zac des gravanches 10, rue jacqueline auriol 63 039 clermont-ferrand cedex 02 adiv 2015 france –...

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ZAC des Gravanches 10, rue Jacqueline Auriol 63 039 CLERMONT-FERRAND Cedex 02 ADIV 2015 France – Clermont- Ferrand

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  • SummaryCorporate missionsCore activitiesResources Partnerships and networksUE projects referencesSuccess stories / technologiesResume and contact

    Clermont-Ferrand site

  • Corporate missions

    A hub for multi-disciplinary skills serving the agri-food industry.

    Since 1975, ADIV provides Applied research solutions, Audit, Consulting, Expertise and Training services for the meat and agri-food industries. It is one of the most important French technical center in food industry, with exceptional equipments.

    It works with and for private sector, public sector and industry bodies through: R&D programs realized in the framework of European or National calls for projects or with the support of Inter Professional bodies Customized services for industriesADIV objective is to create competencies, methods, How-know and innovating tools for the competitiveness of meat and agri-food industries.

    ADIV is the favorite partner of French meat industries in order to develop and innovate with meat and meat products. It is also the only technical center which activities cover all species (bovine, ovine, porcine, poultry) from the slaughtering to the consumption.

    Its expertise is recognized and guaranteed by the following State-issued accreditations : SRC Label, Private Research and Technology Organizations, granted by Bpifranceto private structure which realize R&D services for all size enterprises and provide competencies and adapted solutions improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.ITAI Accreditation, Food technological institutes, awarded by the French Agriculture Ministry to technological research organizations providing technical support, expertise,training and information for companies

    SRC ADIV June 2015

  • Core activitiesMEAT & AGRI-FOOD SECTORSProducts Qualities & InnovationNutrition - HealthIndustrialPerformancesRoboticsMechanicsProcesses Technology & InnovationNew product & process development strategyPre-EngineeringEnvironmental EconomicsHuman Resources 25 news products developments for industries 30 R&D projects to create innovating processes or equipments 61 R&D cooperation projects (Partnered and collaborative R&D and collective programs) 35 500 hours of vocational training for more than 2900 employeesOver the past 3 years, ADIV leads more than : Microbiology & Food Safety 493 customized services for industriesSRC ADIV June 2015Animal WelfareSensors, data acquisition and processing systemMarketing

  • Resources The ADIV exceptional tools make it a unique technical centre at French level, which is almost unrivalled in the world.

    A cutting edge nutritional analysis laboratory, a tool of excellence with analytical techniques specifically developed to meat and meat product matrices.

    Pre-engineering data bases and plant design and factory layout software (Autocad, solidworks)

    ADIV has also a microbiology & biochemistry analysis laboratory, a physical measurement laboratory and a Mechanical and boiler making workshop.

    A videoconference meeting room

    An Agribusiness platform of 1.000 m with an EC certified for cutting and transformation activities. Cutting room, Product processing room, Drying processes, Cooking, smoking and ripening facilities, Packaging area, Refrigeration plant, Test kitchen.

    A robotic unit to realize technological developments and test mechanical and robotic prototypes at pilot scale.

    A biosecurity level BSL-2+ laboratory for challenge tests on pathogen. The only one in France which allows to reproduce the entire product processing in contained conditions at the biosecurity level BSL-2+.

    A multidisciplinary team of 35 people, all experts in their domainsADIV people possess high-quality professional expertise and know-how in order to intervene and support industries in their development.SRC ADIV June 2015

    Technology and Process Agrifood product quality Microbiology & food safety Nutrition

    Animal Welfare Mechanics & Robotics Sensor and data acquisition processing system Pre Engineering Economics Sustainable development (By-products)

  • Partners & Networks With continuous efforts to improve and develop competences within a strong and recognised scientifical partnership. Participation in 8 European projects since 2003

    Since 2007,148 R&D projects in the framework of national call for projectsOur main partnersIn France : ANSES, ACTIA et Centres ITAI, CEA, CIRAD, Ecoles des Mines dAles, ENVT de Toulouse, ENSCCF, ENSIL limoges, INRA centre de Clermont-ferrand/Theix, INRA (Jouy en Josas, Toulouse), Institut Pascal (Universit Blaise Pascal, IFMA, CNRS), Polytech, Universit dAuvergne, VetagroSupSRC ADIV June 2015

  • UE projects references (2003-2015)

    SRC ADIV June 2015

    ProjectsEU programsbudgetTimingCoordinationPartners/ countriesThematiqueTRADISAUSAGEFP5 Quality of lifeshared cost project1 993 998 January 20033 yearsINRA de Theix (France)10 part.6 paysFood safert and traditional dry sausagesNUTRAMEATFP6-2003-SMECo-operative research 1 126 902 September 20053 yearsEmbutidos Goikoa S.A. (Spain)10 part.5 paysDevelopment of new nutraceutical meat productsTRUEFOODFP6 Integrated projectFood Quality and safety20 080 000 May 20064 yearsSPES GEIE(Italy)32 part.15 paysInnovation into the traditional European Food Production systemsDIALRELFP6 2005 - SSA-FOOD(Specific Support Action)862 431 November 2006Cardiff university (UK)17 part10 paysAnimal Welfare during religious slaughterPROSAFEBEEFFP6-FOOD-2005-T5.4.1.2 17 783 356 March 20075 ansTeagasc(Irlande)42 part18 paysAdvancing beef safety and quality through research and innovationAFTERFP7-KBBE-20093 876 874 Sept 20105 yearsCIRAD(France)16 part11 paysAfican food tradition revisited by researchFOODMICROSYSTEMSFP7-ICT-2011.3.2 smart systems integration1 132 509 Sept 20112 yearsACTIA(France)9 part5 paysImplementation of microsystems &smart miniaturised systems in the food sectorTERIFIQFP7-KBBE-2011.2.3-053 974 714 Janv 20124 yearsINRA(France)17 part11 paysProcessed foods with a lower salt, fat and sugar content

  • Success stories / technologies

    OSMOFOOD, a technology adopted by US ArmyADIV brought US ARMY the novel concept, know-how, and engineering of a food processing system that can be used to make shelf stable meat snacks, including shelf stable sandwiches, for incorporation into many rations. In 2012, the Osmofood machine built by ADIV has been transferred in FPL Food company, an US army industrial partner in charge of production of OSMOFOOD products.Steam Dome : a innovating process to improve microbiological carcasses qualitiesProviding better health qualities of minced meat without any effects on sensory qualities and with a solution that is economically compatible with products costs. The Steam Dome process consists in Flash pasteurization of the carcass under a Dome. The technology has been patented in July 2011. The health quality improvement objective (from 1 to 2 log) have been reach with this process.

    Secrets of ohmic cookingControlling an innovative cooking process to improve both sensory and health qualities of ground beef.In addition to cooking faster than the conventional method, the mastered of ohmic cooking ensures to ground beef a better food security as well as preserving their succulent and shape.

    A vocational training center in DAKAR (SENEGAL)ADIV realized an advisability study concerning the implementation of an agribusiness training center in SENEGAL. The project have been launched : it included the construction of an agribusiness platform and the establishment of a training system for agribusiness technicians and operators.ADIV had taken in charge the platform equipments definition, and had been monitoring, advising and assisting in equipments choice, platform management (safety food and technical aspects) until trainers recruitment and training.The training center opened in September 2011.

    Puigrenier products has been recognized by the profession, winning the LSA Innovation trophy in December 2014. ANR ECOBIOPRO, findings published in ISME journalFindings of the project in which participate ADIV have been published in the ISME Journal, belonging to Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Authors identified microbial communities of meat and seafood products. For beef, research allowed to know microbial communities present after production and at the use-by date and to identify main microbial species responsible for spoilage.

    SRC ADIV June 2015

  • Phone number +33 473 985 380

    Resume & contacts

    EMPLOYEES35In Clermont-Fd siteCOLLECTIVE R&D PROGRAMS61(Over the past 3 years)CUSTOMIZED SERVICES FOR INDUSTRIES493(Over the past 3 years)COMPETENCIES Products qualities & innovation Processes Technology & Innovation Microbiology and Food safety Nutrition and Health Animal Welfare

    ADIVSince 1975, ADIV is a development tool providing Applied Research solutions, Audit, Consulting, Expertise and Training services for the MEAT AND AGRI-FOOD Industrial performances Robotics & Mechanics Sensors, data acquisition and processing system Pre-Engineering

    Alain PEYRONChief Operating Officer E-mail : [email protected]

    ADIVZAC Parc Industriel des Gravanches 10 Rue Jacqueline Auriol 63039 Clermont-Ferrand cedex 2Email: [email protected]

    SRC ADIV June 2015 Economics Marketing Environment Human Resources