} + {XX} XX - hexadecimal incremental from 00 to FF Restore Restore freshest controlfile RMAN Tries FF, FE, .. 01, 00 MML 1 round trip 2-5 minutes 240 roundtrips = 8-20 hours maxseq and maxdays 26. Catalog & MML integration Alternative control file restore options MML REPOSITORY RMAN LOG HANDLE name RMAN: ENV= or format Catalog addresses Difficulties in MML & DBA communications Absence of MML access Standard way to restore (easier) 27. Catalog, MML & RETENTION RMAN rarely used for retention management Typically there are many MML clients File systems MS Exchange / Lotus Domino Other databases There are pools to send backups to Weekly Monthly Custom There is a synchronization challenge 28. Catalog & Disaster Recovery Disk based backups are local Accessible from one site only Tape based backups are global Accessible from both sites Review the SITE_KEY column in RMAN catalog views KEY: CATALOG disk based backups on other site Backup and Recovery Reference 11g R2 RMAN Backups in a Data Guard Environment 29. Catalog & File System => MML Simple unless . Relies on file system to tape backups Strong recommendation to use MML integration Missing backups Too many copies for SOME backup sets If you use Dont use DELETE OBSOLETE RESTORE PREVIEW Manual synchronization 30. PRACTICAL HINTS THE CATALOG USAGE 31. Practical hints for catalog usage DBID must be different for all databases Do not separate Development & Production To use or not to use RMAN catalog stored scripts? Use resync catalog RMAN setup for catalog DB failures Introduce two catalog DBs to ensure HA 32. CONCLUSIONS Whitepaper! 33. Catalog makes it simple RMAN Catalog is an overhead You may manage without it However an RMAN Catalog simplifies backup management adds additional benefits reduces risks there are other special cases Cost is opposite proportion to DB count Consider leveraging other catalog DB benefits 34. If you dont use catalog DB Make sure that control_file_record_keep_time is greater than maximum retention period you may use You have an easy access to archive of RMAN LOG files You have knowledge & access to MML server at least you have a best friend in tapes management team Assess catalog DB benefits on regular basis 35. CTL vs DB 36. Google: Oracle Yury Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, ACE email, phone number Whitepaper! Session ID# UGF9741 #OOW13 @yvelik 37. THANK YOU Google: Oracle Yury Whitepaper!