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  • Arab Knowledge Report 2014 Youth and Localisation of Knowledge

    United Arab Emirates

    Empowered lives. Resilient nations.

  • Arab Knowledge Report 2014 Youth and Localisation of Knowledge United Arab Emirates

    Empowered lives. Resilient nations.

  • Empowered lives. Resilient nations.

    This Report has been produced through joint sponsorship and support of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) and The United Nations

    Development Programme / Regional Bureau for Arab States (UNDP/RBAS)

    Printed at Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    on Chlorine – Free paper and using plant-based ink manufactured according to environmentally-friendly technologies.

    Cover Design:

    Layout and Production: Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing – Dubai

    Printed in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation or the United Nations Development

    an independent team of authors jointly sponsored by the Regional Bureau for Arab States at UNDP, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.

    shall take precedence.

  • C

    key pillars of a nation’s development and advancement, and critical to the society’s

    the change of relationships in the developed societies and perceptions about of the

    have contributed to enhanced standards of

    helped speed up development and industrial

    plays a major role in sustaining economic

    By projecting the mobilisation of global

    gap in the level of education and curricula and the volume of investments in education and research. Distinctions are evident in terms of the number of patents, and the volume of community participation, as

    societies to productive societies. Together, these issues form an integrated system for

    school and university curricula, promoting

    universities, and supporting researchers in specialised centres. We need a comprehensive vision based on a series of factors such as:

    freedom of thought, promotion of creativity

    translations into Arabic, experiments, methodical research, exchange of expertise,

    of the situation to help those in charge to evaluate performance and implement

    societies capable of facing challenges, and contributing to comprehensive and sustainable development. The third Report focuses on the importance of integrating youth in the transfer and localisation

    political and environmental dimensions.

    There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates has made great progress in the development of dissemination and

    of initiatives, programs and projects. These together have helped the country overcome

    ensure the sustainability of development and prosperity.


    Chairman of the Board Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation

    Arab World’s Transition to Knowledge Society

  • D

    threats and strategies in the successful integration of the Emirati youth in the

    on the national level, this UAE version

    the effectiveness of the youth and their

    sustainable human development.

    We present before you the “Third Arab

    present a clear and comprehensive picture

    exploit them, and identify the areas that need further development. We believe

    for decision makers, providing them an

    Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Chairman of the Board

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation

  • E

    The publication of this special report on

    partnership and the shared vision that brings together the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and the Regional Bureau for Arab States at the UNDP in

    Report 2014.

    This report presents a comprehensive

    its capabilities and cognitive effectiveness,

    environments. Similar to the previous

    characterised by studies and surveys

    in all public universities in the country. The report also highlights the opinions of young people and various stakeholders on the status of the youth today and the

    the report. As such, the report has become,

    opinions are expressed and solutions proposed, and it explores several aspects

    course of avoiding obstacles or capitalising on achievements.

    The UAE has had remarkable achievement in development, and in record time. Since

    the beginning, building and enabling the UAE citizen have been among the adopted

    UAE represents one of the most important manifestations of these trends and policies.

    and mechanisms proposed are not only applicable, but also enjoy the availability of most, if not all, conditions for their success. The UAE enjoys a developed information infrastructure and a strong

    society and actively engaging the youth in this central development process.

    in this great endeavour, including experts,

    the UNDP and Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation teams. My thanks also go to the UAE youth and everyone

    main material for this report.

    respect, appreciation and thanks to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his sponsorship and continuous support for the initiatives to

    in the UAE, but also in the Arab region


    Regional Director Regional Bureau for Arab States, United Nations Development Programme

  • F

    the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and our dedication to develop it further, to achieve our common vision

    sustainable development for the people in the Arab region and beyond.

    Sima Bahous Assistant Secretary General

    Regional Director - The Regional Bureau for Arab States United Nations Development Programme

  • G

    Readers Group Soliman Al-Jassim, Ali Said Al-Kaabi, Kaltham Al-Majid, Mona Juma Al-Bahr.

    Core Team


    Najoua Fezzaa Ghriss.

    Report Director/Coordinator Ghaith Hamdi Fariz (UNDP)

    Authors of Background Papers

    Abderrahim Al-Maslouhi, Kamal Abdellatif,

    Questionnaire Design/Tools and Statistical Analysis

    Najoua Fezzaa Ghriss (Questionnaire Design

    Hany Torky (Statistical Analysis) Faculty of Commerce - Alexandria University (Data Entry)

    Implementation of Field Surveys Report team and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) in collaboration

    Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF)

    Faisal Bujesaim (Executive Director), Saif Al- Mansoori (Corporate Affairs Advisor – MD


    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sima Bahous (Assistant Secretary General, Regional Director - The Regional Bureau for Arab States), Adel Abdellatif (Chief, Regional Programmes Division, RBAS), Ghaith Hamdi Fariz (Report Director and Coordinator), Tala Khanji, Dima Al-Khatib, Sara Bittar, Stephanie Boustany, Saif Pederson, Tarek Khairallah,

    Beris. Administrative operations: Regional Programme Support Unit

    Editors Arabic: Fayiz Suyyagh English: Christina Curran


    Cover Design

    Report Team

  • H

  • Contents






































    CHAPTER 1: Preamble

    General Methodology Analytical Studies Field Study

    Structure of the Report

    CHAPTER 2: The Knowledge Status and Challenges of Localisation in the UAE

    The Educational Challenge -The Status and Challenges of University Education

    The Human Resources Challenge The Economic Challenge

    CHAPTER 3: The Enabling Environments and the Transfer and Localisation of Knowledge in the UAE

    The Educational Environment Higher Education in the UAE

    -Study-abroad Scholarship Programmes -Foreign Universities in the UAE

    Research and Development Environment The Economic Environment

  • J Arab Knowledge Report 2014: Youth and Localisation of Knowledge

    E-Commerce The Social Environment

    The Social Dimensions of Progress The Challenges of Language and Citizenship The Political Environment The Demographic Environment

    Cultural Environment Technological Environment

    Supporting the Legislative and Regulatory Structure in Technology



    CHAPTER 4: Results of the Field Study

    Study and Field Surveys Description of the Representative Sample

    Overall Result on Cognitive Skills Detailed Results

    -Problem-Solving Skills -Written Communication Skill in Arabic

    -Skill of Using Technology -Skill of Using Foreign Language (English Language)


    Citizenship and Belonging Openness and Global Communication Analysis of the Results According to Gender

    Environments Enabling Environments in the UAE

    Criticism of the Successive Educational Plans

    Activating the Role of the Private Sector Outcomes of the UAE Workshop

    Clear Perceptions on the Subject of the Transfer, Localisation and Employment of