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Landscape Architecture Portfolio with designs that include parks, multi-family housing, construction, stone walls, walkways, and ponds.


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Design Process Master Plan

Pulaski Park is a public park that is located in Northhampton Ma. Currently it is an under utilized site where there is bad circulation and activities happening that are illegal. The new design incorporates a proposed hotel located on the southern end, a large green space for sun bathing and throwing a frisbee.

Café and art galleries are proposed in the abandoned building on the eastern side of the site. The new park is a place for pubic gatherings, a place for eating your lunch or a hangout spot for kids after school.

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Section AA

Section BB

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Section AA

Master PlanSection DD

Enlarged Sections A, B

New England Village is a multi-family residential development located in Amherst Ma. The design focuses on providing significant public open green space to the residents within the village. Each section of housing was designed with a private garden which is defined by landform as well as screens. Parking within the development is grouped which also helps to preserve open space. Within the residential development an interconnecting path system is created and this links the open green space with the homes of residents.

Stormwater management was a major concern within this project because a wetland is located on the southern edge of the site. Swales and collecting basins were designed along the edge of roads and path systems to help reduce pollutants and sediment going into the waterway.

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Enlarged Section A

Enlarged Section B

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Site Analysis Master Plan


The Arc of Recreation is currently an under utilized railroad bed corridor located in the city of Springfield. After researching and visiting the site we found that the corridor was a great opportunity for the city. The city lacked open green space within its most urbanized areas. There was also a disconnect because of the railroad corridor and the grade change between the four neighborhoods of Bay, Mcknight, Old Hill and Upper Hill. A design for the two mile section of corridor was created as well as access point to the arc.

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Perspective AA

Bay Street Master Plan

Bay street is a major gateway to access the linear park system and is located in between the neighborhoods of Bay and McKnight. The majority of demographics in the city of Springfield are under the age of 18. With such a high percentage of young residence in the city a design was created and tailored to their needs. The design includes a childrens playground, concrete screens that can be used by children to draw on with chalk as well as many seating areas. Stormwater management is also of great interest and specific areas on the site are designated to not only collect the stormwater within the site but also a collect a portion of water from the streets.

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Section BB

Perspective CC

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Site Plan

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Planting Plan

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The walkway was originallyjust a stone dust path that slopedgently uphill to the front door.With abundant brick andfieldstone on the site, a conceptof a brick walkway withfieldstone inlfieldstone inlays is created.The inlays of stone help highlightthe old farmhouse and add to thecharacter of the house.




The walkway was originally just a stone dust path that sloped gently uphill to the front door. With abundant brick and fieldstone on the site, a concept of a brick walkway with fieldstone inlays is created. The inlays of stone help highlight the old farmhouse and add to the character of the house. In order to make the design work each stones edge needed to be chipped and customized to fit with the rectangular bricks.

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The farm house is located in Fitchburg, Ma and sits on 40 acres of land. Over the years of living at my parents house I have completed numerous projects such as ponds, driving range, freestanding walls, retaining walls and planting design. Here we see an area that was once extremely wet and not usable. A vernal stream is present and small pond was created. The pond edge is supported by a retaining wall and I have used iris flowers and pickerel plants to give color and the plants also create a habitat for fish.

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Planting Design & freestanding wall Raised Planting Bed

Driving range hitting area & fieldstone retaining wall Freestanding fieldstone wall

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The overall design of the plan was to give the company a modern look to help better sell the idea of promoting a new green philosophy and design for lessening ski resorts carbon foot print and the impacts on the environment.

Sustainable Boundaries is a company that works with ski areas and assists them to come up with ways to help reduce their impact on the environment. A business plan was written and designed by students and presented in class.

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Java Chocolates is a concept of a website. We were asked to design a website that would have a taste gallery, price list and contact information.

The taste gallery is a way for customers to be more interactive on the website and give the sensation of eating a piece of their world famous chocolate.

The website is a way for the customer to get a feeling of what the company is like and ultimately leave with urge to eat some Java Chocolates.