young inventors and engineers inspiration comes at any age; follow your dreams

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  • Young Inventors and Engineers Inspiration comes at any age; follow your dreams.
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  • Hart Main 14 Years Old Now. Man Can Soup contents go to local soup kitchen to serve the poor. Has since developed She Cans h?v=9xSfNyotlqA h?v=9xSfNyotlqA
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  • Sarah Buckel 8 th grade. Magnetic Locker Paper Made $1,000,000 her first year Her product is sold on Amazon, Sears, and Yahoo Market Place
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  • 9 Years Old. Caine's Arcade Arcade games made out of cardboard. Has made over $200,000 in donations. His video went viral and he started an international cardboard game craze. He was interviewed by TED. h?v=gcFip50h7fI h?v=gcFip50h7fI Caine Monroy
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  • 4 th Grade and 7 th Grade EZPUCK First Invention- 4 th Grade Second Invention- 7 th Grade Riley Giauque
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  • 10 years old Bottle-Cap Jewelry She painted 50 Coke bottle caps, put magnets on them to decorate her locker. She liked them so much she decided to turn them into necklaces so she could take them anywhere with her. With the help of mom, Diane, she withdrew $300 she had saved up from birthdays, Christmases and the tooth fairy, and went out to buy supplies. She took about 50 of the necklaces, called Snap Caps, to the local toy store, and they sold out in a few hours. She made her first million by age 13. Today, Snap Caps are a must-have for tween girls. The company,m3 girl designs, has 40 employees and sells over 60,000 necklaces per month in over 2,500 stores. They also make Snap Cap hair bows and Snap Cap Huggers to decorate your Ugg boots.m3 girl designs, Maddie Bradshaw
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  • 10 Years Old. Wristies She created, Wristies, which are fingerless glove made of fleece that goes halfway up your arm. They keep your wrists warm and dry. You can wear them with or without mittens. Her website: al_Wristies_s/20.htm al_Wristies_s/20.htm KK Gregory
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  • 8 years old Makin Bacon Dish Designed to allow grease to drip off the cooking bacon in a dish. Modified to be used in the microwave. Can be purchased at Walmart or Her website: Abbey Fleck
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  • 12 years old The Oink-a-Saurus App Oink-a-SaurusOink-a-Saurus is an iPhone and iPad app to teach kids about finance, money management, investing and the stock market. It tracks your Web browsing and buying habits, has a what if simulator to show you what you could have saved if you hadnt spent that money, and also includes a social network feature showing stock picks and ideas from other kids, a kid-friendly news service for market and investing info and a link to a kid-friendly stock broker. Fabian Fernandez-Han
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  • 16 years old, 1930 The Trampoline George Nissen was a member of his high school gymnastics and diving teams, was goofing off in his parents garage when he decided to stretch canvas over a rectangular steel frame, using materials he found in a local junkyard. Seven years later when he was in business school at the University of Iowa, he and his gymnastics coach refined the invention with nylon and started a traveling acrobatics troupe called the Three Leonardos. George Nissen
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  • Check these sites: inventions-dreamt-up-by-children/ (Checkout the underwater walkie talkie) inventions-dreamt-up-by-children/ inventors-too/ inventors-too/ For More Young Inventors
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