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From the concept towards the setting up of an enterprise


  • 1. Youth Entrepreneurship from the Concepttowards th S tti upt d the Setting of an enterprisef pEmmanuel LabithianakisLefkada, November 14, 20121

2. IntroducingAn entrepreneur is anenterprising individual who buildscapital through risk and/orinitiative WIKIPEDIAEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 20122 3. What does it take?Passionif you can t sleep at night, because youre cantnightyou rethinking of your business success, go for it! IdeaIdeawhat? how? when? to whom?DifferentiationUnique Selling Proposition, CustomerExperienceOrganization & CalculationSWOT analysis, Management, Profit & Loss,BudgetEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 20123 4. PassionBe inspiredBe carefuland methodical Invest on your Knowledge/skills/experienceImprove your deficienciesEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 2012 4 5. Idea?Dont look for something new to the worldeverything has already been discovered/inventedyFind your own blue oceantoo many sharks in red oceans,competing for the same fishp gEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 20125 6. Idea?Red oceanBlue oceanThe market is There is unexploitedsaturated demandCost orientation or Both cost orientationdifferentiationor differentiation Acting according tog gActing independentlythe environmentCompetitiveInnovation i advantageMarketM k t competing ti MarketM k t creatingtistrategy strategyEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 2012 6 7. Too many ideas Which one?ideas.Idea GenerationIdea ScreeningBusiness AnalysisDevelopmentTest MarketingCommercializationNew ProductN P d tEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 2012 7 8. DifferentiationNot bad to imitatejust do it better, cheaper, fasterCreate your own unique offeringa Unique Selling Proposition, something that offers customers a newexperience Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 20128 9. Degree of differentiation gMarket1Market 1Market2Market 2Market3Market 3Product1 MassmarketingProduct2Product 2 Sameproducttoallconsumers S dllProduct 3Market1Market2Market3Product1 SegmentMarketingProduct2 DifferentproductstomoreProduct 3segments Market1Market2 Market3 Product1 Product 1 Product2 Niche Marketing Oneproduct toonesegment Product 3Emmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 2012 9 10. Organization & CalculationgEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 201210 11. Organization & CalculationgEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 201211 12. Organization & CalculationgStrategy is doing either different things from your competitors, ordoing the same things differently Michael Eugene Porter, University Professor at Harvard Business School.Emmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 201212 13. Organization & CalculationgOrganizinggg Planning LeadingControllingEmmanuel Labithianakis - Lefkada, November 14, 2012 13 14. Organization & Calculation gLefkada, November 14, 201214 15. Organization & Calculation g1. Intrduction Contents Executive Summary2.2 Analytical Description of the Enterprise Ownership History Description of the section Products & Services Position of the enterprise in the section Human Capital l3. Analytical Description of the Market Market Segmentationg Target Market Segment Strategy Market Needs Market tendency Market Growth Section Analysis Key players Distribution MethodsLefkada, November 14, 2012 Main Competitors15 16. 4. Strategy & Implementation Summary Product Strategy Marketing Strategy Distribution Strategy Selling Strategy 5. Budget Main M i assumptions ti P&L (Costs vs. Revenues 5year forecast) Cash-flow statement Break-even analysis 6. Conclusiong www.disabled.grLefkada, November 14, 201216 17. Organization & Calculation g 3 reasons why start-ups fail 1. 1 wrong assessment of capital needs 2. overestimation of self competence 3. 3 lack of business planWhere do the money come from?1.1 personal of family assets2. banks ()3.3 state of EU subsidization programsLefkada, November 14, 201217 18. SalesViral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referringto marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks and other technologiesto produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (suchas product sales) p) Watch LikeFollowLefkada, November 14, 201218 19. www.disabled.grwww.eleven.bgwww betahaus kwww.anticafebabochki.ruLefkada, November 14, 2012 19 20., November 14, 201220 21. Thankyouh k [email protected]@otenet grLefkada, November 14, 201221